Set a goal and create a master plan to achieve it

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"how to achieve goals in your career "

Set a goal and create a master plan to achieve it

Achieve your life’s goal” has forever been your goal right from the time you learned to make sense of this world. Right from the age of, say, three, kids are bundled into the world of academic life, starting from Montessori levels. And once they get a little older, the refrain of ‘becoming something worthwhile once you grow up” is planted firmly inside their impressionable heads. It’s for nothing that the pressures at primary academic levels have increased so much in the last few decades; especially in Third World nations. In order to live a decent life, you need money. And a modicum of luxury. And job satisfaction. And being able to afford a small car and apartment of your own at some point. And…well, the list goes on.

Anyway, the point is, you don’t really get anywhere in life without a goal, as has been rightly hammered into our heads right since childhood.

And once you’ve successfully put your finger on what you want to do, you move on to the next step: how to get to the goal.

Opportunities could arise in many forms; maybe the state or country you reside in has something in plenty that other regions are hard-pressed to find. You could seize the chance of venturing into a potentially profitable market and making the most of it. Old origami techniques could be used to turn newspapers into attractive little artefacts that could be sold in exhibitions; which, in turn, would fetch you a handsome amount of money.

It could be something very small also; for example, you spot an extremely rare book in the library. Take pictures of the pages on your Smartphone, and then use something like the CamScanner app to convert it into a PDF. Once it is done, you could then sell it online at a rate much reduced in comparison to the market rates of an extremely rare book.

You could obtain an old secret recipe of your grandmother for a food that is highly loved in your community, and start a household canteen with it. You could make useful little household items using origami and art skills. You could hire a essay writing service for completing a custom essay in a subject you’re weak at. You could sell an idea to a person who is in desperate need of it. The possibilities are endless.

What you really need is an eye for the perfect moment, and gaining a keen understanding of the human psyche. Your ‘master plan’ will then present itself to you.


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