Shadow of Love

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A girl named Michelle searches and hopes to find true love that will last a lifetime. She encounters lots of twist and turns in her life as she find the right guy she would really truly love and will accept her for who really she was.

Does true love really exists in real life?

Based on a true story…

“Finding true love in your life isn’t that easy.”

It is not only in the fairy tales, movies or novels that women and men look for the right person that they would truly love and spent their entire lives with. Even up to this time, by the help of our technology, modern ways of communications such as social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, MySpace and others, sending emails or just simply by sending messages through text. You would be able to interact with different kinds of people not only around the country but also around the world. We don’t know maybe one of your friends on one of your social networking site’s account could be a perfect match for you. But it doesn’t end there. Of course, if you wanted to know the real personality and true color of the person you are being friends with, you need to be acquainted with him/her personally. Anyway, I would tell you a story about a search and hope of finding true love:

There was once a girl named Michelle. A young maiden who’ve always dreamed of finding true love that will last for a lifetime. She was brought up by her parents really well. Considering the fact that she had no boyfriend since birth and just waited for the right time and the right place to find the right guy that she would truly and really love and will love her the way she was.

Michelle only thought about stuffs that will bring joy to her life. She often pictures about how things would turn out perfectly in the future. She didn’t yet consider of having a relationship in her teenage years. At that time, she had spent in high school; she had only had one crush on one of the college students.

Michelle almost fell completely infatuated about the guy named Julian. Julian is one of the good looking guys in the campus and the fact that he is one of the heartthrobs, that’s why many girls in the school like him so much and Michelle is one of those girls. In came a point that Michelle even collected photos about Julian and started to make a scrapbook about him and how life would be colorful with him. Chit chats among Michelle’s closest friends often contained how she really felt about Julian. She was 2nd year high school then at that time. Until he became a 4th year student, she still thought about Julian for sometimes.

But things had changed after months of graduation, Michelle realized how silly and crazy she was having a crush on with the kind of guy like Julian. She had lessons learned from that experience. So every time Michelle sees Julian Face book account, she just smiles and thought how ridiculous she is having a crush on a guy who doesn’t even know that she really exists and doesn’t know her personally.

Two years had passed then, learning the art of letting go of the person who doesn’t know her really, doesn’t even know if she existed and doesn’t even care about her. It shows that Michelle seems had easily forgotten how she felt about Julian. As the saying goes that time heals a broken heart.

It was June then, Michelle enrolled for college in a nearby University. Luckily, she had met friends with the same course as hers. She also met some guys in the other courses, but she didn’t pay too much attention on them. Having learned from her past experience, Michelle often reminds herself to be careful, especially when it involves matters of the heart.

Michelle continued to focus first on her studies. She noticed good looking guys during her school days, but she didn’t give too much interest on them. Days and days went on, even months had passed. Then there she goes again. Michelle noticed another guy who had caught his attention. At first, she didn’t notice him, because she was too busy and focused on her studies.

It was time of show and tell at that day then, the guy named Jeremiah showed his talent to the whole class by playing the guitar accompanied by singing a love song. Jeremiah is as simple, somewhat cute and intelligent person. Jeremiah had caught Michelle’s attention. Little by little, Michelle realizes good things and how really nice Jeremiah was.

Michelle considered Jeremiah a very good friend of hers. They became pals and chat mates. Even though they met up in their school, and it is funny because unlike chatting they talked and talked, but seeing each other personally, it seems that they didn’t even know each other. There are times, when Michelle had a hard time looking for Jeremiah, because she kinda misses Jeremiah’s face. At the moment she saw him, there is a spark or lightning that strikes right through her heart that brightens up her day and putting everything around so colorful. And also, she doesn’t seem to see anybody around, just the two of them.

Month after month then became a year. Michelle and Jeremiah remain as good friends. They often chatted every Sundays of the week. During their conversations, they had shared stories, thoughts and ideas of each others lives. Their conversation always last an hour and so. Without noticing, Michelle even showed how much she cares about Jeremiah through messages on chat, but Jeremiah doesn’t seem to become aware of it.

Some of their exchange of messages during conversations seems unclear to Michelle. That’s why it leads to some confusions and dilemma. And sometimes to have clear look on such situations she is going through, Michelle just assumed that Jeremiah likes her because he somewhat often gives special attention and care through messages. They had chatted for a series of times. But why Jeremiah doesn’t take a little effort on approaching her if she really likes her? Is he shy to Michelle or what? Well, nobody knows, only Jeremiah could answer those questions.

In order to relieve the things that confuse Michelle about Jeremiah, she shared it to his closest friends, even her mom and older sister. She seeks for some advices that would help her and to makes things about the two of them will be easily for her to understand. Michelle also had thought about letting go of Jeremiah, whom she had cared about for such a period of time. Thinking all things over and over again, also having doubts that thinking too much about him will only result to heartaches or heartbreak. She might be also be mistaken that she’s the only one whose giving color or meaning to their friendship. So, what are the things you could suggest to Michelle about this?

I will consider that some of our readers are also experiencing issues/problems/matters of the heart. The story is entitled “Shadow of Love” because like Michelle’s story of love and care for Jeremiah is like a shadow that will always be there, an inseparable companion, and a friend that will never asked for something in return. The only difference is that Michelle’s care about Jeremiah is not always to be a give and give type of friendship, as also mentioned in the story that Michelle is looking for a guy that would truly love and accept her for she really was.

For the meantime, Michelle has to wait for Jeremiah. But we couldn’t say how long could Michelle would be the “Shadow of Love” who would always care about Jeremiah. Does it take a lifetime? Or just for a while because Michelle’s present apple of the eye is only Jeremiah. And if Jeremiah is really the right guy for Michelle, time and God only knows if these two are really meant for each other.


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author avatar vpaulose
3rd Sep 2012 (#)

Nice. Thank you dear Regine.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
3rd Sep 2012 (#)

True love- it is difficult to define.
A good story.

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author avatar Shaunak
3rd Sep 2012 (#)

good Story. I love it

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Sep 2012 (#)

Love is divine and to get an ideal partner depends on the luck of the draw. Nice take, Regine - siva

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author avatar Regine
3rd Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you for all the heartwarming appreciation that you have all said for my work. Hope to learn more.

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