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Md Rezaul Karim By Md Rezaul Karim, 1st Mar 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This is sheer my observation based on the information I get from around and the media.

Shah-bag protests

Banning the political parties
Now the new phenomenon of banning opposition parties is under consideration in Bangladesh. What previously were right become wrong. The taste of power and fear of crimes and consequences is well understood by the incumbent. The incumbent’s failure in governing the country made them fearful and suspicious about their next general elections, as the people are not happy at all with their promises and commitments with respect of finance, foreign policy, law and order and inflation. Tip on the ice berg is the recent cancellation of fund by the World Bank with the corruption allegations against the rulling party ministers and officials. The bloggers are saying nothing about it, rather from their stage it was declaring other government issues like banning political parties! Is there any under table activities going on between the government and the protesters? Who knows?

Killing and killers
More than seven people were shot and killed by police at Cox’s Bazar, and other places. One blogger was killed by miscreants too. But the government propaganda is against those who killed for protesting, and highlighting the pro-supporter killing. It seems like government is acting like a hostile party towards oppositions, as if they are not citizens of this country! Intolerance and stubborn politics created the country vulnerable and the country might be diving into a bad crisis.

Conspiracy theory
It is said that the current political turmoil is a plot done by government to prolong their tyranny of power. The best issue to be-fool people is the war crime issue raised at a time, when government has started baffling and caught in a quagmire.
The conspiracy theory is:
If peoples’ attention could be diverted it could save its skins from being questions asked as listed as follows:
1. What about the financial crimes that had been done by the government party people, thousands of dollars taken out from state banks in a way of forgery.
2. What about the corruption that World Bank is accusing the Ministers of? And why Padma Bridge is shunned.
3. What about the forgiveness of sentence criminals by the President?
4. Why not neutral government at the time of election?
5. What about the government promises and deeds?

All of these questions will be answered negatively. So, using the bloggers name and people are used to implement its bogus and rubbish strategy to reign forever.

Is it the same as Shah-bag square?
The government party with its media power has been successfully established among the mind set of people that what is going on at Shahbag, is as same as in and around every cities, and as such it’s a mass supported activities. IS it so? My observation is not. Once again we have proved that we are ‘Hujugay’ (a Bengali word meaning sailing with the wind not understanding).
At Shah-bag non-political activists are on the fore front, but backed up by the Government party and its alliances, mostly leftists. Question is where the fund is flowing from? What about the obstruction of roads and undue influence on the justice system, on one issue. What about other vital corruption issues?

Bloggers responsibility?
What should be the bloggers job in the first place? Is it the political issue to handle or should we fight for our legal rights (if we have it at all !) for all online obstacles and hindrances that government has been erected around. For example, we must fight on to facilitate the Paypal account, payza account etc. We must be clear about the differences of downloading and browsing. At present we are paying for browsing in the name of downloading. It’s an unfair practice for the internet service providers, i.e., telecommunication ministry. Where are the bloggers?

When bloggers become politicians
In recent incidents and political fiasco in Dhaka and around Bangladesh, made it a complex and long term division between people and parties. It seems like it is going to be a never ending partisans. A country divided like the Northern Ireland. The next issue is to wait and see if the incumbent government party and leftist alliance could destroy the so called Islamist parties for good by banning them!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Mar 2013 (#)

One gets the feeling the country is going to the "dogs" due to self-interests of few. Sad plight indeed. You have brought the reality into the open, thanks Karim - siva

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
2nd Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you for your comments Siva ji. I am deeply worried too....

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author avatar madugundurukmini
2nd Mar 2013 (#)

killing and killers, nice

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
5th Mar 2013 (#)

Thanks dear....

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
5th Mar 2013 (#)

so many terrible things happening here, there, everywhere...but I guess there is perfection somewhere in it all....thank you Md

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
6th Mar 2013 (#)

Problems created by politicians for their self interests not for the country nor even for the people!!
Shame on us!

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