Shaken by an earthquake

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The feeling of being shaken by an earthquake.We were at out home and felt the whole flat shake and tremble. It was a frightening experience.

Shaken by an earthquake

Reached home around eve on the 20th of Dcember and was very tired.I wanted to go check the locks before I slept but sat for a while. Suddenly, my whole body started shaking and I thought there was something wrong with me. Then, the chair I sat on started to move, slowly at first and it became faster and harder every second. The unit I was in, started shaking really hard. I didnt want to panic. I kept my cool. Mom thought it was because of the wind, but I knew it was an earthquake. My little daughter started crying. The sofa she was sitting on was moving hard too, shifting her position to another. I explained to her and comforted her saying that it would be okay. Soon everything was normal. I checked the news to see if there was anything about an earthquake but there was nothing about it. The next day, it was all over the news. The 6.7 richter scale earthquake had really been ferocious in the town of Gisbourne ruining some buildings etc. Alls well now..but the aftermath of the disaster will still linger on...


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