Shaping our souls

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Takes a look at the obstacles we have to face in order to prosper in life. Also focuses on the feelings experienced and actions taken during these troubling and often extremely painful times

The dark journey to the light

I could see nothing but a large dark cloud,
The laughter of the weather was quite loud.
The clouds mimicked the sound of an angry dog,
It gives me nightmares imagining it through the fog.

It was like a predator just waiting to pounce,
I wanted to move forward but I discovered I had no bounce.
Nothing was as unforgiving as that fateful night,
I was about to discover if this knight was someone's light.

All through life I consumed money but was never full,
Money had strength and power but it was never good enough to pull.
The bleeding slowly started to cripple my disheartened soul,
Down beneath me I felt the presence of the vicious hole.

I was searching for the red sea's desires,
This heartfelt wound was caused by external fires.
One of it destroyed just part of my room,
On that occasion I could use the builder and the broom.

The second fire destroyed my life,
It did a better job than a knife.
I now have nobody to teach me the ropes,
I don't need a raging storm to dash my hopes.

Romance didn't give me a better chance,
Darkness continued its evil dance.
I had to straighten the crooked path,
Even if it meant going through fate's subjective wrath.

That was why I had to know what was in her heart,
Her love could give me a start.
There was tension in my saturated mind,
I was putting all the nasty experiences behind.

When I arrived there I found her in a spellbinding dress,
She had hair that I could so easily caress.
A beautiful smile sent voltage through my heart,
She had more power than the sharpest dart.

Her eyes appealed to me like a desiring being,
This wasn't a scared young woman that I was seeing.
She had lips that wanted top play tug of war with me,
After a while I accepted the invitation with glee.

From that day my life started to take off into the light
Like an airplane, it needed runway to take flight.
I make sure that I have enough fuel for the day,
I will never again be the devil's prey.

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