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This a small piece of familial and archeological comparison and evidence manifested in my relationship with my spouse be it on politics, poetry and other mundane things.

Two people

"There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends."
- Homer

Battle of the sexes? Nah, am sure you been fed so many volumes and years about this, way before the sexual revolution of the 60s or even before Spice girls were shouting girl power. This article below would not aim to side camps or add butane gas on such volatile topic. I’m sure most of you already had enough. We have all had frustrations with the opposite sex at one point or another. It can lead to law suit, divorce, and constapation if we don’t try to respect each imagined or real territories. Instead am trying to showcase the exigensies of how the differences compliments our own humanity if not sexuality in my own opinion.

She Said:

On Right of Suffrage:
This young man (picture of our son) is the reason why I am active in social media right now. I am worried about his future. I want him to grow up not worrying about the current state of my beloved motherland. I am one of those angry Filipinos who want change. Because of him I cannot afford to be complacent and passive.
Few more days, the mark of a 6 year era of a new leader will begin. Guide my countrymen to vote the one who will bring us out of misery and poverty. We are God fearing, honest working Filipinos that is waiting for the change that we all deserve, a government of the people, by the people, for the people. — feeling determined.

I said:

On my vote:
As an esteemed political scientist opined "Patriotism demands the ability to feel shame as much as to feel pride." am casting my vote to redeemed values and hope for my nation without fear that my offspring would at risk in the future for my choices but with honor that am doing this not only for my children but for the greater good and duy calls to country. And for the candidates, I believe on their claims but at the end of the day it's the answer for real change that all matters not the cliche of empty promises.
Its not the answer to our ephemeral question why things exist
Its our own infinity of imagination that limits its purpose
as we marvel at times felt threaten on its creation, because it mirrors truth to our needs and lack of thereof

Mundane or Sublime

She says:

Some thoughts...
There are many things that will move you,
Some, a good music, a movie perhaps,
Some the stillness of the night
Or the warm breath of the person that we love
A tender embrace of the arm that cares
The sunset on your face
Or the mist of the rain on your window pane
Or sometimes even the beating of our own heart.
-Mrs. Saigon De Manila
©March 18,2013

He says:
...An Echo
A poet is in pain delivering emotion
albeit relieved
He cries in every words
that spells his angst.
He does not touched it,
but he paints it in every colors
his pen can release.
He sees the wound of others,
choosing his own as example.
He nurse it on every reader
that may incline to appreciate it.
The lover on the other hand
wanted more for his paramour.
The poet whispers to our soul
The lover caress our mind
In the world we live in
both are admirable.
-Saigon de Manila©
March 18, 2013

Love in Time of Ebola

Her Wall:
"You left on Valentines day. The house seems bigger, cleaner, and a peaceful empty place without you. See you tomorrow! Happy Valentines day Honey! "— feeling incomplete

His Wall:
I'll be fill up the void and start my clutters again - yours truly your legal room mate!

Our Wall
Celebrated mother's day with my boys. Ed's Pork steak (check); my boys new haircut (check). Thank you God!

Title cards:

The author (he) is recently married after 4 years of engagement to the same woman(she) he now share a son. The author has previous long term relationship before. Prior to finding his true north he was a single parent to a now university student. Women who came to his life can be seen more in another article previously chronicled.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
9th May 2016 (#)

Thanks Gilbert for the quick approval and moderation.

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author avatar Shamarie
9th May 2016 (#)

Congrats on the star page, Saigon! I enjoyed reading this article...

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
10th May 2016 (#)

Thank you Shamarie...glad to know you are still acive..see you in NBA finals!

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10th May 2016 (#)

1028 visits
beating the poison ivy
as wiki now gives no points as cash
'tis best to remain here
under my sine wave theory...
so many still read me
..and the evil eyes are not cast.

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10th May 2016 (#)

👍👍 glad to know your stat are 4 times than my sugar!

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8th Sep 2016 (#)

ru diabetic sad reduce ur sugar poet you will be glad so will she

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author avatar Mariah
11th May 2016 (#)

Great read Siagon.. humerous, heartfelt, factual and soulful..and I just love the photo of your son, he's adorable, thanks for a most enjoyable share.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
15th May 2016 (#)

Thank you Mariah, really appreciated your comment. The picture is of my sne a year ago behind the official seal of the Philippine Republic.

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author avatar Memba Ben
30th Mar 2017 (#)

Hi Saigon.

Thanks for a great read. Gave me a chuckle here and there, but was overall very heartfelt and insightful.

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