She Stood Looking....Confused (Ballad)

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This is more of a short story of a girl that is trapped in a dream kinda. She is confused about things.

She Stood Looking....Confused (Ballad)

Trisha Barrek Hopkins

She stood looking....dazed
With its claws hooking
Without fear but being chased
Coming closer towards her face
Feeling the evil within
Her heart in a faster pace
Thinking what she thinks
It's just a sin
Making sure she never blinks
The thoughts haven't yet begun
Wonder what everyonr else thinks
Of course no one wants to hear
Their minds are too numb
They just think she's crazy
To herself they fear
Her eyes become all hazy
Death could be near
Her movement is lazy
Wondering in her mind
Where she will begin to stear
Getting lost in her mind
Just looking....Standing there
Trying to understand
Why she can't move
Looking at her hands
Them....Wondering why she can see through
Answers are what she demands
Something tells her she already knew
Trying to figure out where next she lands

Feeling like she is lost
Wishing she could be found
Biding at any cost
These thoughts she's trying to still understand
All of sudden she hears a sound
She freezes
And stands coepletely still
Her body begins shaking
Thoughts in her mind are starting to fill
Finding out to herself is faking
Still she isn't sure what to do with this pill
Wondering if she will ever awaken
This dream is no longer a thrill
Picturing now someone just fell
Wondering....What path she has taken
Wondering...Why to her poeple won't tell
Everyone including herself has mistaken
Her soul she would never sell
All these mixed up thoughts
She must take in
What exactly has she bought
She thinks she's going to hell
No fear though has reached her eyes
Her mind feels like it's begining to swell
All she can see are blackening skies
Her soul begining to drift away
All she does for now is try to hide
She doesn't want to cry
Maybe it would be better id she just died
But instead she goes to lay on her bed
Praying that shesees morning
Searching around in her head
She has a feeling
She'll be getting some kind of warning soon

As she lays there
She can't believe what she sees
She doesn't believes she's here
Nothing feels real
Finally the morning light
The warmth of the sun she can feel
She isn't at all dead
Still she doesn't know what to believe
In her dream she remembers that she had bled
Right now she wishes she could leave
Don't get her wrong she's happy to be alive
But she wants this thing to just disappear
Maybe she's still in her dream
She turns around
There she lies
To her bed she is bound
She stands there looking
A blank stare
Wondering if she will beable to wake herself
On the corner of her eye
She sees a shiney glare
It's over by the shelf
She begins to cry
This is all confusing it's not fair
She doesn't feel completely whole
Her soul and body doesn't feel connected
She feels lost and completely bare
But yet she feels like she's protected
She begins to feel hope
Trying to figure this out is her goal
All of a sudden she feels amazed
She begins to float
She feels now....dazed...
She sees herself in all this wealth
She picks up a brush to comb her hair
For some reason she worries about her health
She puts the brush down
Looks at her pale face
There is a frown
Wondering what is the case
do they know?....All the people in her town
Starting the day at a slower pace
She opens the door....walks to the end
Which path will she take today
Hopeing a sign someone will send
Wondering which way
It all will depend
If she should go or stay
Wishing someone with her heart
They would start to mend
Hopeing this will happen soon before it fully falls apart
Still wondering if all of ths is pretend
She's confused and doesn't know what to say
Hopefully a clue her way someone will soon send

Not understanding
All this crazy mess
Answers she still is demanding
She has to get rid of all this stress
All of this confusion why is everyone handing
Soon they'll have to start to confess
Is she the only one standing
Not caring how she'll dress
Wonderingif she'll ever see another sun set
Or the moonlit skys
Wondering....If she will see her love again
The one she met
Before her soul or heart dies
To have him back anything she would bet
Hopeing he doesn't stick to his good-byes
She remembers the pain
One like something stabbing her heart
She tried to fight
But his love left a stain
That one special night
These thoughts in her brain
Get them out they are the ones she hates
He showed how much he loved her
But she wants him out of her sight
Everything is a blur
She's running from their wedding day
One day that should of never took flight
With him she can not stay
Him she begs to ignore
There has to be a way
Things begin to hit the floor

She looks very glim
Still a frown owned by her face
Knowing her soul she needs to win
She'll do anything to get it in this case
Tears running down her cheek
Learning at a slower pace
Knowing her inner self is unique
Try to find her souls place
She feels somethings wet at her feet
She notices she's in a pool of blood
It's beginning to boil....too much heat
Filled with fear
Her tears starting a flood
Feeling trouble is near
She begins to run
But she is getting no where
Wondering why shes become stunned
Feeling that evil stare
Wondering if she is finished
If she is done
The light is just a glare
Everything in the dark
Everyone is going up in smoke
This happens all in a snap of a spark
Not a word anyone spoke
She has left her mark
But no one is there to care
No one is left on earth no one is really here
No one is left to share
All this evil all this fear
All this confusion
Still no answer to her
What is this thing
It's putting her mind in a delusion
Thinking too much it begins to hurt
She feels a sting
Feeling a burn
Way too hot to the touch
At some point she'll begin to learn
But so far not so much
Having a grin
An erie smerk
Thinking all of this is some type of sin
Asking for forgiveness
Still wanting to win

Wondering how she got into this mess
Want to hide
When will she wake upfrom this dream
No matter what it won't disappear
It's too late
She feels she failed....had died
Stuck in this dream state
It will always be near
She can't break free
She can't get out
Sooner or later your brain will fry
Your screams you will soon hear
All the doves race to the dark sky
A face happens to appear
Maybe it's a ghostly spy
She sees a hand
Holding a flower
Wanting to know that she may be damned
Feeling he has so much power
Wanting to feel it is what she has demanded
But first she has to go into the shower
There she has found sand
A clue maybe....This is strange
To herself she is afraid but amused
Maybe this is where her life was rearranged
But still she can't help but be confused
The bottem turns into a tunnel....
She falls....She yells out and calls
Soon she passes out from the colorfull fume
And when she wakes shes wakes in the middle of somewhere
No living to the world at this point
She smells a scent like perfume
She realizes it's a joint
Wondering if this treatment is fair
He will soon make his appearance
Something familiar about his stare
There is some weird interference
Maybe he could be her affair
Getting away from here....making clearance
This guy with his very bright glare
Is he apart of my dream
Shes so confused it's not fair
Why is he here

In a new place
Where people are nice
And his face
Getting cold feeling ice
Over her eyes....A cloth....soft as lace
She can not see where she is heading
A gentle touch to her arm
They are going somewhere dreamy she is betting
She feels he will cause her no harm
She was right
A beautiful scenery with colors aglore
Such a wonderful sight
She wants to see....smell....touch more
The trees go up with enormous height
This place seems far from being a bore
She can imagen what it'll look like at night
So different from before
This is no longer a nightmare
There is something in the distance she can hear
Now this in my memory I want to store
She is feeling no fear

She hears a trancing sound
She goes in the direction to see
To only see this rare bird she has found
No one back home will ever believe
It's wierd the bird matches everything from the trees
All the way to the ground
Thisd place is so great she doesn't ever want to leave
But all things must come to an end
This is all but a dream
It is all in her head it's all pretend
All this isn't meant to be
But still what does it all mean
When will she be free
A way out she needs to find
But no way can she see
No one can dream this long
It feels like she's awake
She is so tired but she has to be strong
She knows this is all fake
And in this dream world she don't belong
She hears a voice
He's calling her to follow
She follows with no choice
none her own
She is getting mad
She wants to cry
He is making her cry
He's making her sad
She would like to just die
She thinks it would make him glad
She looks up at the black sky
Feeling dizzy.....she passes out
She hears herself scream
She hears herself shout

She jumps up she's out of her bed
She doesn't feel any different
She's all confused in her head
A chill up her spine is sent
Why is everything so red
Why must she suffer
Something is wrong
She's starting to wonder if she's truely dead
Everything is going black
She turns to her bed
She begins to cry
This isn't right
Now she knows she really did die
And with heaven and hell
For her soul there is a fight
right now who is winning....she can't tell
They are playing a game
She's beginningto know it well
But in the middle she feels shame
Her heart she doesn't feel a beat
She's the only one to blame
After all she was never strong
This game it's one she can't win
She now knows where she belong
She understands now she must go with him
She is weak....Everything is so wrong
She has to go to hell
Shes done a terrible sin
That day it was too much
She died when she fell
Life never again can she touch
Her ghostly soul....she knows so well



Cloth, Confused, Dazed, Fear, Hurt, Looking, Other, Red, Tear

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