She asked him to leave.

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A common problem of fear of attachment, fear of losing, fear of commitment, fear of what not.

She asked him to leave.

Met after months,
Everything got changed,
From feelings to eye contact,
From dependency to unknown spark,
Yet She asked him to leave.
Held her hand firmly,
Stairs watched silently,
She faced him sweetly,
He placed a kiss on cheek smoothly,
Yet she asked him to leave.
Nothing between them,
Slight breeze over them,
Love cuddled them,
Innocence hugged them,
Yet she asked him to leave.
Over her, Their noses touched,
Slightly the lips rubbed,
He covered her up,
Their eyes met,
Yet she asked him to leave.
She woke up next to him,
Giving a title of friend to him,
She was more to him,
She wanted more of him,
Yet she asked him to leave.
In a fraction of second,
Their lips met,
Bit passionately, they kissed
For over half an hour.
Yet she asked him to leave.
A morning kiss it was,
Long enough to loose themselves,
She surrendered then,
He tugged her tightly yet cautiously,
Yet she asked him to leave.
They hit the road,
Hiding from the world,
He had protected her,
He had to love her,
Yet she asked him to leave.

Storm and panic passed,
Love and trust engulfed,
She smiled for no blurry pictures.
Seasons changed.
And She begged him to stay.

She begged him to stay.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
16th Feb 2018 (#)

Well Anklet, it is not what happens in an Indian marriage is it???
Divorces take 7 years and fast-track 5-6 years and sadly in that time, it is more than get it over and done with it is the woman who has aged but the man taking toll of the divorce proposition and the woman, the way she is, will grab anything when she sees money coming for free.
It is a real account from a young man's wife of 4 days but yet a childhood sweetheart divorcing him and making away with the money as part of her trading requisites. Never consummated the marriage either and was found in bed with another too, pregnant as well.
None the less, it's what life is, some people take others' marriages too claiming friendship. It happened to me and I flung my husband out and never looked back.
Alone since 2010 and no regrets and never looking either. He was my one and only as well.

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author avatar ScatteredPages
16th Feb 2018 (#)

Hi Lady Aiyanna,

First of all I would love to thank you for taking out time to read my poems and leaving comments. It really means a lot.
Secondly thanks a ton for giving a new name to me "Anklet". I love anklets a lot... :) Thanks for taking out time to search the meaning of my name.

Thirdly, May be you saw some other side of the poem according to the real life incidents you saw, But I wrote it from a perspective of the teenage generation who is now a days afraid of attachment just because they fear loosing.

And I am really proud of you to have move on with life with no regrets.. We need more inspiration like you.. We need more ladies like you who don't think of themselves any less and get back to their feet without any support.

I would not comment on the section of marriage and divorce as I haven't analyzed these situations around me as of now. But yes demanding alimony is wrong, Cheating someone is wrong. And I think KARMA returns so its better to let the doing of others not affect you. Because for sure KARMA will return.

Well, to cut all short... Its really glad that someone takes out time to read your words..all words to be precise... and understand them...

Would be glad to know more about you..... if you could leave more details about you in the next comment. :)

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