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Shifting gears from being transactional to conversational


I received a text message from my previous company way back Dec. 12, 2015 & again last Dec. 24, 2015, inviting me to an open-house recruitment. i admit that I am having second thoughts about applying once again since I have had a not-so-good experience. My last account was very stressful since I was hired as a billing department account specialist. You can imagine how many irate callers I have each day both inbound & outbound but it's part of the job, you just got to learn to live through it, right? Not to mention that though we are all supposed to be grown-ups, there are still bullies there & I am also having some domestic issues at home that I need to carry. I have allowed my mother-in-law to live with us because she was kicked out from her sons' house due to some problems that she caused back then & disappointedly done again to us. (sigh, additional stress!) To cut it short, being the sole bread-winner, I was carrying a lot of burdens then. I got too demotivated, it affected my job & my team leader, who'se also a friend, by the way, talked to me & adviced me to have a break. The job I had then were mostly consist of customers calling us to inquire about their accounts; process payments for them, find missing or misapplied payments, explain their billing cycle & status of the account, help them be enrolled to automatic payment, find a much better payment options for them when needed or us reminding them of their dues & past dues. Some customers were angry, using profanities & swears at us a lot & there are a lot who were very appreciative of what we are doing for them. I have learned how to be transactional whenever I talked to them. Yet this new job is somehow the same but there's a lot of difference.


I have tried my luck last Dec. 28, 2015, passed the final interview the day after & I was hired as a Telephone company Customer Care Account Specialist. I admit, I really don't have any idea how it works. All I know is that I have to be more attentive now to the needs of my customer. I even researched the company that I am aligned now, to my surprised with the reviews I've read both from the employees & the subscribers/customer were all good & it made me happy & excited for my first day of work as a trainee & to be part of this company. I have a feeling that I am in good hands & if there will be some issues that might arise that would be very minimal. True enough, with my first call, the only problem that I've had is the request from a customer to have a sort of vanity number & she was very firm in her decision not to have either a 6 or a 9 in her number. I have explained to the customer that it is system generated & I do not have an access nor I can guarantee that I can give her the result she is expecting. In the end, she hung up on me. The list went on & on, from activation, mobile device unlocking, refilling, adding features, providing self-help options, reporting lost/stolen phones. But my tears fell for a customer who'se very excited for her new phone, she just bought it 1 hr ago prior to her call. I felt the dismay; fatigue in her voice when I told her that she needs to go back to where she made the purchase. I really couldn't get the words out of my mouth; it really makes me uncomfortable to be a deliverer of bad news. Being trained to be transactional, it was really hard for me. I even have to repeat my lines to her because what i said was, "you have to go back" at first, then bit my tongue. I was reminding myself that it might sound commanding or uncourteous. The customer asked me if she could talk to a supervisor because she thought that there might be another way to fix this. I was advised to tell her that we do not have an option but to tell her that "she needs" to go back to where she made the purchase & she agreed to it. After the call, I was frustrated with the situation & with myself, to the point that i shed a tear & told my support that I really need to work on my lines, on how I say words, how i relay my message to my customers. I am in a transition everyday, from being transactional to being conversational. I am unleashing from the spiels, unlearning some things that I have learned before, getting use to the tools that we use, multi-tasking. Everyday is a learning process for me, though being attentive to the customer is not that new to me. With every hours I spend on the phone talking to different people of different race, temper, understanding, upbringing, it helps me grow as a person. I remember when our trainer asked us if money is important & I said "no". There were misconception on my answer but I have explained that "You got to love your job first. When you love what you are doing & as long as, you know the reason why you are getting up every day & go to work? Money/salary is not that important." I am still on training doing what a regular agents do on the production floor & will be scored or graded according to the standard of the company. But at this early stage? I can say that I love the job I have right now & I intend to keep it.


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