Short Stories: Entering the open door when it opens

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This short story is about how at the right time in your life, when a change is necessary for you to go through, a door will always open up for you, and give you the chance to take this opportunity, by your going through this open door.

It is always your choice to do so though.

Henry's life was an exciting one for him because he always entered the opened door.

Henry's strange co-incidences

Three times in Henry's long life a door had opened for him and he had entered through it.

The first time this occurred was when he was a relatively young man of only twenty years of age.

Henry had dropped out of University at the time, not having the motivation to study what he was being told to study. He was unemployed for the next nine months after his doing this.

One day, Henry was walking aimlessly within the capital city of his state, when he got the urge to stop walking. He was at the foot of some stairs leading up to a large multi-storied building.

Henry walked up these stairs, and he went right inside the office at the top of the stairs. He found that it was a business that had an application form there for people to fill in. Henry filled it in. A few weeks later, he was asked in again to do a three hour intelligence type test. A bit later again he was called back in for an interview.

Henry got this job and he was employed by this large corporate business for the next twenty-five years of his life.

The second time when Henry had gotten another such urge was when he was now thirty-eight years of age.

Henry had been thinking that he was getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, and that he should probably do something about his getting married.

Henry was walking to the station to go home after work, when for no apparent reason, he decided to look up into the sky. He saw a balloonist there advertising something, but what really caught his eye was some other sign on a near-by building, as he continued to look upwards.

Henry went into this building. He took the lift to the eleventh floor. Again he filled in a type of a form. Again in a few months' time his life was changed dramatically.

This time the office where he had gone to was of all things, an introduction agency. Henry met the girl of his dreams, and he married her.

The third and final time when a door opened wide in Henry's life happened another ten years after this marriage had taken place.

Henry was walking along a street in a suburb where he had never gone before. He had stopped his car, because of an urge to stretch his legs. His wife was with him this time too.

They walked along the busy strip shopping centre, and Henry got the urge to enter a second-hand book shop he noticed there.

He went inside. There was an old man there behind the counter. For some inexplicable reason then, Henry asked him then if his shop was for sale.

The man said, "Yes, it is."

Henry said, "Well, I'll buy it then."

Two short weeks later, Henry had left his other job of twenty-five years, and he was now the proud owner of a second-hand bookshop with over 60,000 books in it. He was like a pig in mud. Henry had always loved books.

Until now, Henry is still working there. He is now nearly seventy years old himself now.

Will there be still another door opening for him soon?

If one does, with his track record so far, I am sure that Henry will take it, even despite his love of his bookshop, and his 60,000 books, which has now increased to 65,000 books! It is the biggest second-hand book shop in Australia!

When a door opens, we should have the courage to walk through it

Henry had been fortunate in his life. A door had opened whenever he was ready for a change to take place in his life.

This had happened three times for him in his life.

Each time though it was his choice to follow his urge, or his gut feeling that had then led him through this door of change in his life. Such doors only stay open for a short period of time. We need to have the courage to enter them when they do open.

We should not just wait around for such doors to open though.

We have to be in the spot where they will open, at the time when they will open, and then we have to notice them open.

Finally though, we must of course recognise the opportunity being presented, and take it, as Henry always did in the above story of his life so far.

Walking through your own doors. Being yourself. Taking your own journey.

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

This quote is from that famous American comedian, Milton Berle, (1908 to 2002).

Actually none of us ever really has to go this far though. Doors will always open.

How do we notice such an open door, and how do we build the courage to be able to walk on through it?

The path that you walk upon leads you to these doors.

These closed doors exist on all sides of you, but when you reach a certain spot on your journey, one will open up for you, just as you reach it.

You are meant to notice this, and to walk on through it.

This is your new direction.

Courage is needed to walk through it. This courage can only come from your loving your own journey enough to be adventurous enough to grab such an opportunity with both hands.

You will do this when you know that destiny is only destiny fulfilled when you grab hold of it like this, and then make it truly your own.

All destinies' are out there ready to be taken, There is an infinite amount of them.

One of them is yours, and these opening doors will take you by the hand, and lead you on through them all until you reach the end of your own race, and so by then you will have achieved what you will then know was you own particular and unique destiny.

Every path is a different one. Every destiny is unique.

Each soul has their own journey to take. Each soul has their own particularised gifts given to them, that if fully utilised and owned, will help them to reach their own final destiny in each life that they go through.

Photo credits: First two photos are taken from the free media site Wiki Commons media. The last photo is one of my own photos.


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