Short Stories: John's body seemed to be storing memories of his past lives within itself

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This short story centres around a fictional character who has multiple past lives stored within the tissues of his body.

We might call this a type of holographic memory field, as perhaps the memories were just being stimulated to arise from his body from one of his other subtle bodies surrounding his physical one.

Nevertheless, this did all really happen for John. Make what you will of it. This is a true story, with names changed.

Incident one: A past life stored within the flesh of John's chest area

“I felt like I was living two lives. One in the present and one in the past.”

This is a quote from the American author, A.B. Shepherd. John often felt like that he was doing this too!

Read on to find out why John felt like this.

John's wife Mandy used to like to rest her hand on John's chest at times during the night.

When she did this, John always had felt rather uneasy.

He felt a sensation of heaviness in her hand, and he felt this as a strong pressure being exerted downwards even through to his heart. He felt uneasy, anxious, and at times, he almost reached the level of a panic attack. He would always after a few minutes, roll over so that her hand was not resting on his chest any-more.

He felt that his chest was being crushed.

Now these thoughts seemed to John to be being overemphasised by his mind for some reason, or another.

Why should the rather light weight of his wife's hand on his rather beefy and muscular chest cause him to feel these feelings?

One night, when John was in this very position once more again, with his wife's hand resting squarely, flatly, on the middle of his chest, John's sense of imminent doom, started to rise in himself, once more again too.

He tried to rationalise these feelings. They are not real, he told himself now. Put up with it, it's all in your mind.

John however was already sweating, his ribs felt like they were cracking under the weight of her hand. His heart seemed to be being squeezed. He was expecting to have a heart attack. He was going into a cold stricken state of absolute panic, once more again.

John then grabbed his mind and pushed it aside.

John had had a lot of training in mind control over the years. He now went deep into the pain, trying to locate its exact spot within his body. He searched penetratingly for where it was coming from, and to find out for himself which part of him was causing these feelings to arise in himself.

Suddenly John recalled one of his past lives.

John was apparently once a Dutch seaman. The year was 1635. He was the second mate on a merchant ship, but he also served on the Dutch frigates, being used by the Dutch navy at that time.

At some time in this year, John had been captured by the Spanish. He had been tortured by them trying to get him to tell them some of the plans of the Dutchmen.

They had placed some very large rocks onto his chest, one at a time, until the greater combined weight of the final rock, finally crushed his chest completely, and he had died a most horrible death, at that time.

This was the reason behind his feeling these feelings.

After this, John never had these types of panic attacks again. His phobia had been cured. He could now allow his wife's hand to remain on his chest, for any length of time, at all.

Incident two: A past life was stored within the muscles of John's back.

The experience that John recently went through, as described above, is not the only type of incident like this involving his body that John has ever gone through though.

There was one time, about five years ago now, when John had felt that he had had a lump in the middle of his back. He had shown it to his wife, who had then said to him, “Yes, John there is a lump there about the size of a marble. You had better get that checked out.”

John went to his local doctor, who told him that this was some type of a growth.

"Better let me cut it out right away for you, and we'll have it tested," he had said to John.

The next Friday then, John went into his local hospital for day surgery. They put a few local anaesthetics around the area, by injection.

Then they took out their scalpels, and they started to cut around the lump, which turned out to be a lot deeper seated than what they had first expected it to be.

As John was lying there on his stomach, another past life of his had come to him then, about a time when he had been shot in the back with a gun.

This life was lived by John sometime in the latter part of the 1700's. He was an American Indian, living in North American. He was a member of the Iroquois Indian nation, and he was one of their Shamans, or medicine men.

John worked with herbs, and he had the knowledge of how to use a certain type of light energy which was obtained by mixing a herbal substance with different clays, that existed around his area at that time, to make a healing clay which healed illnesses, and this method of healing is sort of similar to what Jesus Christ himself did to cure blindness, during his time here on the Earth.

There is a recorded instance of Jesus doing this in Saint John's gospel, chapter 9, verse 6.

“After saying this, he (Jesus) spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man's eyes.”

As a Shaman, John was a humble and rather reserved type of person, who liked his own company more than his being around the members in his tribe.

Because of this need for isolation, John's death had come about because he tended to rely on himself like this way too much, and he often isolated himself a long way away from the relative safety within his own tribe, far too often.

At one of these times, when John had again gone off on his own, he was killed by a passing trooper, who just took a pot-shot at John, just for the fun of his being able to say that he had killed another Indian.

John was shot in the back, while he was eating a rabbit, that he had caught, and which he was cooking for his evening meal.

Third incident: A past life of John's was living within his neck

When John was in his mid-twenties, he was self-conscious about his round shoulders, and twisted spine.

John had a severe case of curvature of the spine, and his severe asthma had not helped either. This had caused him to hunch over at times, as he tried to draw in a deeper breath.

John had had a lot of trouble trying to get in enough air. This was also due to the fact that he had a crooked septum in his nose. His nose was always blocked because of this. His father used to belt him for being a mouth-breather.

John was into spiritual practices even way back then. He had heard of a healing massage method, called postural integration. It combines deep breathing with deep tissue massage.

John went along to a practitioner of this healing method, which also allows emotional healing to take place within you too.

During his forth session, when the masseur was working around his neck and shoulders area, John had spontaneously had a past life recall. The memory of this had been stimulated it seems by the deep massage releasing the memory somehow from his muscles, or from his body memory of it.

Massage can help unblock tension, release stress points, disperse toxins, stimulate blood flow, but deep tissue massage can release the emotional energies that are being held, or stuck, within the body.

John remembered then a past life of his were he had been hanged.

This life of John's was also on that he had lived in America. This time he was a black Negro slave, called Mordacai Johnson. He was born in 1831. John recalled how he had been the son of a women, who was a slave.

The owner of this slave (who was John's mum), was a southern American white farmer who had viciously raped John's mum over a period of around 10 long, painful years, right in front of him. This abuse had started when John was only around seven years of age. His mother and him, had been traded off to this new owner at that time.

In 1841, at the still tender young age of only 17, John had killed this brute of a man with a large kitchen knife (when he had been again raping his mother), but he was then caught, and he was un-surreptitiously hanged from the nearest tree, by a lynch mob, without even so much as a trial.


There we have it then. Past lives can affect us so much that the memory of them is even recorded for us within the very meat of our own flesh and bones.

Are past lives really past lives then though, or are they actually something else altogether?

Past lives are incidences of love that you have lived in and through other forms of this love manifesting itself in other ways. Never just think that you only ever just live once then. You live, and love multiple times, in many different body's and ways.

"Obviously I believe in reincarnation and all that kind of stuff - I don't think anyone's going to be surprised to hear that."

The above quote is from the American musician, Bob Weir.

Bob is a singer, songwriter, and the founding member of the group called, the "Grateful Dead".

John believes in reincarnation too, and after reading this, I don't think any of you readers would be surprised by that either!!

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author avatar Carol Roach
29th Sep 2015 (#)

another good story, I don't know if there are past lives, the jury is still out for me

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author avatar spirited
29th Sep 2015 (#)

Yes, I can't say I am one hundred percent sure either Carol. I do like to read/investigate about it all though.

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author avatar brendamarie
29th Sep 2015 (#)

great story Spirited, they say everything happens for a reason he must have needed to deal with past life issues.

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
29th Sep 2015 (#)

yes, I guess so, brendamarie, perhaps that's why some people recall their past lives and other don't.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Sep 2015 (#)

That's another great story my dear Spirited!

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
29th Sep 2015 (#)

thanks Fern,

I wonder if you were a wine connoisseur in a past life somewhere in France too!!??

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author avatar Kingwell
30th Sep 2015 (#)

Interesting story and a great post. Under hypnosis many people have been cured of aliments by remembering something that happened in a past life. Reincarnation seems to be the most logical of spiritual teachings. Blessings.

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
30th Sep 2015 (#)

thanks Kingwell, it makes sense to me that we couldn't learn it all in only the one life.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post Spirited.

Maybe, we can find an easier way to know about our past lives though there could a reason they lie hidden and need awakening that is not easy. Some can also get too obsessed to an extent to live in the past then - siva

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
5th Oct 2015 (#)

thanks siva,

we need to work at things to see what's behind them, and it's the same with our past lives I think.

We are usually the reason why anything is hidden from ourselves I feel, perhaps we are not ready to receive as they say quiet yet.

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