Short Story: Handsome Man In Dismay of Love

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This short story tells about man's action that leads him to so much distress, shame,loneliness and regret.The love he feels first time in his life will never triumph.It also shares a moral lesson never to play love.

Short Story: Handsome Man In Dismay of Love

Characters: Alex , Sandy, Meldz

Setting : Coffee Shop

Point-of-View : Third person

Conflict : When Alex encountered and irony of his action.He keeps on telling himself that all girls are cheap and only after of his physical appearance and money.

Irony: Alex thought that Sandy loves him for she was always looking at him.

Theme : Do not believe so much on your appearance as the instrument of gaining and taking advantage to the innocent girls.

While on his way to his favorite coffee shop Alex passed by a lady walking so fast.But he ignored her. He only recognized her dress as so simple yet elegant.
Alex was a young and handsome business man. All the girls want to be his girlfriend.

Alex has many girlfriends but none was seriously attached to him. He easily drops them like a nonsense toys.This day, a Sunday, he wants to try another luck to amuse himself all the while.

He reaches the coffee shop and all heads turn on him.He feels so proud . He just smiles at them. One girl approaches him and tells him her name.

" Hi?" " I'm Meldz." " Wanna share a table?"

" Sure, Alex replied."

Then they shared laughter and after few minutes they become lovers. They do not care what people say. They kiss each other instantly.

Alex In Love

Meldz was also young and well-off. Alex stood up to go the counter. He was so embarrassed for he hits unintentionally a lady walking so fast.

He said, " Sorry Miss." We are both in a hurry. Alex looked at the dress of the lady .He remembered the lady he passed by along in the road near this coffee shop.

" Okay " she replied without glancing at each other. Alex was so carried by the voice of the lady so soft and kind. It was the first time to hear such voice as hers. Then he glanced back only to know that this lady is so beautiful. He was so attracted with this lady.But Meldz was waiting him. It took him almost fifteen minutes to go to the counter and the encounter with the lady.

Meldz disappeared when Alex arrived to his table. He looked around and saw Meldz talking to another man.He was so disgusted for they have the same taste and color playboy-playgirl.

Alex was restless. He wanted to know the name of that lady who , he hit awhile ago. Next to his table, another man looking at the lady. He told his companion, that lovely girl is Sunday. She has many admirers but till now she does not have a boyfriend.

Alex noticed that the lady keeps on looking at him, so as his nature of being a playboy, approached the lady. Without hesitation, he introduced himself.

" Hi? I'm Alex." " May I know your name?"

" You're so fresh! " I hate people fresh and cheap like you."

" Wow", I do not think to have this beauty of yours acting like uneducated."

" Get lost", the lady said.

The guard came and said ," Is there a problem Ma'am Sunday?"

" No problem guard, go back to your post."

" So your name is Sunday and this day is Sunday , an encounter with you." Alex said.

Sunday did not reply. She just looked at Alex and wondered about his attitude. Alex thought Sunday liked him for she looked at him meaningfully.

" Can I invite you to my table to share coffee and know each other better ? " It seems you are alone. I think you were the one I passed by on my way to this coffee awhile ago.I will also invite you for a ride for your home."

" What? Are you insulting me?" " Do you mean to say that because you saw me walking in going here, I am poor?" " Is that what you mean?" " Sunday was not happy with Alex insulting her.

Before Alex talks again somebody arrives, the man, Sunday awaits on that day.

" Good morning Miss Sunday?" " We are here to finalize our agreement to have a Franchise of your Coffee Shop."

" Excuse me Mr. Alex, I have a visitor."

Alex was so ashamed of his unruly action. He learned from the counter that Sunday owns his favorite coffee shop. He reads the billboard : SUNDAY AT SUNDAY AND ALL DAY COFFEE SHOPPE.

Alex Heart Beats For A True Love

Alex left the coffee shop feeling in extreme shame of his action.He felt so sorry for all his fresh actions. He cannot describe his feeling for Sunday.When he arrived home, he was so restless. He wanted to talk to Sunday again to clear his name.

How he wanted to tell her now that this is the first time of his life to feel this way.

" Is this love?" Alex told himself. " What a nice feeling." Alex said.

The next day, Alex went back to the coffee shop to look for Sunday. He was not able to sleep thinking about his cheap action. He wanted to ask for forgiveness to Sunday.

In dismay, Sunday has just left to meet all her franchisee owners and will take her three weeks to go back home. He also learns that Sunday is already engaged to her childhood sweetheart.

Here in his lonely room, Alex hides his loneliness. He falls for Sunday and too late to start for a new beginning. His heart is sick for a never triumphant love to Sunday.

His heart will never beat this way again.He cried in despair and in dismay of love.


Awesome Look, Beauty, Fall For Him, Hansome, Lonely, Nice Face, Nice Look

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author avatar snerfu
1st Oct 2014 (#)

Very intriguing story, Erly. Keep them coming.

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author avatar Erly
1st Oct 2014 (#)

hahahahaha...thanks snerfu.I wrote few when I arrived home from work,titled. I write on the spot sometimes forgot to edit.I sleep late just to write here though ...????/Thanks.Take care.

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author avatar Erly
1st Oct 2014 (#)

Alex so him too hehehehe...just for fun.

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
2nd Oct 2014 (#)

Sweet! Thanks for sharing your story with us

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author avatar Erly
2nd Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you purple tears ..I know, you, too lover of beauty and love writing short stories..Cheers ...

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