Short Story: John never trusts his intuition, until his Uncle dies

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Sometimes in life we must learn the hard way.

This short story about an incident in John's life taught him about following his internal instincts, his intuitional nudges, or his gut feelings.

These types of inner feelings should never be ignored.

John's intuition was very strong, but it was not stronger than his doubtful mind

John had always been a sensitive person attuned to what was going on around him. He was a doubter though, a skeptic, and he was his own worst enemy, because of this.

John never trusted his intuition, he never really believed in it being real.

Whenever someone suspicious looking walked past him in a shopping centre, he would feel a cold shiver go up his spine for instance. He could pick up on the vibrations of a person, and he would innately or instinctively know if the vibrations were good or bad ones, or positive or negative, or just higher or lower vibrations.

All of these descriptions just describe different types or levels of our vibrational energies.

When driving his car, John would often receive strong intuitional messages about what was coming up ahead on his journey. He would get the feeling that he should change his route this particular morning, for instance.

He always ignored this though, and so he would keep driving along his usual route to work, only to find that there had been an accident up ahead. He was delayed, and he was often late for work because of this.

John never did learn to trust his own intuition, and to decide to follow it, for a very long time. But he did finally learn to do this after a particularly painful incident involving his Uncle where he had again ignored his intuition.

It annoyed him greatly after each event where this had happened, but even so, the same scenario just kept always repeating itself, and playing out in the exact same way in his life.

John's painful lesson

John changed his job, and he got a job now in the big city. He travelled to work now every day by train.

John had a favourite Uncle, the only brother of his dad.

This Uncle had been like a second father to John. He was an unmarried man. It was this Uncle who had taught John to play chess at a very young age, and he had tutored him in many other areas of life as well. He always built John up, never once did he pull him down.

Uncle Albert lived in a large group of flats near the large capital city in the state where John lived as well. John lived about a thirty five minutes drive from where his Uncle lived however.

Uncle Albert did not own a car, or an automobile, as he called them. He hated them. He was a train, and tram enthusiast. Uncle Albert was allocated a car space within the car parking area of his block of flats though.

At that time there were often train strikes, where the train drivers would go on strike in order to try to achieve a pay rise, or to improve their working conditions in some way, or another.

Whenever there was such an interruption to the train service, John used to park his car in his old Uncle's allocated parking bay, and then walk the extra ten minute walk to his workplace within the city.

His Uncle had told him to do this, as he was not using it for himself.

One January, there was such a train strike. John drove into the city in the morning, and he parked his car in his Uncle's car spot.

He walked to work, and he spent the whole day working in his office as usual. After finishing his work for the day, he walked back to his car, parked at his Uncle's place.

Now his Uncle used to work as a train driver himself, and John knew that his Uncle might be at home. In fact, he had felt a very strong intuitional nudge to go up the three flights of stairs to visit him, before driving his car home.

He had felt this while walking to his Uncle's flat, but now at his car, he felt it even stronger. It was so strong that he felt almost obligated now to follow it.

John's selfish mind then crept in, whispering loudly to John, it then said to him,

"You are tired after a hard day's working. It is a hot day. You should just drive home now, before the traffic, because of the strike, builds up way too much."

John got in his car, ignoring how he felt about visiting his old Uncle, and so he drove home.

The most gruesome of gruesome finds

Ten days after John had not gone up the stairs to visit his Uncle, his brother Charley decided to do so.

This Uncle was also the favourite Uncle of John's other two brothers, and one sister too. He was super kind to all of his brother's kids. Every Christmas he would shower them with gifts, but not only that, whenever he visited his little brother, John's father, he always came heavily laden with lots of foods that kids of that age so love to eat.

It was now a Saturday night. Charley climbed up the three flights of stairs, and he knocked on our Uncle's door.

He could smell a strange smell wafting under the thick oak door.

Charley tried to open the door, but he could see through the crack in the door that it had been securely bolted from the other side. This made him doubly suspicious now.

He knew that something was very obviously wrong here.

He rang the Police, and he waited around for them to arrive. Thirty five minutes later two burly Policeman arrived. They asked Charley what the problem was.

Charley said that he feared that there was something dreadfully wrong with his Uncle, in fact he feared for his life.

The policemen said that there was nothing that they could do. The door was locked. It was a privately owned apartment. They could not break it down without the owner's permission. It was already ten pm at night now.

John's brother took the law into his own hands then. He kicked the door down. Inside he found the remains of our Uncle. He had been dead for ten days. He had gone into a diabetic coma it seems, and collapsed, and had eventually died as a result of this.

Charley of course told the rest of the family about this.

John immediately realised of course the reason now for his very strong intuitional urge to go up and visit his Uncle, exactly ten days beforehand, but it was too late now. His favourite Uncle was dead, perhaps, just perhaps, if John had visited him on that fateful day, his life might have been saved.

Never again was John to doubt his intuitional nudges like this ever again.

A most painful lesson indeed had been imparted to him at a very heavy price. Nothing comes free in life, we all must pay something out for such a learning experience it seems.

Author's note:

There is a price to be paid for everything, and even God had to pay that price by the death of his son for you, and for me, and for everyone else too.


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I have been interested in the spiritual fields for over thirty five years now. My writing is mostly in this area.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
6th Jan 2014 (#)

A well written and interesting post, kudos!

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author avatar spirited
6th Jan 2014 (#)

My brother never got over finding my Uncle like this, and neither did I about not following my intuition on that fateful day.

Thanks Fern

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author avatar Helen Thomas
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Great article ~ Spirited.

For the Christ follower, what the system of the world calls intuition is really the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

That was a heavy price to pay, In one way or another ~ at one time of another ~ we all pay these high prices.

Blessings to you.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
10th Jan 2014 (#)

At one time 'or' another.

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author avatar spirited
10th Jan 2014 (#)

"what the system of the world calls intuition is really the prompting of the Holy Spirit."

Good point Helen.

I guess this is true in most cases, but we should never misinterpret this for the temptings of the Devil.

Our intuition must always be positive, or loving to follow it, I guess that's the test.

In the end though, I think we always just know when our intuition is coming to us from the Holy Spirit nudging us.

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author avatar spirited
10th Jan 2014 (#)

"In the end though, I think we always just know when our intuition is coming to us from the Holy Spirit nudging us."

It's a different matter to have the wisdom of mind to listen, and to always follow it courageously though.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
10th Jan 2014 (#)

Absolutely ~ Spirited.

The truth of the matter is ~ we are always 'becoming'. We never fully 'arrive' as long as we are on this side of heaven. But we can be thankful for every lesson learned ~ though painful it sometimes is.

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