Short Story: Sweet Love Turns Bitter

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There is no substitute for a true love.No matter what temptations would be, love remains love and triumphs at the end.Love is love and it gives pleasure to the heart. There is so much to explain and feel when you are in love.

Short Story: The Lost Love

Sebastian Santiago, 19 years old, friendly and handsome was caught by his girlfriend kissing with another girl. His girlfriend Rhona Robles, 18, slender, charming and pretty felt the whole world collapsed upon her.

Sebastian called her: " Rhona babe, come back,don't leave me." " I will die without you."
Rhona pointed her finger at Sebastian and shouted madly, " Liar, I hate you."
" I won't anymore believe you." " I saw you kissing another girl." " I lost my trust on you." Huh! Huh ! Huh! Huh! huh! , Rhona sobbed bitterly.

" I'm sorry, but I don't like that girl,please listen to me." Sebastian cried.

Rhona ran so fast that she did not see the approaching car. She was partially hit by the car.The car owner brought her to the nearest hospital.

Extreme Feeling of Guilt

" Babe" " Babe" , Sebastian cried so hard. He was so afraid. He cannot imagine his guilt. He wanted to run and hide the shame and regret.

" What have I done to the girl I loved so much?" " Sorry, Lord, forgive me." " I am just human, weak." " Please save Rhona from danger." " I need her in my life." " I'll die if something bad happens to her." " I pledge not to betray her again." That was never intended." " It was like a dream kissing someone I have just met in the park."

Sebastian was very sad. It seems his heart squeezed in pain. He was so deeply sad that he wanted to commit a suicide. He was tortured by his own guilt. He felt, he was dying and heart seemed bleeding in pain.

You Hurt Me So Much

Rhona was released from the hospital three days after the accident.She was brought home by her parents. The car owner shouldered all the hospital bills. Rhona's parents did not know about the grudge between her and Sebastian. She will never tell them for fear of the unknowns.

She locked herself in the room and cannot avoid sobbing bitterly. She kept on imagining the kissing scene between her boyfriend and the other girl. How she wished she was not saved from that accident. For her, it seemed life has no meaning at all. She was still in the state of shock.

" Why babe?" " What have I done to you?" " Perhaps my only mistake is loving you so much with all my heart." " What shall I do now without you in my life." Rhona told herself.

The next day, Rhona heard a knocking at her door. She opened it thinking it was her mum, but she was wrong for it was Sebastian. Rhona was so astonished to see Sebastian. She wanted to shout at him, fight him, kick him , slap him, but she cannot do it. She really loves Sebastian and his appearance this day colors her world from a very dim feeling.

Love for the Second Time Around

Sebastian hugged Rhona so tight and told her, " Babe, I'm sorry. What you saw was not meant love for that girl. I just met her there and tempted me ; afterwhich , temptation was tolerated by my weakness." : Please forgive me, I cannot live without you."

Sebastian sobbed terribly that touched the heart of Rhona. She forgot about the scene of cheat. She cannot afford to see Sebastian crying that way. She was speechless,yet determined of her decision to forgive Sebastian. Then, she hugged back Sebastian. The more that Sebastian cried so hard , but his tears were not anymore tears of fear and regret but too much joy for the second chance of love given to him by his girlfie Rhona.

The sun shines gloriously and amazingly that day. The world seems collaborating the joy in their hearts.Then, their lips meet and celebrate the happiness and reconciliation with a very deep and sweet kisses.

Theme: Give your love another chance to rise where he falls from sin, so he can correct his mistakes and live again in joy and gain.


Caught In The Act, Cheat, Deception, Hatred, Liar, Loveless, Painful Love

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
5th Oct 2014 (#)

Wow! Love at it's worst and it's best! I love it! Be still my heart.

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author avatar Erly
6th Oct 2014 (#)

hehehehehe wow you Nancy gurl...I feel it you are so romantic lady ..Approved? By the way, thanks for your lovely feeling and share of this short love story....

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author avatar Erly
6th Oct 2014 (#)

Oh love,,,you are very powerful....that it kills...Do you think so?

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author avatar jogiemar
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Oh I've felt Rhona's pain, but true love really exist. Well done Early.

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author avatar Erly
7th Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you jogiemar...for your nice thoughts about the story..

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