Short Story: There is no other, other side

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This tale has been adapted from a shorter version of an old Zen teaching story.

These stories are short and pithy, and try to make a distinctive point. They can often provide you with a jumping off point, so that you can make the leap of faith needed to jump away from your old false self, and suddenly take on the person, or more move into the real person, who you really are.

Crossing over the raging river of ourselves

In India, a long time ago, one of Sri Jaravishnu’s students had been on a long journey to another town. He had been delayed there because of seasonal flooding in the area.

After a while the waters had subsided considerably, and so at last he set off for home.

Near his home town now, he soon realised that there had been monsoonal rains there also. The river was running far too rapidly for him to safely cross it, and it was twice as wide as it usually was.

The young fledgling monk sat down on the bank of the river pondering about what he would do.

Ten minutes went by.

Just then he looked up, and he spotted his master sitting, just like he was, on the bank of the other side.

He raised his voice, and he yelled out across the river, hoping that his master would hear him.

“Master, I am here, you are there, how can I cross the river, and get to the other side.”

The master hearing his student yelling out to him kept silent for a while.

He then stood up, and stretching himself fully, he finally now replied.

“My son,” he said, “You are on the other side.”

This story can be compared to the old English idiom about the grass being greener in the other paddock, or greener on the other side, I suppose. People nearly always expect that they would be happier in a different circumstance or location, than to where they are right now.

We are always exactly where we are meant to be.

Postscript to this little tale

The real meaning, or moral to this story.

The love that is in you never rages up like this. All rage comes from fear, you fear yourself. You fear taking the journey into yourself. You fear everything around you. You fear life itself.

When the master appears, he tells you that you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

You are exactly where love has placed you in order for you to learn the most from where you are right now.

The first step on the path is total acceptance, and this often is enough to remove the fears. When you accept all just as it is, fear has nothing more to stick to. It moves past you like the river's waters. They cannot affect you unless you step into them, by accepting the fear.

Inner strength is a type of peace. It is not that strength comes from peace, but that peace, inner peace, is a type of strength.

There is love, and there are various forms of love.

The forms, are various states of lesser love, such as ecstasy, or being enthusiastically alivened. Even being too sad could be included here.

In other words, this happens to you at any time when you are too artificially caught up within the emotion, so much so that you forget about the love that still lives there too.

Love is behind every emotion. Love is the only energy. It powers all else into existence. Without love, there would be nothing. Love is the energy that God uses with which to create all else.

Real love is forever just itself, but all other emotions stem from it.

These emotions can lessen the amount of love that you accept and live from. This can happen to you if the emotions are owned, and not allowed to just sit within that love, and its peace.

Emotions stir and agitate you only if you lose contact with the mother of that emotion, love, and so you are then disturbed because you isolate an emotion away from its mother, instead of letting it stay within its mother, and which of course is that same love.


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