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A Short stories about family and characteristics passed from mother to child.

Nice Weather for ducks...

My mum is a fascinating woman. More intelligent and intuitive than her
decade or gender ever allowed her to express. However, she has
developed both, through motherhood with my sister and I.
It is as if she bestowed each of us with one half of herself. My
sister, who's logical approach to life has awarded her with academic
brilliance. Myself having a holistic outlook, which has offereded me
empathy and a richness of life experiences.
Being preoccupied with the effects of human psychology, I have always
acted on impulsive decisions. Many of these have lacked the logical
explanation needed for my sister to find them relatable. An affliction
that leaves us unable to bond. With neither being fundamentally the
right or wrong view, our compromise is to love as family and accept
that friendship is not likely to ever be an option. My mum, with an
affinity to both lifestyles, remains neutral. Having learnt, in her
own lifetime, that intellect without empathy leads to isolation and
frustration. Where as holism without logic, lacks stability and
All three of us now sit sipping tea in my mums kitchen, on a holiday
visit. "It's going to rain." I announce. I have always loved rain,
especially the smell. So much so that overtime I have learnt
instinctively the change in atmosphere just before the down pour. "I
can smell it." I add, standing to look out the window. "Don't be
ridiculous" come my sisters response, as she rolls her eyes at my mum
across the table. "You're a human barometer" mum says teasingly, as
the first tear drop hits the window.
I slip outside to move with the weather. Not like a hippie on a acid
trip, more like in the innocence of childhood; a time when instinct is
acted on with little to no thought of the consequences. "Don't stay
out there too long" shouts my mum, as advice not instruction. "Get
inside, you're embarrassing yourself" comes a stern unapproval from my
sister as she picks up the newspaper; more interested in the worlds
current affairs than her own. I am too busy swaying with the trees to
My sister will miss out on dancing, I will get wet and cold. My mum
moves to the sun warmed glass conservatory to watch the storm and
listen to the rhythm of the rain dancing on the roof top.x

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Jun 2014 (#)

this is really nice Cleo and heartwarming too...thank you..

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author avatar Cleo Cole
29th Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you Carolina, really appreciate your comment :)

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