Short stories: Arnold talks to a Western style Buddhist monk about Jesus Christ

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Arnold, a Christian, brought up in the traditional Christian ways, never-the-less used to still like to explore the teachings of other religions.

He had a good friend, called Alan, who was in fact a Buddhist monk, whom he liked to spend an afternoon with to discuss all of these types of interesting issues with.

Here is one of these little chats that they had recently.

Was Jesus Christ actually a Buddhist?

Arnold liked to talk to spiritual leaders and figures in many different various religions.

Here is a talk that he had recently with a Western styled Buddhist monk, named Alan (also known as Lama Tapo Luang) Rejoni.

Alan talking to Arnold:

'Many of the things that Gautama Buddha said are mirrored in what Jesus Christ said.

Here is just one example of this Arnold.

Buddha said that, "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."

Jesus said that, "The kingdom of God is within you."

The early Christian church destroyed a lot of evidence about this connection between Jesus and Buddhism.

Anything that did not support its own ideas about Jesus's life, and about his life during his so called lost years, and also references to things like reincarnation that were previously included in the bible at that time were then summarily almost all removed from it.

The loss of such facts and other historical accounts about Jesus's life occurred because these so-called high priests would not listen to the real truth.

These early church figures simply wanted to live from power instead.

They wanted to lord it over the masses with control techniques, rather than give out real lessons about love, that could have helped others to find the real truth, at that time.

This is as Jesus Christ himself said Alan, "It is only the truth that can set you free."

They did not want anyone to know any more than what they wanted them to believe was the truth, but which in in fact never ever really ever was, because they rejected it, the real truth, and created their own false versions of it instead.'

'You don't yet fully believe me Arnold, do you?' Alan then said.

'Well, here's another example of one of these parallels between Buddha's teachings, and those of Jesus.

Buddha was said to have said something like this, "Perishable is a city built on sand."

Jesus told a parable about, "a foolish man who built his house upon the sand."'

Buddha and Christ both taught in parables

Arnold and Alan stopped talking then, and Alan poured Arnold a cup of tea.

They sat silent for at least ten minutes sipping quietly at the contents, both of the tea, and of what had just been discussed.

Arnold then asked Alan about how both Buddha's and Jesus's teachings both contain teaching stories or parables within them.

"Why was this so?" was Arnold's next question to his friend Alan, and which again started their conversation off again.

Alan then started to talk to Arnold, once more again.

"Buddha taught in parables because he didn't want his followers to become attached to his teachings.

Jesus taught in parables because he wanted to talk to those who were ready to receive his message, both at the time, and later. His stories in this way are timeless, containing truths within them that can still be found to this day.

The son of man also came as the son of God.

These two positions ring true from both directions of love.

Buddha was mostly involved with teaching from the son of man position, and he left his son of God role alone, knowing that people would not understand him here if he talked in that way, at that time.

Jesus talked in parables because this connected both ends of love together in such a way that those with eyes to see and ears to hear could see and hear and understand the truths that were hidden behind these parables, or everyday stories."

Did Jesus Christ study Buddhism in India or Tibet?

Alan finished his little sermon, and he asked Arnold if he had any more questions that he would like to put to him now.

Arnold asked Alan if the stories about Jesus travelling outside of the Holy land were true. Arnold asked Alan if Jesus had ever really ever gone over to India to study, as some people claim that he did.


Did Jesus Christ ever study Buddhism then, and if he was really the son of God, why would he ever need to do this anyway?

Did Jesus Christ ever go to India or to Tibet to study Buddhism as some say that he did during his lost years period, of which nothing is recorded about in the Christian bible?

Alan thought carefully on his reply before he then answered Alan in this way.

"Some scholars claim that some ancient writings, that are said to exist in certain monasteries within India and Tibet, talk about someone that they claim is Jesus spending time there studying with them."

"The Western view is that Jesus did not go to India or Tibet at all."

"He spent all of his time around his place of birth or within that vicinity because these were the people that he came to help."

"Jesus himself confirmed this many times over."

"Here is just one such reference from Saint Matthew's gospel, chapter 15, verse 24."

"I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

"So Arnold, I do not believe that Jesus ever extensively studied Buddhism either within his home country or abroad. This remains though only my own view on all of this."

"The real reason for there being many similarities in these two great masters teachings Arnold is simply because real truth can only be spoken of as real truth no matter who it is that is speaking it."

"Jesus Christ as the son of God simply knew it all already then," Arnold pipped in at this moment. "He was just speaking from the truth, and perhaps anyone speaking such truths will always speak them along such similar lines."

"Yes," said Arnold, and this last exchange ended their lively and interesting conversation for that afternoon.

Arnold always enjoyed his little afternoon chats with his learned Buddhist friend Alan.

Arnold concluded from all of this that both Jesus and Buddha were both good masters in their own right.

Buddha was a good man who tried to help people live lives without pain, by his helping them to move away from their attachment to their desires.

Jesus did not really teach directly in this way at all. Jesus was the son of God.

Jesus more said to seek or to pursue the truth, and to follow this truth, despite any pains in doing so, because it is only this path of love that can ever really lead you away from attachment to yourself. Trying to remove this attachment with your mind alone will never work fully in the end.

All photos are taken from Wikimedia commons.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
18th Aug 2014 (#)

Dear spirited ...Jesus Christ, is God, and He is still alive ...and one day every knee shall bow to Him and acknowledge He is Lord of all.
Bless you
Stella ><

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18th Aug 2014 (#)

thanks Stella, I admire your steadfast love of Jesus, and your faith in him too.

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