Short stories: Fred finds real truth from his meeting of a "dead" frog

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This short story is about Fred. For many years he had made a search for the truth.

One day though, and perhaps when he was now ready to receive it, it just jumped right out at him, and he then saw what he needed to see to see, "the real truth through his own false ideas of what he had thought of it to be."

Fred takes a morning walk with his dog

The truthful frog story, or the frog that lead Fred to truth from untruth from his version of truth to the real truth, and from life to death just with one small jump.

It often takes a jump of faith across the chasm of love to find the real truth.

One cold, but sunny early morning, Fred was walking along with Abbey, his small poodle cross Maltese Shih-tzu dog, when he saw what looked like a dead frog on the grassy footpath that he was crossing over.

It looked very fresh still, and so Fred reached down and touched it on its small green back to check if it was still alive or not.

Satisfied for the moment, Fred walked off hurriedly again, but it continued to get into his mind, even as he continued to walk.

There was something rather unusual that had just happened there. Fred had the strange thought that maybe it wasn't a dead frog after all, but maybe it was only a plastic rubber toy or model of a frog that some child had lost.

It had seemed so very real and alive and soft to his touch though.

Fred rethinks his experience

Fred kept thinking some more again about this frog to himself as he continued to walk on now very slowly, and absent-mindedly.

Maybe that Frog was really alive, and just maybe it was only just pretending to be dead so that he wouldn't hurt it.

Sure enough Fred's curiosity finally now got to him.

He retraced his steps, and which was only just a short half a block or so back to the grassy sidewalk where the frog had been.

The frog was now gone.

Fred looked blankly at the spot, while also he was feeling just a little bit perplexed about it all.

Fred searched over the entire area very thoroughly, but he just couldn't find it there now again.

Feeling somewhat nonplussed, and more than just a little bit sheepish, Fred looked around quickly to see if anybody had noticed him searching for something in such a somewhat strange way, and then he walked off, continuing his walk, for another twenty minutes or so.

Even so even now, Fred could still not stop thinking about his frog.

His mind was over-occupied with thoughts about it.

Fred was still all the time thinking if his dream frog had been really dead or alive, real or unreal or even if he had perhaps only just imagined seeing it.

But no, he knew that he had touched its soft back hadn't he?

It was real enough as Fred still remembered the soft moist texture of its small soft back.

Fred's petering thoughts got the better of him, once more again.

Fred's thoughts could not be gotten rid of so easily

Fred had now gone full circle in his long walk, and he had returned once again exactly back to the same spot where he had first seen his frog.

This time though he was approaching it again from a forward approaching direction, as he had done originally. Fred had approached it the second time from the other direction, when he had retraced his steps to try to again locate the illusive frog.

This time, Fred now saw it again.

It was a rather large, striped, blackish, greeny, coloured frog, and it was still lying there in the long green grass.

Fred got a mild shock as he didn't really expect to see it so easily again like that this time.

Fred broke a piece off a small wooden twig, or branch-let that had fallen off from a
nearby tree, and then he prodded it on its back once again.

Unfortunately, this time Fred was really sure that it was really and truly freshly dead.

He could see this as he turned it over onto its back, but he found it still fresh, and very soft to the touch.

The frog didn't move a muscle as Fred moved it around, but he could see that it was already semi rigid as he now turned it back over again onto its front, and as he placed it again to rest with its feet back down again upon the green grass.

Just as Fred turned it back over, and as he looked at it now again, it suddenly jumped away.

Fred was of course so totally surprised by this.

Fred couldn't believe what had just happened

Fred started to philosophise and bore himself a bit in his over-excited mind to try to quieten and relax himself down a bit again after that very startling event.

Fred's mind was trying to come up with some type of satisfactory explanation for what had just happened.

Fred thought to himself that it's also very true in life itself that sometimes we do not get the truth at first.

Why often even after the first, or the second, and sometimes even after the third observance, we still don't see through to the real truth, that is until it jumps right out at us, and so dramatically reveals itself to us at long last.

We are always looking directly at the truth in its face of course, but it so often takes a miracle of a life experience from love to allow us to witness this truth as it really, really is.

Fred walked slowly now the rest of the way home, contemplating the lesson that that frog had given to him.

It had waited another twenty five minutes in that very same spot just to teach Fred a lesson about truth.

Did it somehow know that Fred would come back again to it or not?

Was it a miracle, or was it just a part of life teaching life about life?

Fred just scratched his head, as he marvelled at the extraordinary play of life, once more again.

What after all is truth?

The real and only truth of truth is that it is truth.

It is truth because it changes you, and all truth is always life changing.

Real truth cannot often be seen and learnt from our mind's untruth, or from our mind's version of what it thinks that the real truth is.

Truth can only be learnt from what is the existing truth.

When we stop believing that our own version or way of thinking about the truth as being the real truth, the real truth will then jump out at us from our hearts.

Untruth cannot readily be seen to be untruth, and so untruth will generally lead us to more untruth if we don't see the truth that is hidden somewhere else behind it, and which is only ever found deeper down in our hearts.

Behind all untruth is still the real truth.

Untruth just manifests different disguises in our life and we have to wear the glasses of love to see past the disguises of life's plays.

This allows us to then ascertain that the real truth is never really so disguised.

It just only comes to you when you are ready to take off your own disguise and embrace it fully now as you.

It is only the real you, without the mask or disguise on that can ever really ever benefit from the real truth.

This is because only the real you can fully recognise yourself and know when you have no mask on anymore.

Only you yourself can ever know yourself as the real you.

Find yourself and live as the real you and live from this truth of you, and so realise that everything else serves truth, but deeper than the server is the real owner of their own truth.

Truth is the real originator and creator of you.

Find truth and you will also find God.

Find yourself by living a life of loving truth and truthfully you will feel loved by all.

That will be your story.

A story of truth and of love, but only you will know if it is wholly the truth and entirely your own truth or not in the end.

We all have to find and live from our own truths.

This is the way to love ourselves.

Love is only ever our real truth displaying itself fully in us as us.

When we are being ourselves in this way we are living from our own truth and we are loving ourselves enough now to do this.

When we follow the path of truth, I guess it really always does lead us to the truth, and it always reveals extra truths to us along the way as well.

The truth is embedded within all things.

There is only love. There is only truth. Everything else is illusion.

Untruth sits with its mouth open wide, but still from within truth, only just forever waiting for love to fill it up again with the real truth.

The mouths of babes must experience untruth to learn truth and experiences of untruth reflect the truth of yourself only as it is currently distorted inside of you.

When you see the truth about how you are seeing truth, you will connect to this real truth again, and real love will again blazon within your heart again then too.

Truth brings you alive as much as love is firing it into life for you each and every day from your heart, and not dowsing it doubt with negative images from your mind's doubts, fears and wrong beliefs about what it thinks is the real truth.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
29th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing ~ Spirited. My take away from this article is your initial statement: "It often takes a jump of faith across the chasm of love to find the real truth."

Blessings always!

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author avatar spirited
29th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks Helen,

yes, faith, love and truth are all connected. One supports the other.

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