Short stories: Fred's friendship with the master numerologist, John Tuvenon

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The number one links us to God, and to all of his oneness.

There is another secondary driver number though that depicts the karmic pattern or rhythm that pushes into you its energy vibration.

it does this because you need to re-address certain issues that you have ignored in your life. You need to learn what is really going on here, and then from the wisdom gained move past these issues to live again from the higher vibrational energy of only love.

This short story illustrates how.

Fred and John had been friends since they first met in college over forty years ago

Fred had been friend with John for a long time. At least once a year though Fred would go and see John on a professional basis, to obtain a new numerology forecast for the year ahead.

John was usually busy doing this for other clients during the month of January each year, and so Fred would always make his appointment for a Saturday morning in February.

And so, one Saturday morning in early February, finds Fred in John's office at ten am, for his yearly reading.

John started off making some small talk, as we all do at times like this.

"Good morning Fred," he said, "How's Mavis?"

Mavis was of course Fred's wife of the past thirty years.

Fred muttered a short reply, "ok" he said, and then John got down to the business at hand.

John told Fred that he had been practising numerology for forty years now, but that even now he was still learning some completely new things about it occasionally.

John said to John that just recently he had come across another important number in numerology, known as, "the driver."

This number was the driving force behind your whole life. It revealed the purpose and spiritual mission that your soul had planned for you to achieve, and to partake of in this life, your current life.

John was a great scholar and researcher, and he had come across this number in an old manuscript that he had come across, only quite recently.

This was a handwritten piece of manuscript that he had obtained from a friend who collected such old documents as this one undoubtedly was.

It was part of an old Hindu manuscript.

Study of numbers helps us become more aware of our karmic loads, or of the direction that this karma might be pushing us towards, that is if we do not grow in the greater awareness of love, and so overcome this karmic attractive force that over-wise will be the driving force behind our lives.

This new number revealed exactly how this karmic driving force was set up to operate in this our current life, if we ignored the call of love, and so followed this pull of our karma instead.

If we follow love, we can bypass a lot of this karma as we will then more readily learn the lessons that love requires of us to learn, but if not, this taskmaster called karma will often force us to learn from it as the more tougher taskmaster instead. One way or another, we will all eventually learn the ways of love.

"In the beginning, spirit manifested through vibrations, and ancient seers symbolized these vibrations as numbers. Numerology is thus far more than a system of divination-it is a language helping us understand spirit and how it functions through humanity."

This quote is from Divyaa Kummar. You can read more about what she says about numerology here.

John gives Fred some background information on the science of numerology

John then gave Fred this little background talk.

"The number one is the greatest influencing number that there is. It represents God and his oneness."

"The calendar itself has been set up to favour this number, and so it has always a greater chance to play the most prominent part in any numerology reading. The number one always occurs the most in the numbers used in a numerology reading, such as the number of the month, the number of the day, and the number of the year. It has more chance in its occurring than any other number does."

"This is why, for the "driver" number, we take the second most occurring number in your birth-date, instead of the first, when, or if that number is calculated out to be the number one."

"If the number one does first turn up from the initial check of the most frequently occurring number, it does mean something though. It means that you are a very spiritual-minded person, and that spirituality, and closeness to God mean a lot for you in your life."

"I will use your own birth-date here Fred as an example."

John went on, getting a bit excited now in his speech, as he got down to the nitty-gritty of how this "new" driver number worked in a numerology reading.

"Your birth-date is on the 17/10/1947."

"Now the number, "one" shows up three times here, and so this shows you that you are one of these spiritually-minded individuals, that I have just now spoken about here."

"Because of this factor, we then take the second most occurring number here for you. This is the number, "seven." This is the number that we use in your reading then as your, "Driver", number."

"This number seven also confirms your highly spiritual nature too. At the same time it does indicate that you suppress your feelings and emotions. You have a lot of trouble accepting your intuitional nudges though. You create cross-fights between your mind and your heart. You are a loner, and yet you also like to stay connected to others."

"You seek understanding and wisdom, but you seek this with your mind only, when you should be accepting the knowing in your heart as well. Your reserved nature prevents you from assessing the wisdom of others. You are too independent."

"There is nothing wrong with your having or wanting only your own original thinking, but you must become more open to others opinions and thoughts too. You can't negate truth in others saying that it is not your own truth. This is usually as display of ego in you, rather than of real truth."

"You are a bit stubborn, and the makes you ignore the wisdom coming to you from these other people in your life. You only trust yourself. Others cannot often understand where you are coming from either."

"You need to allow others to connect to you. You should never dismiss anyone, thinking that they are below you in their thinking. Thinking does not prove anything. They can also show an inner knowing which is linked to the truth."

"You must allow yourself to learn more from others, and not to be too proud to see that others, like you, also can teach you various aspects of the truth. Sometimes in fact, this is the only way past your own blockages. Your stubborn mule-like behaviour will not let you cut through your false beliefs and wrong thinking sometimes."

"Well Fred, that's how the "driver" number works."

"It shows you exactly what is driving you in your life, and the areas that need to be corrected if something other than love is driving you instead of this love which should always be the real driver in your life."

"I believe Fred, that this information is essentially correct, which I obtained from this old Vedic manuscript."

"It feels right to me that the number one being within a numerology chart reading of your birth-date like this would refer to your spiritual connection to God. Number one links you to God and to all oneness."

"This secondary driver number referred to here merely depicts the karmic pattern or rhythm that pushes into you its energy vibration because you need to address these issues and to learn what is really going on here and then to move past these issues to live from the higher vibrational energy of only love."

"Look into my blue crystal here for a moment, " John then suddenly said to Fred.

"It will help to clear away your objections to any of this, and allow the possibility to get past your natural defensive mind, or sensor."

Fred questions John

Fred then asked John a question of his own.

"Well John, we have lost one number one now by our moving away from the years beginning with the number one, and now moving to years beginning with the number two. What would this mean in terms of our karma then?"

John replied,

"This Cosmic Karmic influencer indicator shows that as a whole, we are all generally moving away from embracing a real belief in God. Science has been largely responsible for this, but not entirely."

"This is a Karmic pushing of the general public away from God and oneness towards themselves and duality. This is the era of selfishness, and self-greed. The main thought of most people is, 'What is in it for me?'"

John seemed to be getting ready to finish his session with Fred.

"Well Fred," John then said, "My next client is due in for his reading in a few minutes. We will wrap it up there, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. And I hope it's before another year goes by."

Fred paid John his rather modest fee then, and he left the office in the down-town building which John had hired to give his professional readings from, and to separate his friendship with his clients a bit, from his more informal meetings with them, which took place in his home. John held his numerology classes there. He had a number of different groups who would meet in his home on different nights of the week.


Can numbers really help to activate our higher consciousness for us?

Numbers can provide a vibrational pool for the higher level love energy to pool within, and this then provides a platform for you to launch into this higher consciousness from.

When you stay where you are, you have no lynch pegs/pins, so to speak, to hang onto, and all of the higher learning depends on such lower learnings to provide openings for it to come through.

Numerology then is not the highest truth, but it can provide a lower world key to the some of these doors of higher truth that will then open for you in some of these higher worlds.

Here is another good reference reading about this subject, and the secrets about these numbers.

Poetry: The numbers always add up to add up to add up!

The numbers always add up to the life that you will lead,
this happens when karma exceeds your alarmist fears.
The nearness of numbers describe all whom you now are,
and this by-far is much nearer truth than it is seen from afar.

Self-knowledge of who you really are can be seen in numbers.
Every number is perfect in itself, the same as you are too.
Mathematics skills are not required to read these numbers
There are no random numbers, life is not determined by chance.

There are no lucky numbers that bring to you their luck.
Numbers link us into eternity by designing as a vision.
Numbers guide us accurately from both sides of life's equation.
Every number can be either malefic or benefic, good or bad.

The positive balances the negative, from both we must learn.
Everything purifies us when we allow it to not hurt us.
Sunshine on its own would only create deserts with little life.
It takes both rain and sun to bring life into proper perspective.

Fear, when it is proceeding from your mind, precedes karma, but then the resulting karma cannot be overcome so easily when this fear stays around, because fear leads to karma, and karma then exceeds even the fear in your mind then in a way, because it creates more fear of itself.

It's a perpetuating cycle of fear and karma which only love can break apart at its roots.

"Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here."

This quote is from the American author, Marianne Williamson. We would all do well to remember the truth of this, what she has said here.

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author avatar Retired
5th May 2015 (#)

That same question occurred to me about the loss of the 'one' at the beginning of the millennium. Good response though, spirited. Thanks for sharing this story.

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author avatar spirited
5th May 2015 (#)

thanks Christopher,

This is only a fiction work, so that is as you said only my own response to that question.

The one will come back in the year 10000. I wonder what that will mean?

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th May 2015 (#)

Interesting thoughts on numerology, thanks Spirited. John seems to be genuine but I have met few charlatans out to make money too - siva

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author avatar spirited
5th May 2015 (#)

thanks siva,

this is only a fiction work, but I wrote it up as John being a genuine numerologist trying his best to help his clients.

Yes, there is a lot of such charlatans out there I think too.

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author avatar brendamarie
7th May 2015 (#)

I know my life number is seven and that it means spiritual growth.
Great article spirited

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author avatar spirited
7th May 2015 (#)

thanks brendamarie.

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author avatar Carol Roach
10th May 2015 (#)

numerology is fascinating but I don't quite understand how to do it

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author avatar spirited
10th May 2015 (#)

thanks Carol,

it does take a certain interest in mathematics, as you need to know about such things as digit summing etc.

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