Short stories: John's letter from God

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This short story is about someone called John who goes to Heaven and meets up with God. God gives him a rather mysterious letter to read, with strict instructions to him not to read it right now.

Later on though, after reading this letter from God, it somehow disappeared.

John told me about his experience when I visited him.

The question is though, who is the "I" in this story?

Is it God, John, or me?

A long and painful search for proof of God's existence

For all of John's long life, he had been searching for a definite proof of God's existence.

Sure, along the way, he had had a few unusual experiences, but these all had just whetted his appetite more, and so they had energised him to continue in his search for some type of final proof for himself of God's existence.

John was into his early seventies now. His search had begun in his teenage years.

John wanted to meet God personally, not just to read about him, dream about him, or just imagine him to be real, in a meditation session. He had had a few of these, but afterwards, even these great experiences were not enough for him to lose interest in his ongoing search for a definite proof of God's existence.

One day, John was thinking about what his mind was.

What is my mind?”, he asked himself.

"I guess our mind must be a part of God's mind, the universal mind, and holographically it must be then exactly same as God's mind."

"That is, it is so, when you open it from your heart, and not from your ego, or from your ego-based thoughts of wanting things for yourself, and when you totally embrace the idea of sharing all, through the love in your heart, on behalf of God."

This was how John had answered his own question.

John then began a meditation session.

"Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof."

The renowned Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran, (1883 to 1931) said this.

Perhaps this is why Jesus Christ always emphasised so strongly the need for great faith.

'Jesus said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."'

This verse comes from the Christian bible, and it is Jesus talking to a woman who he has just healed. It comes from the gospel of Saint Luke, chapter 7, verse 50.

This was an unusual healing, because the woman was not physically ill. Jesus healed her from the effects of her sins.

And it is so true, only our faith can save us, only our faith can prove God's existence for us.

John's meditation

John sat down in his easy chair, and he started meditating about his going to heaven.

John imagined himself going ever upwards and upwards towards the heavens in a sort of lift.

Finally, when he thought that he had reached the level of Heaven, John exited the lift, and got out. He walked along the corridor in the building where he now found himself to be located. He walked along a bit more to the end of this long corridor, and at its end he saw there a door marked with Jesus Christ's name written upon it in medium sized letters, (not too big to be grandiose, but not too small that you would have difficulty reading it).

John knocked on it, and someone said, “Come in.

John opened it, went inside, and to his great surprise the room was completely empty. No-one was in there, and there was no furniture in there either. It was carpeted with a deep blue coloured carpet though.

John walked across this room, and on its other side he now saw another door there with “God” written on that one, with the same sized lettering.

John also knocked on this door, and an audible voice again said to him to come inside.

John went inside the room, and there inside was a middle aged man, sitting at a large wooden desk. He had a neatly trimmed, medium length, white beard, and longish hair, that curled nicely down to just above his shoulders, which John noticed were rather broad.

He looked resplendent in a nice dark blue suit, with a white shirt, and he had a light blue tie on too.

He looked like a typical businessman, as he sat at his lovely solid wooden oak, deep dark brown desk. He handed John an envelope, with John's name written on its front, and he told John only to open it and to read it when he woke up, or came out, of his meditation session.

Immediately then John woke up, and he opened his eyes, and he then opened the letter which was still in his hands. and which read,

“God, Jesus, and all of the saints in heaven, including your dad, and even your dog Abbey, love you and send you love. What is love? It is caring for you deeply helping you to grow into the person who you were created to be. Love helps you to be you, be you for me, love God.”

John placed the envelope down on his own kitchen table, and then he walked to the sink to get himself a glass of water, but when he came back to his table once more again in order to read this letter once more, it was now gone, except for the pinkish red envelope, which he had stuffed into his back pocket, when he had taken out the letter.

Had he just imagined it all then after all. But it was still all so real to him even then. And he still had the envelope with him for his proof.

John wrote it all up in his journal, and this is where I have compiled this story from.

John allows me, his friend and mentor, to read his journal and to offer him my ideas about his interesting dreams, meditations, and even his unusual life experiences of which he records them all in his journal daily.

“Have you any ideas about this for me then?” John had asked me after I had visited with him that last Saturday night, and after I had perused this event in his journal.

“That's a very nice message for you. Yes, caring for anything is loving it, and this great caring of you and your life by God allows the energy in you to spring forth as you, because care is like water, the living water, and this grows you into a greater and greater vessel for his love then as well,”

I said to him, and then we sat for the next half hour in silence, as we both integrated more into ourselves the events of another eventful night of insightful discussion and friendship.

“Relationships prove that God exists.”

This quote is from Nityananda Das, a Bolivian writer. Both John and I would agree heartily with him there. Our friendship has lasted the best part of sixty years now.

Poetry: The spirit of Love proves God's alive, and existing

When I got home I felt inspired to write this poem about the search of God being love.

Subtitle: God is love

God's love carries with it its own spirit of truth.
The proof of God's love's not being held all aloof.
God's love is always felt all about, as living proof,
no need to shout out any doubt, or non-truth as spoof.

Love is never lost, at least not within God's spirit of love.
When no choices are left, return then to love, once again.
The spirit of love carries you way above all of your pain,
all your problems become disinherited from in your brain.

The spirit of love's like a dove flying by so high in the sky.
It flies far above all of your problems, or of mine in its reply.
Carrying this spirit gives yourself some new wings to try,
all things are then all alright within love's spirit there-by.

My proof of God is me.

I have a mind, but what is my mind?

My mind is a part of God's mind, the universal mind, and holographically, it is the same as God's mind.

This is so when we open it (our mind) from our heart, and not from our ego, or from our thoughts of wanting things only for ourselves. We must work from an attitude that allows for sharing all things with others through the love in our heart on behalf of God.

What is God though, does he really exist as such?

God is the principle of love loving. This means that love's nature is to love and God is the spirit of love embodied and love is God and God is love.

It's really all that simple.

Senryu: God & me

I lived as myself?
God woke up inside of me!?
I died to myself!

God became me when I woke up the real me within him.

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

This last quote is from the English writer, and poet, Emily Bronte (1818 to 1848).

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author avatar Carol
3rd Nov 2015 (#)

Beautifully presented, well done.

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author avatar spirited
3rd Nov 2015 (#)

thanks Carol, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Nov 2015 (#)

Wow Spirited, beautiful post, its why I enjoyed reading your posts my dear Spirited!

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author avatar spirited
4th Nov 2015 (#)

thanks Fern, I am glad I have a loyal follower in you.

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author avatar M G Singh
4th Nov 2015 (#)

This is a lovely post

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author avatar spirited
4th Nov 2015 (#)

Thanks Madan

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author avatar brendamarie
4th Nov 2015 (#)

great piece Spirited, very lovely.

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author avatar spirited
4th Nov 2015 (#)

thanks brendamarie

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Nov 2015 (#)

God is everywhere; hence we cannot hide from him and we are just part of him but given a separate bodily existence here. Let us never forget we are part of a whole.

Pure, unadulterated, love is the way to reach God and live an exalted life.

Thanks Spirited for another thought provoking post - siva

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author avatar spirited
5th Nov 2015 (#)

thanks siva,

you added some good points there. We cannot see God if we do not look through the eyes of love in our heart.

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author avatar Carol Roach
6th Nov 2015 (#)

wonderful my friend

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author avatar spirited
7th Nov 2015 (#)

thanks for your continued support Carol.

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author avatar Kingwell
16th Nov 2015 (#)

Good post as always. I feel that all things are in some way connected - in other words we are one with all that is. It seems too that we will never get all the answers here. Perhaps it would be more than we could comprehend at this stage in our spiritual evolution.Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
16th Nov 2015 (#)

Thanks Kingwell, for spending time here reading my posts.

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