Short stories: John's prostate problem provides him with a different lens into himself

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This short story is about John, and his family.

They were from the older generation, and they did not like to visit their doctor regularly, especially the men that is.

Three male members of his family died because of this, including John himself.

This story is one about family karma playing out individually in a family linked together via that same karma.

By way of an introduction to this story

This story is about a character called John, who dies by the end of the story. His brother also died, and so did his father, all within the same year.

Was this their family karma?

Are we all meant to die when we die, was John in this story meant to die when he did, or could he really have lived longer?

Each life goes on in a progressive fashion establishing itself further and further into the patterning of love in a uniquely individualistic way, which creates a tapestry of that particular life, which only God can see when it is complete.

When it is complete, God simply switches the love focus from the body, back to the soul. The soul then withdrawers so to speak, and so the body dies as it is no longer being energised by that life-giving, life-sustaining love anymore.

This is as the bible says, when it talks about dust returning to dust.

"By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made. For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return."

This verse comes from the Old Testament book of Genesis, from chapter 3, verse 19.

What is family karma?

Family karma is a linking together of various individual karmas to form a family of karma, which can be played out together, and in this way, this playing out is more stronger for each individual participant in the family involved with the karma, and so they learn their lessons together, more readily.

They are helping each other to learn from seeing what is happening to each other, as what happens in this short story.

John's health problems were just beginning

John had hit sixty now, just a few short years ago.

He was having trouble with his urine flow, and a test had revealed that he had an enlarged prostate. It was apparently five times the normal size.

John's father had had this problem too, and so had his brother, Jack. John's father had had to live with a permanent catheter inserted into him for the last ten years of his life. He still had it in him when he died.

You wouldn't wish this on anyone. John's father had suffered greatly as a result of this. Every month or so, he would develop an infection, or a blockage, or some other type of complication.

He was in and out of hospital continually. The antibiotics all took their toll eventually. His kidneys were destroyed. He died of renal failure.

Jack, John's elder brother, had not taken this problem seriously. He was getting up five or six times during the night to go to the toilet, but he had ignored going to the doctor about it.

He then went on a holiday to Africa, of all places.

He was out in the deepest darkest parts of Africa on a safari, when his urine flow stopped altogether. He never had health insurance. He put up with this increasing pain for days. His trip was to end soon. He just made it to the airport to return home to Australia. He felt as if he was bursting. His bladder then did burst. Jack died a very painful death indeed.

John didn't want to go down this path.

John had been given a tablet to take each day, which would hopefully shrink his prostate gland somehow for him, and so this would temporarily (at least while the tablet still worked) fix his problem for him.

Sure enough, John's urine flow did improve. He was happy with the result, but the side effects?

Funnily enough, he was sort of happy about those in a way too.

At least now, something had changed in his life for him. John seemed to be seeing life now through a different lens.

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."

This quote is from the Irish writer, Jonathan Swift (1667 to 1745).

John was seeing differently, but he had lost his vision, it seems.

Dreams, and their meanings. They mean something if we remember them, or not

John was the type of person who could usually remember most, if not all of his nightly dreams. He dreamed constantly during the night. Each night, he could recall several dreams, which he would then record faithfully in his journal each morning.

There seemed to be a pay-off for this ability though, as after every long dream, John would always wake up with a splitting headache. There is a similar cost for most things in our lives. Nothing much ever comes to us for nothing.

This (getting a headache) would happen for him three or four times a week. He had suffered from these debilitating migraine headaches for as long as he could remember.

John could remember having them as young as when he was only four years of age. It had all started for him as a result of a near-death experience he had gone through, when he was only around three years of age.

John had had an asthma attack.

He had died as a result of this.

John remembered being pushed up into a tunnel by a giant wind-turbine type of thing.

It was a dark tunnel, but at the end of it was a tremendously bright light. At the end of the tunnel, John had met a man, who also shone with a bright light all around him, and coming from within inside of him too, it seemed.

He talked at length to John about life, and about John's coming life. He told John that he would always be a dreamer. He should take notice of his dreams, and he should particularly notice if these dreams ever ceased. This was to be some type of a warning for him.

Then he had turned little John around and pushed him back through the tunnel. John woke up with a full memory of all of this, which stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Back now to the main story-line.

The tablet that John was now taking to fix his prostate problems though had some funny side-affects for John.

One benefit was that his headaches virtually ceased. The problem was though that his dream recall ceased now as well. He knew that he was still dreaming, but when he woke up, even in the middle of a dream, the memory of it disappeared instantly.

This greatly annoyed John to have lost this ability.

There was one other side effect though that John sort of almost liked though. In his waking life, he was now spaced out, or dreamy, a lot of the time.

John felt as if he was floating along, not really being physically present.

John could not even read anymore either. He could see the words on the page, (they were still in focus for him) but his recognition of them as words had virtually all gone now too. John felt spaced out like this most of the time now.

John had to read over the words, over and over again, many times to try to join them, and to hold them together, in his mind now. Otherwise, the words were all lost on him, to him, right-away.

This was all very weird indeed.

"Was it only by dreaming or writing that I could find out what I thought?"

Joan Didion, an American writer said this.

Now, both dreaming, and reading and writing, were not working for John either.

John had always loved his writing. Instead of his doing the writing though, something in him always wrote his writing for him.

John had lost contact with this invisible source of himself now too.

Ignoring health warnings comes at a great cost to John, and to anyone else too!

John was also a bit stubborn like his brother had been.

He assumed that his side effects were as a result of him taking this tablet.

The truth was that it was not. John had a brain tumour. He did not know this. He was unaware of it altogether. When John's memory and brain function had deteriorated even more, his wife forced him to have it all checked out with a brain scan.

It was now way too late for John too. The cancer was as big as a cricket ball, and growing very rapidly. He only lasted a few short weeks more, after that. He died and he joined his brother, and his father, in the same cemetery.

Don't ignore your health warnings.

Senryu: About being stubborn

Stubbornness persists,
lingering pig-headedly.

"Facts are stubborn things."

This is a quote for the former American president, Ronald Reagan (1911 to 2004).

When we are stubborn against the believing and accepting of such facts, our stubbornness can do us in. Unfortunately, it did so for both John and his brother, Jack.

Facts, or the truth, are always right.

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author avatar Carol Roach
6th Aug 2015 (#)

That is terrible, I am heeding the health warnings for me now too. I just hope it is not too late

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author avatar spirited
6th Aug 2015 (#)

yes, thanks Carol, nobody but nobody can fight against the truth, and still win.

We must all heed these early warnings.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Aug 2015 (#)

I have prostate issues and take tablet to improve urine flow. I am advised regular checkups but I too am a bit stubborn; do them once a year! I am a bit fatalistic.

Thanks Spirited for telling a story close to home! siva

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author avatar spirited
7th Aug 2015 (#)

thanks for commenting siva, I also take a daily tablet for that problem too, but I am being monitored by a specialist for any changes.

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author avatar brendamarie
12th Aug 2015 (#)

Great article Spirited! Please Carol, Siva and Spirit take good care of yourselves.

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author avatar spirited
12th Aug 2015 (#)

thanks brendamarie.

Yes, we should not tough it out sometimes, but yield to the way that opens up to us.

Every such door provides us with a new opportunity in some way, that is if we go through it, and not stubbornly slam it closed again.

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author avatar Kingwell
16th Aug 2015 (#)

We all need to have regular checkups. Interesting story. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
17th Aug 2015 (#)

Yes, what you don't know can hurt you in regards to your health.

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