Short stories: John visits his father's grave, and receives a message, or two

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This short story continues the previous stories about the death of John's father.

John's father has died just a few short months earlier, and in this story John visits the graveside of his father, where he has a most intimate type of experience, while he's remembering and paying his respects to his father.

John receives a message from his father.

These messages are real as the spirit lives on, and it talks to those who can hear, when it’s necessary for them to receive such a message as this.

John's father had died just a few months earlier, sadly at Christmas-time

John's old father had died just a few months earlier, and John and his wife decided to visit the grave-site of his Dad, one sunny afternoon week-end in early May.

It was approaching winter, in his part of the World, and the previous few week-ends had been rather cold, and more than just a little bit wet.

John's father had been buried in a large new cemetery in a large city some distance away from where he had lived with his wife, Margaret.

This cemetery had been chosen, because John's only brother Charles, a bachelor, who had died quiet young, at only 55 years of age, a good thirty years earlier, had been buried in the old cemetery here, but which was now full, and so it was now closed off for from receiving any more new grave-sites.

John's mother had told John this, and she had even given John a map of the new cemetery, with an "X" on it, marking the exact spot where his father was buried.

John's older brother, Jack, had carefully marked the spot on the map. He had done this because this place was huge. You would never find a grave-site without knowing where it was. Especially if it was on a Sunday like this was, when the office was closed.

There were roads, and lane-ways, going in all directions all over the place. It had all been mapped out already, like a new housing estate is. The "streets" had all been made already. The cemetery itself though was still quiet empty. Up until now only a few sections had started to be used for burials.

John and his wife, who lived a considerable distance from his mother and father's house, had not attended the burial, at that time. They had only attended the church service in the afternoon.

The burial had taken place earlier on the same morning as the service. It had been attended only by John's mother, the funeral parlour officials, and John's older brother Jack, who lived within five minutes drive of his mother house.

John's mother had wanted it like this. She did not want the coffin in the church. She did not want her young grandchildren seeing the coffin like this, and it also made it easier for her as well. Her boys would not have to carry the coffin from the church as the pallbearers.

She had changed the arrangements like this because her other son, Alan had been in hospital with a hernia, and he could not lift anything heavy, at least for now anyway.

Alan was being given special permission in fact to leave the hospital, only strictly for the two hour period of the service. His operation had taken place just the day before, and he was supposed to be still recuperating and under observation for another day or so in the hospital.

Sometimes the timing of events happens like this. Things line up to happen in the worst possible of ways. This was particularly stressful also, because it was also Christmas time. John's Dad had died the day before Christmas day.

The funeral had been, and gone

The funeral of John's dad was held at the old church that his parents had attended for just over sixty years. They were lucky that the minister was available at very short notice to perform the ceremony, during this holiday season time.

The family had had a hard time trying to arrange everything else too during that busy Christmas period, and unfortunately, at the very same time, John's brother's hernia had torn apart even more, and he had been admitted to the emergency area of the hospital because of this, just a day or two before his father had died.

It turned out that he had a very serious blood infection too. If he had not fronted at the hospital, he would have died within a day or two, the doctor had told him.

John's father had been placed in palliative care for a week or so before he died. And so his death was not so totally unexpected, when it happened.

With John's only sister away overseas at the time though, and due back in early January, it was hoped that their father would hang on until then. It wasn't to be so though. When it is your time to die, you die. or so it seemed to us all.

John's brother then was supposed to give a speech at his Dad's funeral, but his hospitalisation made it that he could not even stand up to do this. He was wheeled to the funeral in a wheelchair, and one of the elders of the church read his speech for him instead.

John's brother looked very sick, and weak, as he sat there in obvious pain, during the service.

John also had given a speech there himself too.

Well, that's the background to explain why John did not know where his father's grave-site actually was, except for one other little detail.

John's mother had paid for a memorial brass plate to be commissioned, and to be placed on the concrete strip in the lawn cemetery, where the burial had taken place.

She had paid for this, way back in January of that year. They told her that it would take a number of weeks to produce. Five weeks later, she had rang up to check on the progress of it, and she was then told, that it had not even been started on, at all!

They told her they were still waiting for her payment. They would not start it, until this payment had been made.

John's mother had paid it soon after she had had it commissioned. Her son had paid for it by depositing it directly into the Cemetery owners' bank account on-line.

His mother, being elderly, did not have a credit-card, and as she never drove any more, she could not pay it by cash either, on site, at their office, in the grounds of the cemetery.

The problem was of course that she perhaps should have at least telephoned their office on the day of the payment, and advised them that it had been made.

With their office staff being so "busy", if they weren't directly notified of a payment, they didn't check the payments coming in, or so it seemed.

This was the case apparently, even though the payment was clearly marked as to what it was, with a reference note stating the same. Obviously, they never reconciled their bank accounts at the end of a week, or even at the end of the month either. They claimed that they had had no idea, no record, that the payment had ever been made.

This delayed the production of the plaque for another six weeks or so. It was now finally in place however, and this is why John and his wife were now going up there to see it.

John's time with his father, at his grave-side, was so very touching

John and his wife drove up the road heading towards the cemetery, and they passed the old cemetery, where John's father's brother was buried. It was already so full they had even buried people under the walk-ways!

They entered the gates of the new cemetery. They drove around, looking for the, "Manna" lawn, which was meant to be name of the location for his dad's plot.

John spotted a nearby lake, and garden area, which he knew was close to where it was. His brother had mentioned this to him, he recalled to himself now, as he saw it.

John stopped his car on one of the tracks surrounding a large grassy area. He located the name of the walkway, where the "cross" had been placed on the map to mark the location of the grave.

John left his wife sitting in the parked car.

John walked up and down the lengths of the cement footings on which all of the brass plates had been fastened to. He walked up and down three or four rows of these. He could not find the place at all, where his father was.

He was starting to get annoyed with his brother now. Perhaps he had marked the "X" in the wrong spot on the map, John thought now to himself.

John looked upwards then in desperation at the sky. The sun was shining brightly.

Then he heard a voice.

It said, "Go to the other end of these greens, and look there seven plots down from the top of the second row, next to the large oak tree, planted there near the road."

John walked to that spot, and at last he found the plot of his father.

He read the inscription on the plaque. He was sure now, that this was the right one.

Yes, that was his father's name, all-right.

This made it all so final for him to in his mind. Up until then, he had sort of thought that his father was not really dead at all. It had not been made real to him yet. Now it was. The writing on a tombstone nearly always does that for you.

The "X" had been placed on the wrong side of the section, that was the "Manna" lawn cemetery. The grave was down the other end to where his brother had marked it on the map.

John walked over to his car, and with his wife, they walked now back to the burial plot, to pay their respects to John's father.

After ten minutes of quiet reflection, John's wife Mandy remembered that she had meant to light some candles that they had brought along with them. She walked back to the car to get them, leaving John alone for a short time with his father's tomb.

John is a thinking type of a person, who thinks some rather strange thoughts sometimes.

John was looking down onto the cold sod, or more he was trying to look right into it, and to see right through it.

The grass had not yet grown over the soil where his father had been buried. John wondered what end his father's head would be. The end of the plaque, or the other way around.

"Now that's a rather weird thought to suddenly have," he thought to himself.

John bent over, and he looked more deeply into the ground. It was like, for just a minute, that he could see his father's face looking back up at him. Yes, his head was definitely at the same end as where the plaque was located.

John had entered a sort of light trance now, a reverie. Suddenly, he heard his father's voice talking to him then, loudly, and all so very clearly.

John's father said,

"You know John, that that's only my body down there. My spirit's up in Heaven, with Jesus."

John started to softly cry to himself.

"I know it is Dad," he said.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."

This quote is from the ancient Roman philosopher and statesman, Marcus Tullius Cicero, (106 BC to 43 BC). Even though this thought this was said a long time ago, it is still very true still today too.

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author avatar Carol Roach
20th May 2015 (#)

I love your story about John

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author avatar spirited
20th May 2015 (#)

thanks Carol

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author avatar Retired
20th May 2015 (#)

Awesome story. It captivated me right from the beginning till the end.

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author avatar spirited
20th May 2015 (#)

thanks Joyesh. I am glad you liked it.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
21st May 2015 (#)

Thanks ~ Spirited ~ for sharing this very interesting article about John finding closure with his Dad's death.

May God bless you abundantly in all that you say and do ~ as you continue to TRUST HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART.

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author avatar spirited
21st May 2015 (#)

Thanks Helen, Trusting God with all of our heart is certainly the way to go.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st May 2015 (#)

Touching share Spirited; life and death will always remain a mystery at least as long as we are here. Through dreams, the dead have communicated with me but then again we should prove worthy to receive them - siva

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author avatar spirited
21st May 2015 (#)

Thanks siva,

I feel it will always remain hidden to scientific reproducible enquiry, but a door will always remain open for the individual sincere enquirer after truth.

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd May 2015 (#)

Good share Spirited. Thank you. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
23rd May 2015 (#)

thanks Kingwell

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