Short stories: Karma, love, life's lessons, and Dave Smythe

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Some of us, with the very best of intentions, get caught up into a spiritual cult.

Our first aim in joining such an organisation was probably like Dave's one here was.

Dave was tired of the old religions.

Dave was trapped in his cult's web for a very long time. It was love that eventually got him out of this. Love for his wife.

Dave had found a new faith!

Dave's early years at his family home

Dave Smythe had been raised up within a Christian family.

On the surface of it, they appeared to be a very normal family. They went to church every Sunday. The mother was an elder in the church. The father played the organ there, and was also the choir master.

The thing was though, at home, Dave could not see that there their religious fervour was doing them any good at all.

The religious teachings never seemed to work for his father, for one thing.

Although he was devoutly religious, read his bible often, and could quote both chapter and verse of many of the writings in that great book, he knew nothing about love. At least Dave felt none of it coming to him from his father.

Dave's father was a brutal, and angry father, who had whipped Dave into line many times during his adolescent years.

Every Friday, he would give each of the three boys six welts with his sturdy cane.

This was for crimes that they had probably gotten away with during the week, and which he had not been aware of. He would punish them both for seen and unseen demeanours. He did not want them going to Hell, because of an unpunished crime!

As a result of this upbringing, Dave looked for love elsewhere. He thought that he had at last found it when he joined a local cult.

"You can look at anything as a cult. Churches are cults in their own way."

The American actor, and director, Philip Seymour Hoffman, (1967 to 2014) said this.

This actor developed a problem with drugs early on in his life. Perhaps to him his drugs were a sort of a cult too. He didn't seem to be able to move himself fully away from them, relapsing into them, the year before his death year, and after many years, reportedly, being free of their influence.

Dave's brainwashing through his misplaced trust in his cult

Dave Smythe was a member of a religious cult organisation for over 25 years.

He was in deeper than knee deep, immersed into their waters way over his head, trapped fast, it appears, by their teachings. Once in their murky waters, he didn't, or more he couldn't, seem to find the confidence to go back again to dry land.

This was probably because Dave now had trouble thinking for himself, anymore.

This cult claimed that their spiritual master took on board your karmic debt when you joined their organisation, and then he re-allocated some of it to you, but only if you were ignoring receiving the learning sent to you in his monthly lessons for you.

You were sent a discourse every month containing his spiritual teachings, but not to be shared by you to anyone else.

If you shared any of his secret teachings, your karmic load would increase then, substantially so.

Otherwise, your karmic debt was put all on hold, and if you learnt what you had to learn, it could mostly then be by-passed altogether, or it could be dealt with in your inner worlds, including your dream-worlds, and so this would cut down on the wear and tear of your having to go through all of it on the outer physical planes, so to speak.

At least that's what they had told Dave.

This might all sound pretty good to some people, as it did to Dave Smythe too.

"To love someone means to see him as God intended him."

That great Russian writer, and philosopher, Fyodor Dostoevsky, (1821 to 1881) reportedly said this.

I wonder if this so-called great master ever saw Dave in this way?

The Hominglar cult group, was a homely little group, based in La La land

And so our hero Dave stayed in this cult group for over twenty five years. He felt at home there.

The problem was though, that if you left this mightily elitist, special little group of believers, all of your karma, which was being held in abeyance by the master, and even more than that, anymore that he could pass your way, or throw at you, would be given to you too then, and sometimes all at once!

You would be back on the karma gravy train, covered all good and proper, in its gravy. Beforehand, you were travelling on the master's special coach, but with him as the driver!

Your life would become a total nightmare for you then, and that was the threat.

By all means leave, but be warned, this will be what will certainly happen to you then, its master, know as the Godman, wrote in his writings to this elite, even privileged, little spiritual group of his followers.

When Dave did eventually leave the group, and this was because his wife had been pleading with him for many years to get out of it, and to join her mainline church instead, Dave's wife and himself seemingly then started going through a very rough health patch indeed.

Dave left this group because of his great love for his wife. Christianity was working for her. She was a very loving person, and Dave felt that he would like to worship with her in her church with her.

They both started getting sore hips, painful joints, inflammation, sore muscles, muscle spasms and cramps, and dry eyes, painfully sore, that now twitched constantly too. Dave's wife suffered with very painful back, shoulder, and neck pain. She was diagnosed with diabetes, and with high blood pressure problems, as well.

Dave was having his own health problems too.

He had an enlarged prostate. They found that he also had a hernia. He had bad indigestion problems, and an irritable bowel, and it was also discovered that he had heart problems, (atherosclerosis) not to mention, that their house had developed huge dangerous looking cracks in its walls, and in its ceiling too, why even their little dog Abbey had died too.

All of these things happened very soon after Dave had left this group.

"Regardless of what we do, our karma has no hold on us."

Bodhidharma, an ancient times, Buddhist monk, apparently said this way back centuries before even Christ was born.

Why then should we be afraid of our karma?

Our seeds of karma are not as hard as these seeds to crack, as depicted in the above picture.

We can grow old in our heads reading only one opinion, as did Dave's father. He read the bible sure, but then he only had his own interpretation of it. He should have checked what other people thought about these things too.

Black magic, karmic threats, thrusting daggers

Is there any truth in black magic then? Had Dave's leaving this cultish group started this run of bad "luck", or not, for him, and for his wife?

"Hominglar" had threatened that when you leave them, your karma will all land on you then at once, because the master is not taking some of it nor allocating it to you bit by bit, anymore.

Was this really happening to Dave, and his wife now for real, or not?

The truth is that karma does not really ever exist as a part of love. It is of your own making. It comes into being whenever you are not loving, but it is not something that comes back to you to punish you, nor does it keep building up as such either.

No, karma is just a depositary box for your experiences.

This container contains all of your past experiences where you have not gotten properly a lesson of loves that it has sent to you. This box and its contents provides you with then a sort of linkage into love so that next time love brings you a similar experience these missed lessons from before will be included somehow in a lesson being presented to you then again.

This happens to give you yet another chance both to learn the old missed lessons and also to give you another chance to take a step past them by integrating the new learning into future growth, because all learning carries loves truths in them when you do not push them away and this is part of the love living in you being itself.

The old missed lessons are incorporated into the new learning, because every new experience contains some new learnings or possible new understandings linked to the old as each learning builds onto the last when you allow it to do so for yourself.

"Karma is not just about the troubles, but also about surmounting them."

The Australian singer and songwriter, Rick Springfield, said this.

To me this means then, that we are meant to learn how to overcome what we call troubles now, but which under love's tutelage, could become learning experiences.

After word: Dave is saved by Jesus Christ from a certain death

After Dave and his wife had gone through this terrible time in their lives, they were again on their way to their local church, one Sunday morning.

Dave was driving their car, and he was waiting for the green right turn arrow to show on the traffic lights.

It came after a short wait, and Dave then proceeded with his right turn.

As I just said, Dave was on his way to the local church, with his wife.

This point is important to remember here I feel. Dave had already made his commitment to this church. It was his love for his wife, that had helped him to leave the clutches of his cult.

(All love of course comes from God. God's love was behind all of this too, as we will soon see here.)

Just then, another car went right through the red light, and going at a very fast pace.

It was coming directly for Dave's car. Dave's wife later told him that this guy had had his head down, and he was texting something into his mobile phone.

Somehow the scene then slowed right down though. The other driver's car seemed to slow, as did Dave's too. Then somehow, miraculously even, the two cars moved past each other, without hitting each other.

Dave had felt this pulling of himself towards the accident, and it seemed unavoidable to avoid, as he seemed to be numbed into a trance of some sort, and he felt that he could do nothing of himself to avoid the coming collision, or so it had seemed to him, at the time. Dave felt spaced out, and as if he was in a time warp, for a moment.

Whilst in that weird stopping of time though, Dave had seen a face. It was a bearded man. He knew that this was Jesus Christ. He had been saved from a certain death, by Jesus. Dave and his wife continued on to the church, and both knelt in the pews, and thanked God for letting them live.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me."

This was said by Jesus Christ, as recorded in Saint John's gospel, chapter 14, verse 1.

Dave's wife's heart had never been troubled. Dave had always loved this about her. Sure her might was often mightily troubled, but her heart, her faith, was never pulled apart by any of her mind's troubles.

From here on in, Dave was going to live like this too, with the help of Jesus Christ to do so!!

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author avatar Mariah
28th Jan 2016 (#)

A childhood starved of love and affection created Dave's emotional vulnerability, his need for a real sense of belonging drove him into a much deeper and dangerous level of that vulnerability in adulthood when he became a victim of this cult preying on those who were weakened by their life circumstances,
yes, it was the true love of his wife and God that saved him in the end.
Pretty amazing story spirited
thank you for an enjoyable read.

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author avatar spirited
28th Jan 2016 (#)

Thanks Mariah.

We are all looking for such a love, to be loved, and to love.

In the end though, if our search is a real one, we will find like Dave here, that love was working for us all along, and in the end it will always save you, as it did here Dave, and his wife.

Dave's father used to tell Dave, that when he was in the car with them, they could not have an accident, (because he was in there with them) but this was a form of control, or power exhibition, not love.

This accident (which certainly would have happened here) was avoided by real love, but there was power involved too, the genuine power of a miraculous intervention, by Jesus Christ.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Jan 2016 (#)

Higher intervention in real life that is quite out of this world. Such experiences make us believe we are protected and for a reason.

Thanks Spirited for this moving story where love triumphs in the end - siva

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Jan 2016 (#)

I don't like any cults as they control our free will.

Higher intervention in real life that is quite out of this world. Such experiences make us believe we are protected and for a reason.

Thanks Spirited for this moving story where love triumphs in the end - siva

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
28th Jan 2016 (#)

Yes, thanks for commenting here siva.

No matter how bad things get, I think the world is set up in such a way that love will always triumph in the end, if we are willing to choose its way for us, and allow it to work for us, and us not against it, that is.

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author avatar brendamarie
28th Jan 2016 (#)

it has been said, that true love helps cleanse the soul. great story.

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author avatar spirited
28th Jan 2016 (#)

thanks brendamarie.

True love cleans all aspects of our lives, including our soul, because true love has no uncleanliness/ulterior motives within it, I guess.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Feb 2016 (#)

Wonderful post my dear Spirited!

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author avatar spirited
2nd Feb 2016 (#)

thanks Fern!

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