Short stories: Resentment creates discontentment

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Forgiveness of others is one cure for resentment. Acceptance of everything that life puts you through is another.

This story shows us however that when we love life from being who we were meant to be in that life, all resentment will fall away from us then.

A true lover cannot resent anything.

Resenting the push of society

The currently held view of society is that we all need to work.

This comes from a feeling held by society, that if we don't work we are lazy. This is an aspect of life, but life is far more, than just working. This is the dilemma we all have to face. We feel unfulfilled with working, but at the same time unfulfilled, with not working.

We are stuck in a trap. A trap of resentment.

What is the answer?

The answer is to be you, the real you, otherwise resentment will begin to grow, continue to grow, and forever build itself up in you.

Here is a short story about a Zen master, and the way he handled his resentment, before he had attained his Master-hood.

This man Fubbi Quanx, was a very well-known master, back in ancient China, around the time of the sixteenth century.

He was a small man, who always dressed well, and was well spoken, with an air of intelligence, or maybe it was really something else about him, that seemed to attract others towards him.

When Fubbi was a young man, he too thought that he must work for a living.

He worked for many tiresome years, until the time came, when he was beginning to find, that work was preventing him, from being himself. He had lost himself to his work.

What did he, then do?

He went to the mountains, not to try and discover, and so to be his real self, but more to reflect on him being not his real self, up until now.

He found, as we all will find, that life is about finding yourself, being your real self, and you can do this in many varied different ways.

You can lose yourself in your work, or find yourself in not working.

But his own questioning always came back again to the one overriding question.

Why was he even bothering to do this? Why bother with life at all?

He reflected on these questions, and he thought that the answer might be this.

Unless you are living as your true self, you are not living truly, and so then you will be living less than authentically being you, and so you will start to resent life, as he was doing now.

The best solution to resenting life, is of course to try to love life.

But how, how can we remove this built-up resentment from ourselves?

The way out of resentment

Fubbi found the way.

He realised that resentment is never really directed at your true self, but it comes from your alter ego, your false self, resenting you wanting to move on past it, to your true self.

Love comes from who you are, and not from what you are.

And so Fubbi decided now to love being more his real, and his true self through living his life from himself, rather than his trying to control how this life presented itself to him from within life.

He would live from his real self-down, rather than from the life in his body up.

He was no longer attached to this thing called life any more after that.

This was the vital difference, and Fubbi then went on to become enlightened, and God realised.

The strange thing was though that when Fubbi came down from the mountain, he found that although he had rid himself of his own resentment, other people seemed to initially resent him all the more then.

Fubbi came down from the mountain, and he was now enlightened.

People soon started to gather around him. Some now loved him, while others were jealous, and so resented him even more for his achievements.

How did Fubbi handle this resentment of others?

Cured of resentment

Fubbi had cured himself from resentment, but he then found that nobody can cure anybody else of their own resentment, and if they do try to, resentment will only ever increase in that person, then also too.

So Fubbi started to talk in short parables about different life experiences, that he had either come across, or gone through himself.

If the people resonated with his story in their heart of hearts, he found that this allowed them also to move past their own ego to the truth in the story. And so some people were enlightened from hearing the truth that was embedded in his tales eventually then as well.

Others just resented him all the more though.

These people could never understand why they themselves were not growing, and why they were resenting more, and more Fubbi's teachings, while others grew, and grew going right past them in their growth.

These were usually the so-called learned scholars, and it is true that such a learned man often is very resentful of a lesser man's accomplishments, seemingly being attained without any of the hard learning, that he had put himself through.

This is the nature of life.

Life resents itself, when it grows past itself, or this is more the person that is living that life. He is living from an attachment to life, not letting life flow through him without becoming attached to him, or him to it.

This is why time was created, because time heals resentment if enough love can be grown around it.

Fubbi continued to speak to those who wanted to listen to him, as well as anyone else who was around when he spoke to all and sundry in the village square, and some people still continued to resent him until one day, he spoke about resentment.

This is what he said to his audience of perhaps thousands:

Resentment is the colour of you, when you allow yourself, to be less than true.

Resent not resentment, but love past it now. You might still find yourself waiting, but resenting never again then the wait.

Stop hesitating being you, by resenting not being who you want to be, but feel you are not.

Time causes further resentment the longer you wait to be the real you, so heal the waiting by loving past the ego, the resenting you.

Then love past the un-timed pain of resenting this time not revealing its secrets to you, within itself.

Time can never reveal yourself to yourself. It takes more than time, but a shift in attitude, to go past resenting time, and resenting life, and to stop resenting other's love of life, and their positions in life.

Go past resenting yourself, to loving yourself.

To love yourself in life is the first step to living then the love in you trying to be you.

When you live as you the love in you, you then begin to love all life, but the first step is to love yourself enough to be able to find your true real self.

If you can't love, because you are resenting life, and yourself, you must get past this first.

You must see that the only way to live without resentment is to start loving yourself, and then everything else then moves you forwards past this first step, as it also takes you away from resentment.

After this short talk, Fubbi found surprisingly then that he was now greatly loved by all, as they now all realised that their resentment was not of, or in Fubbi, or his teachings, anymore.

They finally now then realised that their resentment had always only ever just resided in themselves, when they stopped loving truth, and others living from this truth, or even when they just resented anything really. Resentment meant a lack of acceptance of what was.

When his truth touched the love in them, God's love came forth out from their own hearts moving right past all of their resentment, and healing it on its way out from their hearts.

God's love finally reached them, and this allowed them to also be their own real person, the same person that their living loving heart was beating for, and they knew that this was indeed the real them then too.


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author avatar WOGIAM
18th Jun 2014 (#)

A long but interesting article, it is so easy to fall into the vicious circle of resentment, like you stated, only God's touch and an effort to deal with this issue helps one conquer it.

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author avatar spirited
18th Jun 2014 (#)

thanks Wogiam,

it was pretty long, but being a short story I thought it might be ok. Maybe I should have broken it down into more sections....

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