Short stories: The difference between the monk and the warrior

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This short story retells the old story of a Samurai warrior's meeting with a Buddhist monk.

The Samurai meets another type of power here, and is defeated by it, so that at last he then is able to return to being able to feel the love that he had once felt once so long ago, as a young child, at his father's own feet.

The monk and the warrior meet together on the side of a road

There is an old fairly well known story of a great samurai warrior who came across an old monk who was sitting humbly on the side of the road meditating on his own peacefully.

The great warrior approached the old man, and he then asked the monk, very angrily and haughtily loudly,

"What do you know old monk? What are this heaven and hell anyway?"

"Show me right now, the difference between the two."

he continued.

Then even more aggressively he said this, trying hard to frighten and to intimate the old man more than just a bit.

"Ha," he said, "I have the power to kill you right now, and to send you immediately right now to one place, or the other."

The monk bowed his head ever so humbly, and then he said something so very quietly that the samurai warrior had to strain his hearing to even hear what had just been said to him.

''And that would become instantly your own hell.''

Then the mighty samurai warrior put his heavy bronzed broadsword back in its leather scabbard for a moment to reflect on the hidden meaning of these peacefully kind, and lovingly sounding words.

It was more the way that the words had been said that had really grabbed his whole attention.

There was absolutely no fear in the monk, or any anxious fearful thoughts of his impending death, as he spoke them now from the truth, that was deep within his own heart.

These words had come from a place that the warrior himself had never known, except perhaps for the days so long ago now, and which he had spent when he had been still a small child sitting on his own father's lap, being held so tenderly and closely to him.

His own father too, had been a great samurai warrior as well.

The old monk's words were reaching deep into him, and even now they were holding his cold hardened heart in the same warm softened loving kind way as his own father had once done so.

The once strong and tough hardened warrior turned his back now on the monk for a few brief minutes, even as his own eyes now watered in the memory of his beloved old father, who had died, whilst still relatively young, at the hands of another equally exteriorly toughened warrior.

He realised how much now that his own father had loved him.

Strangely enough he was feeling also deeply ashamed now to admit to himself that he was feeling that very same love coming directly to him from this ugly little wizened up unknown old monk, who was still sitting so unassumingly quietly, and serenely, in his same position, unmoved, on the side of the road.

His meditative reverie was then broken by the old monk now saying something else to him.

And so as a result of all of this that was going on for him in both his heart and his mind, this great warrior almost now never heard the soft and silently spoken words, now being spoken to him again by the monk, who had now said something else, but something in him did feel them all still all reaching into him, going past what he was feeling.

He turned around once more to face the elderly old monk.

The monk simply had said these words to the warrior, which he now repeated, just a little bit louder to him.

''Welcome back again to heaven, my friend.''

Now that the samurai again faced the monk, the monk continued with his message of truth.

''Heaven and hell are simply the amount of love that we are currently living from. The fuller the love, the more that we will feel our own part of heaven. The lesser the love, the more we will blame our outer conditions that are now being reflected back to us, and which seems to us now, like that it is our own living hell.''

''We reach up towards heaven as much as we love. No matter if we don't yet consciously understand what we are doing, if we just love as best we can, we will continue to grow from where we are. We can only grow from who we are, and from where we are right now. It is only love that can ever grow us forwards.''

''When we refuse to follow our own part of love, we are pushing ourselves away from God's love towards our own fears, and which sorrowfully and painfully will then become like a living hell for us then.''

''Love, and you will see only heaven. Stop loving, and you will feel the cold fears of your own isolation in being separated away from God's infinite love. This is the only Hell. It is that simple, my young friend,''

he had then said, and after saying this, he simply went back to his own meditating on the side of this dusty and busy road in his own place, and where he existed always within his own heaven.

Heaven and hell meet each other only within hell, because hell always remains a part of heaven too.

There is only heaven, but hell is experienced when you forget heaven's address for a minute or two only ever because you have stopped loving, and also for only a minute or two, or sometimes like this warrior, for a whole lot longer time, longer.

The difference between heaven and hell is all about the attitude that you carry in viewing your life's experiences from either love, or fear. It's all just a matter of perspective.

Heaven always exists at all times for everyone who doesn't create their own hell within it.

The monk and the warrior. Are they really fairly similar in their thinking?

The true old style of warrior was said to be one of integrity. He was truthful, honest, loyal, devoted, sincere in his convictions, and compassionate in his feelings. In other words, he or she always wanted to do the right thing, as often as they could do so.

There is a subtle difference however between the two.

The warrior exists to fight from an emptiness of love. The spiritual person exists to be peaceful from a fullness of love.

The warrior operates outside of love from a feeling of his wanting to defend something other than love, whereas a true spiritual person always knows that there is never anything ever, ever to defend.

Sure, both the true warrior and the spiritual person will show respect to others, but the warrior shows it from his position of a warrior, which he is usually proud of being, whereas the spiritual person shows respect from the emptiness of himself not having any attachment to himself, nor to anyone else for that matter, as a person.

"Love without power creates a powder puff, or a weakling", "Power without love creates an aggressive brute, or a destructive dictator."

Love accompanied with power creates more love and truth and increases the love through the power and increases the power through the love. This is essentially about balancing power with love, not letting power overpower the love, or love to have no force of power or direction it its loving.

A final word, or two

"If you're going through hell, keep going."

Apparently this was the advice once given to someone by that great British political figure, Winston Churchill, (1874 to 1965).

While we can readily understand the sentiment of what he is saying here, in the context of my article, if you are in hell, or going through it, get out of it right now, by waking up again within the heaven that always exists even right now within your own heart of only love.

Sometimes it takes a wise person like this old monk was to point out to us why we are presently going through hell, or why we are stuck fast within it right now.

If we add the letter ''S'' back to the word hell, we have then created the new word, shell.

It is our shell that can become for us our hell.

It is merely the shell of our own cloaked unconscious ignorance that we hold around our own selves, and so as a result of this, we are then imprisoning our own selves within our own hells.


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author avatar HacBao
5th Sep 2014 (#)

An interesting story about monks and samuraiAn interesting story about monks and samurai

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author avatar spirited
5th Sep 2014 (#)

thanks HacBao

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author avatar micheal
5th Sep 2014 (#)

and interesting story about love and despair, there is a lot to be learned in this tale. Winston Churchill is renowned in history as a British legend, but not many new his views on sterilization, which were kept a secret until 1992. He once wrote 'the unnatural and increasingly rapid growth of the feeble-minded classes coupled with a steady restriction among all the thrifty, energetic and superior stocks, constitute a race danger which it is impossible to exaggerate. I feel that sources from which the stream of madness is fed should be cut off and sealed up before another year has passed. nice man, another good article spirited

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author avatar spirited
5th Sep 2014 (#)

thanks for commenting here micheal. Yes, these Buddhist/Zen tales have far more in them that which at first meets the eye.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesome post and one of a kind too, cheers!!

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author avatar spirited
9th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern, you are always the one who makes the most awesome of comments.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
11th Sep 2014 (#)

Well put. I had not heard that ending (shell) before. I thought it added to the piece in a good way.

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author avatar spirited
11th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Phyl, I changed and lengthened the story a bit.

The shell bit, I hatched out by myself.

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