Short stories: Tony's victimisation complex, and victim consciousness problems

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This is a short story about a fictional man named Tony. His early life was a tough one. He had a tough father. He developed a victim mindset from this, a sort of complex, where he thought that everything worked against him no matter what he did.

This story might also be the story of your own life. Try to change this mind-set before it is too late.

Tony's early life. The forming of his victimhood mindset

For all of his life Tony had had the victim mentality. He thought that he was hard done by, and that things in life always worked against him. He could never do what he wanted to do.

Tony was born three works overdue. He was a large baby, weighing in at nearly 12 pounds, but just the same, he was rather sickly. From early on in his life, he suffered from asthma, eczema, and epilepsy.

Tony was bullied at school by the kids, and also by the teachers. He was also bullied by his father. They all wanted him to do what they wanted him to do.

The kids tried to force Tony to play sports with them. He had no interest in so-doing.

The teachers wanted to teach him to swim. In those days that was in a cold-water pool. Tony made sure that his mother always gave him a note so that he could avoid doing this, but they took him to the swimming pool anyway, and he just sat idly by on a bench, watching the other kids swim.

Later on, his father forced him to go to high school, and to learn a musical instrument. Tony chose a viola, as he wanted to try something a bit different than what the others were learning.

The music teacher, his father, and even the school principal ganged up on poor little Tony, and forced him to learn the violin instead. Their logic was impeccable. He could learn the more usual instrument first, and then branch over to the more specialist one later on.

Later on, Tony found that he was good at two subjects, maths and languages. He learnt French, Italian, and German. He took on every maths subject that he could.

He hated most other subjects, especially chemistry, which to him was just like one of his mother's cooking lessons. You just mixed some stuff together that they wanted you to mix together. Tony hated this. He wanted to experiment. Whilst helping his mother to make a cake, Tony would always add a couple of extra ingredients to the mix.

Tony's University days, and then moving into mid-life

Tony finished his high school, and his father enrolled him at University. He pushed him into going straight onto university, even though Tony really wanted to take a years break first.

Tony took on all of the maths subjects that he could. He also did philosophy. He spent a lot of time in the University chess club too.

Tony won the chess club championship there every year that he attended the University.

He went on to graduating with a doctorate in mathematics. His thesis had involved calculating how to determine if a certain number was a prime number, or not. A prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself, and by the number one.

Tony became a professor of mathematics.

Tony now had a good salary. He bought for himself the car that he had always wanted. This car was a Jaguar.

Unfortunately though, Tony drove his car to the University where he worked, and the kids had a good time there scratching its duco (its paintwork for any non-Australians reading this), breaking off the tips of screw-drivers in the door, and the boot-locks, and generally making his life there a living hell for him.

One time, they also slashed all four of the tyres of his car too. Admittedly though, this was one of the times where he had stayed back at the University until late at night, one night, whilst helping one of the students with this student's own thesis. (He never did this again. Leaving his car there at night-time that is, not not helping a student.)

Tony had paid $40,000 for that car second-hand. When he sold it he could only get $5,000 due to its state of dis-repair now.

Tony bought himself an old valiant, and this car he now found wasn't so targeted, but he was still so annoyed that he could not keep driving the car that he wanted to drive.

Tony was now twenty eight. His father, a large muscular man, still bullied him. He would tell Tony what a wimp he looked, a nerd, and a wuss.

"You should learn some type of a self-defence," his Dad would continually tell Tony.

That way, you will grow stronger in your body, and perhaps in your feeble little mind too. No matter that Tony had already proven to his father many times over, that his mind was by no means a feeble one.

Tony after-all was a professor of mathematics, and he had recently won the State Championship at chess now too.

Anyway, Tony decided to take on a style of karate, known as mixed martial arts. It was a combination of a lot of other styles too, Kung-Fu, Taekwondo, Jiu-jitsu, judo, and Karate.

Tony studied this art determinedly for the next ten years. He became a third Dan black belt in this school. He was now a certified Self-defence instructor too.

Tony's father bullies Tony in a new way now

Tony's father now took a backward step away from Tony every time that Tony came around to visit him. He was a much older man now too though.

Finally though, all things considered, his Dad seemed to be very pleased with what Tony had now done for himself.

His dad skited to everyone that would listen. "My son is a black-belt. He is a karate teacher. Don't mess with him," he would say. It seemed that he was proud of his son, but was he really though?

Tony hated this extra attention that was now drawn to him. Drunken hoons would jump out at him from the bushes and try to test him in his martial-arts skills.

Everything that Tony ever did seemed to work against him.

In one of these attacks, and which Tony heard later on that it had been actually set-up and arranged by Tony's own father, so that he could skite some more about how his son had despatched some more would-be assassins, Tony was hospitalised.

Martial-arts skills aside, being hit from behind by a base-ball bat probably would have hospitalised just about anyone.


The victim usually plays the victim because he fears not doing so. This is really about life being a living pantomime where the victim acts on a stage of his own making.

We are all on such a stage, and being a victim is really about not seeing that everything in life is there to teach us, not to victimise us.

A simple mind-shift in your thinking will often lift you out of this victim-hood mentality, that is unless you have a father like Tony did here.......

Here is a great quote to end this article on victimhood, and allowing yourself to be bullied around by other people in your life.

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.

The quote is from the American actor, Harvey Fierstein, best known for his role in the film, Independence Day.

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author avatar Carol Roach
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

what a great story but I don't understand why tony was so disliked that University students would wreck his car, that is not something they do here in Montreal

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author avatar spirited
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

thanks Carol. They do that here in all car-parks, shopping centres, train station car-parks, everywhere.

Especially so will they wreak havoc on prestige vehicles.

This story is loosely based on the life of someone I know.

His jaguar car was completely destroyed, the louts broke in and stole his up-market radio too.

It's the tall-poppy syndrome here. Anyone that makes it, is pulled quickly back to mediocrity by those jealous of them making it, unfortunately.

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author avatar Utah Jay
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

It was in Jr. High school when I first noticed bullying, the tough guys would ask you for a quarter, if you gave them one they would take all of your money and if you protested they would then beat you until you gave in, if you did not they would beat you and take all of your money. One day two boys approached me. One stayed on the far side of the street as a look out and the other walked up to me. I knew what he was going to do and that a beating was coming no matter what, so when he finally got in front of me and said the words...Do you have quarter? I hit first. I hit him as hard as I could putting him flat on his back. His friend just stood there with his big eyes wondering what just happened. They never bothered me again. Over here we have cameras in most of the parking lots and those who make damage are farced to pay. I feel bad for poor Tony...A great article spirited.

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author avatar spirited
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

thanks for commenting Utah Jay.

This incident took place with Tony about thirty years ago and there were no cameras around then.

Act first is a good first rule of self defence I think.

I did that once too, but I wasn't so fortunate as you. I was warned that some thugs were coming into my shop to bash me up for telling their kids off for pilfering drinks, chips, lollies etc.

I told the police, who laughed, saying that that will never happen, it's an idle threat.

I brought a baseball bat into my shop the next day anyway.

The huge thug came in with five others the next day. I hit him first with my bat. His huge meaty arm was like a stone wall. The unexpected ricochet off of it made me lose my hold on the bat. He simply then picked up the fallen bat and did me over with it, and so I ended up in Hospital with multiple injuries that day.

I am glad your case turned out ok though.

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author avatar Kingwell
5th Mar 2015 (#)

Great story and a good lesson taught. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
5th Mar 2015 (#)

thanks Kingwell

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author avatar Utah Jay
6th Mar 2015 (#)

Sorry to here that spirited, but it seems the thrashing was coming one way or another and at least you stood your ground, and in Jr High school if you didn't stand your ground you were always a mark. However it did turn badly for 5 of my friends who all lost their lives standing up for what they thought was right...It was a very hard place...It still is. So glad I am not there anymore.

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author avatar spirited
7th Mar 2015 (#)

Standing up for what's right is sometimes costly, and it also takes great courage to do. Perhaps the greatest love, for God and for ourselves, as well as for these others, is giving our life by standing up for what is right, and not bending to the wrong way of others.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Mar 2015 (#)

Beautiful story Spirited with a nice moral too and tough love from father. We meet all types in this life to toughen us up, maybe for worse things to come afterward! Our endless journey could well prove a cake walk here!

I think we all have streaks of victimization complex and our emotions can be extreme at times. I jumped the gun while reading your comment - I thought your baseball bat broke into smithereens on contact with the herculean thug! siva

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author avatar spirited
7th Mar 2015 (#)

"maybe for worse things to come afterward"

Well I hope not, I think we all hope for something better in the after life. Thanks for commenting and enjoying my story siva

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