Should I Tell You How I Feel

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When you start to feel something for someone, it is a big struggle in how to tell that person, or even if you should tell that person of your feelings. Everything has gone through it, and still it's one of the hardest things about starting a relationship.

Should I Tell You How I Feel?

My heart is breaking,
You look at me
And I look at you.
Should I tell you how I feel?

It started as a crush,
But then we came together.
I tried to stop my heart,
But it still wanted to fall.

Every time I see you,
You tell me about her.
She is my best friend,
And I know everything she feels,
Just like she does with me.
No one will come between us,
And she loves someone else,
Someone who is made for her.

When I'm with you,
I feel safe again,
When I'm away from you,
I miss you,
And all I want is to see you,
I've never felt like that before.

Should I tell you?
I still don't know.
You might feel the same way,
But what will happen if you don't?

You're too good of a friend to lose,
And too great of a guy to let go.
So now you know,
I want so desperately to tell you,
But at the same time I don't want you to know.

You continue to ask me
To spend more time with you.
Do you maybe feel the same way too?

It's kind of like a mystery,
Keeping my feelings silent,
Just because I'm scared of your reaction.

There are one of two choices:
I tell you,
You don't feel the same
And my dreams are shattered,
Or, there is number two.
When I tell you,
You say you feel the same,
Our dreams will come together,
And hopefully we will live happily ever after.

I've been told,
We are perfect for each other,
We would make a good couple.
Is that true,
Or am I dreaming again?

I know your favorite color,
The color of your eyes,
Your likes,
Your dislikes,
And your lifetime dreams.

My dreams used to be empty,
Then you came along.
All my biggest dreams changed,
You gave me a reason to live again,
But now,
I might get knocked down again.
Maybe this is the reason,
The reason I don't want you to know.

Should I tell you?
Should I tell you how I feel?
You are the perfect one to ask.
You always have an answer,
The perfect answer for everything.
However, the one thing I desperately need an answer for,
Is the one thing I can't ask you,
Not now anyway.

They tell me just give it time,
After all, everything does get better
As the time continues on,
And all your troubles float away.
But the time has gone on,
Almost a month now.

In the beginning,
I didn't feel this strong.
Now, everything's been moving along.
It's been over a month
And the feelings are even greater,
Stronger than ever,
So should I tell you?

Should I tell you how I feel?
How I've fallen,
In just the past two weeks?
I'm not sure what really happened .

Maybe it started with the nickname innocent flower;
Or maybe it was the intertwining,
Under the sunlight sky.
Or did it develop under the stars,
On that booming night,
With the explosion of colors?
It could have been that day,
You know the one;
In the swimming pool,
We may never know.

Do you know how the saying goes?
A boy and a girl,
They can never be "just friends,"
And I didn't believe it for a minute,
But now;
Now I'm not so sure.

Should I tell you?
Or maybe you already know?
I know the fears that come with it,
And the sleepless nights that lie ahead.
What if my heart is ripped out again,
This time,
Will it mend?

Should I tell you?
It will set me free.
Should I tell you?
You might get weak.

The world is silent,
You ask why I'm sad,
The tension rises;
You look at me,
So now you know.

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author avatar Utah Jay
27th Sep 2014 (#)

You really should let him read this. Then a favor for me. Just once try to take all the people out of your writing and substitute them with flowers, or trees or somethng and tell us once again how your heart feels.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
27th Sep 2014 (#)

Nice poem and I do agree with Utah Jay!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Sep 2014 (#)

Looks like made for each other to me - siva

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
25th Oct 2014 (#)

Nice post

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