Should I drop out of the course?

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Today I allowed myself two hours to get ready for class, so I can calmly get ready and not be late. Then I drive one more hour to the university. I arrive about 10 minutes early, so I have enough time to eat the supper I prepared for myself.

Should I drop out of the course?

Ah, now for two hours of joyful acting classes! Yay! It took three hours in total to get ready and get here, but it's going to be worth it! ... Right?

Actually the previous class was pretty boring. But what are the chances of two boring classes in a row?

I go in.

I sit down with all the other children.

The lectress starts to yap yap yap about monologues and whatnot. I tuned out within the first 30 seconds.

Sometimes she asks the class something like if they agree, but nobody answers unless she asks again. She doesn't seem to get the hint that her class is boring and the children feel uninvolved and uninterested.

Not to mention we are in what is an art class during the day again. I've thought it before; why in blazes aren't we over in the small theater or a proper theater or something? How can you do a drama and acting course, NOT on a stage??

You know, I'm starting to realize I might be resenting these classes now.

50 minutes later the lectress is done yap yapping. Well, that was pretty boring.

I walk to my car, thinking how I can't help feeling that it was a complete waste of time. All the crap she "discussed", anyone can search for online or read up on. Did poor Mother really pay almost two thousand rands for this boring yapping course?

I'm in such a difficult situation. I don't feel like coming again, but at the same time I can't tell Mother, who thought she was doing me a favor buying me these classes as a gift, that I'm just going to drop it before I'm even halfway through the classes.

I must say I really expected these classes to be different. I'm more of a practical person. I like it when we do stuff. Like when this course started, for the first two classes or so, the class had to prepare a quick play in about ten minutes and then perform it. That was nice.

But now, I'm afraid it seems these classes have become nothing more than sitting down for a bloody hour listening to some guy or gal yapping for about an hour.

And what's up with that anyway?? When we bought the course we were told it's a two hour session every time. Nowadays the class is over before an hour is up. Didn't we pay for two hours?

But ok, if it's just going to be sitting down listening to some yap yapping, the shorter the better.

I don't know; I just expected something different from these classes. I thought I would enjoy it. Now I'm bored with it and when I sit there feeling I'm wasting my time, I even feel like I resent it.

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