Should Teachers Spank Students

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This is a piece about teacher's being able to discipline students.

Should Corporal Punishment be Allowed in Schools.

The Kansas state government pass a law allowing corporal punishment in the state's schools, with that being said this article will examine the positives and negatives of corporal punishment.

What Is Corporal Punishment?
Corporal punisument is defined as purposely applying physically pain to a child in or out of the classroom for misbehaving. In this case, the teacher or administrator would most likely use a ruler or belt to punish the student. Many schools around the world use corporal punishment hoping that the humilation from the spanking will put a stop to bad behavior.

Controling Students/Classroom
Supporters or corporal punishment beleive that the students who are spanked in school will learn their lesson. In other words, the school system is saying get your act together or prepare for a spanking.
In addition to keeping the student acting in line, supporters also beleive that the entire classroom will be in control. For example, the classroom will probably be noise free and students who want to learn will have the chance. Supporters of corporal punishment
also beleive that a school that has a reputation of corporal will make the student realize the difference between right and wrong.

Contradion is evident in corporal punishment because, teachers and school administrarors are using violence as a form of dicipline but do not want students to use violence in the classroom.

May Not Work
Using fear as a form of punishment is something that has been going on for centuries, it has is positives and negative consequences. Using fear to demand respect is one thing, but will it work. No matter how many spanking a teacher or school administrator give, the child may never respect you. In addition, this may result in lowering the child self esteem and instilling fear in the child.

If techers and school employee have the ability to hit students there need to be guidelines set by state education leaders. With that being said, what rules will students have to break for teachers and/or administrator to result to physical punishment. Will there be a certain number times they can hit a student and what material (ruler and beat) will they be allowed to use.

In closing, many school use corporal punishment for many things, such as not making passing grades on assignments, classroom distractions, or more serious things like fighting. However, parents Would You Let a Teacher of Administrator Hit Your Child?


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Spanking children, whether conducted by a parent or a teacher, is child abuse and should be criminally prosecuted.

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author avatar Ken5-89
29th Sep 2014 (#)

I think there should be a guidelines if you beat your child to the point where they need medical attention that is a problem.

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author avatar Retired
29th Sep 2014 (#)

There is only one guideline needed, in my opinion - don't do it! When children see that adults regard hitting someone weaker than themselves as a legitimate activity, they are hardly likely to grow up believing that it is not.

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author avatar Ken5-89
29th Sep 2014 (#)

True, many children learn violence from their parents but it is apart of modern society, "What can we do about it?"

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