Should we be spreading religion in this day and age?

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Ah, religion... controversial as hell. No pun intended. Now that the world is properly confused about these matters, should we still be spreading religion? These days I don't know what direction religion should go, if any direction. It seems it's tearing people apart, polarizing them like hell and making people who would otherwise have been friends, the worst of enemies.

Should we be spreading religion in this day and age?

I drive into town as I do most every Friday. I have to drive with Mother's BMW today, since Father and Mother left for The Land Of The West with the usual car. First stop I make is at the co-op, to buy feed for the geese.

It's raining and the phone rings. I answer and it's Harrison. I tell him to hang on while I park.

Harrison asks me if he can come over, thinking I'm at home. He's been overly excitedly waiting to see the video I made for our pop singer we created and he plays, Josh Mercury. We try to arrange something maybe for later but he has to go close up shop at 4pm so it's not really going to work. I suggest we keep our previous arrangement of getting together on Sunday so we can work on the website too.

I now see the vehicles that were parked in front of the door are now gone so I reverse closer to the door. I get out.

Just as I enter the big garage door, an older black woman approaches. She asks me to buy one of her bumperstickers. I ask her what the proceeds are for.

"We go pick up disabled people who cannot go to church, and we give them a lift so they can go get to know the Lord."

So it's a religious thing is it? Helping her would equal helping to spread religion?

Oh well, I ask her how much and she says one rand. I say OK and start fiddling around in the Tower Hills wallet.

I can't say that these days I'm eager to support anything that might polarize people even further. For all I know, she could be collecting this money for some religious fanatical sect.

But seeing the old woman who believes she's doing something good (or running a scam; it could be that she picked up or stole these stickers somewhere and now she sells them saying it's to transport the disabled to church, seeing as they have a religious message on them), but since it's just one rand I'll just give her the one rand and make her happy.

Meanwhile the lady behind the counter greets me and I tell her I'll have the mixed chicken feed please. Nothing for the dogs today, she asks. Nothing today.

I'm still fiddling with the change in the wallet to get one rand among all the loose coins. I tell the black woman that I see one rand, but I also decide to just throw out all the change into my hand and just give her all of it as a bonus.

But what's this she says? She says she said it's ten rand. Really, did she? I wonder. But whatever, I need to go pay for the goose feed now and can't talk long. I just fiddle with the paper money and give her ten rand. So now my money is flowing towards religion again, isn't it?

The woman seems happy or something. She tells me "Yes, God will pick you up too. He says so in the Bible..." and so on, the normal rhetoric people talk when you give them money to try and convince you that you just did the right thing for which God will so richly reward you. Asif they can talk for this God they've never seen in real life, who seems a tad... absent in body and direct audibility.

Well, that being done and the woman leaving, I go to the cashier lady to pay for the feed. I don't really care for the tacky sticker printed in blue and white, stating "JESUS CHRIST IS LORD", and I can't really stick that on the car because it's not my car, so I ask the cashier if she'd like a sticker. She says she's already got one; I guess she bought one from the old black woman just before I came in. Or she just doesn't want it.

I pay for the feed and I try to give the sticker away to the loaders. One of them just walks on without taking notice; maybe he thought he'd have to pay me for it, and another younger one takes it without a word. He doesn't seem impressed with it or anything, though he does read what's on it. I open the car boot and we load the feed, and then get in to drive away.

But as soon as I'm in the car, I feel a tad violated. I grab my face. Could it be that I feel scammed that the woman first said one rand, and then changed it to ten rand when she saw all my change? I'm sure she said one rand. There's a slight chance she did say ten rand and I didn't hear it, but no, I don't believe so. I think she took advantage of me. God darn violater!!!

It's more than paying her more than I thought though too. I have contributed financially to religion, and some representative of it whose form of religion I can't even verify. Kind of tricked into it too, first believing I'm only giving somebody a minor one rand but then ending up contributing more.

Secondly, should I have spread it to someone else too? Now I've not only contributed financially to a cause I'm not sure about, but I've spread it like a virus to someone else! Well ok, people know what the whole basic god story is all about anyway so it's not something new, but I was still confused about the whole religion thing as a whole, and yet I have now become an accomplice.

How true is the form of, in this case, Christian religion that remained after all these centuries anyway, whatwith all of the political interference of all sorts throughout the ages? Are we still even on the right track? Or have so many versions and sects edited the Christ message and story into something that Christ himself, provided he really existed, might not even recognize? Christ had so many political enemies who would have infiltrated and manipulated all forms of communication about Christ's message in order to keep their own order, so exactly what do we have here that we can be sure about?

And furthermore, what the hell is that woman doing asking for donations in the store rooms of the co-op? Are beggars going to come play on people's feelings there too?

The whole thing bothers me so much that I don't even want to spend long in my favorite supermarket. That and that supermarket didn't have the steel tray on legs that I drove especially to come buy. The failure of the trip just adds to my depressed state.

Adding to the fact that when I come out of the supermarket, it's raining hard and fast. I wait for a minute under the overhanging roof before I make a run for the car, but then just decide to run since it can obviously take a while. I get into the car very wet. I start the car and start driving out of the parking space, only to realize I can't see a thing because the windows are all steamed up so completely, I see only this gray wall all around me.

I can't see how to get back into the parking space so I just wipe a small hole on the window and park across some other parking spaces while the heater blows onto the windows.

Yep, such a dreary day adding to my dreary mood. Oh well, I tell myself; this situation just jumped onto me without me being in any way prepared for it; that's why I handled it so badly.

From now on I know I should just be honest when a situation like this arises. Even though the people, like that black woman, have good intentions, the brand, version and cocktail of religion they spread might lead to more chaos and polarisation on earth. Do we want more polarisation? How much more killing and hatred do we want to endure?

Sigh. Religion. Yeah there's a hot coal for ya. What do we do?

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