Should we tell the truth? Or lie?

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In some situations......Is it better to tell the truth or tell a lie?

Is it better to just lie?

When we are younger, parents taught us to always tell the truth and that lying is an absolute sin, but eventually, we all lie. Is it wrong to lie? Obviously, the answer to this question is situational. Most of the time we should tell the truth, but there are some exceptions.

So when should we tell the truth and when should we let in a little white lie? Well, I think it is acceptable to lie when you are trying to prevent someone you care dearly from getting hurt. For example, say you are a witness to a friend’s slow painful death, but in order to prevent his family from being even sadder, it is better to lie and tell them he died fast and painless.

However, there are some situation where you may perceive it to be preventing someones feeling from getting hurt when that is not the case. An good example is when you spot your best friend’s boyfriend cheating with some other chic in the bar. You should absolutely not lie to your friend and pretend you didn’t see anything because eventually she find out about it and that would not only spoil your relationship with her but also hurt her even more.

Sometimes, telling the truth may worsen the situation. Like when you’re brother is scolded by you’re parents for not studying hard enough, and you go on tell you’re parents that he’s also been playing a lot of computer games lately. That would just add fuel to the fire! I’m sure you’re brother will wake up after being scolded for not studying so it is not needed for you to bring more trouble for him. Also, lie for the sake of your parents health, do want them getting heart attack anytime soon now do we.

Every one have to make the decision whether to lie or not. But always think beforehand as some lie can really go a long way…in a really bad way.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Aug 2012 (#)

I don't lie at all. If you tell the truth, one does not have to remember anything! In situations like you have mentioned, we can warn them without being specific about the reasons. Thanks for the share, Shazooo - siva

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26th Jul 2013 (#)


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