Sightless ( Just Beyond Page Arizona)

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This is a story about a dear friend of mine, and at the same time it is my story as well.

Sightless (just beyond Page Arizona)

(just beyond Page Arizona)

Old Navajo woman
Shoe-less in the red desert sand
Her bright yellow dress
In contrast against the crimson rocks,
Threading and tapping…Threading and tapping
As her mother before her,

A Little at a Time

And at some length
Within the trained eye
Her patterns begins to emerge
A little at a time
In the falls and lines
Where Mother Earth meets her dreams.

Love Drops

Today she sits alone,
Like every other dusty day
She has ever known,
Her old grouch, as only she can call him,
With love drops in her heart,
Is out in the desert
Watching his sheep.

No Esacpe

Out counting all of his little white dots
In contrast to the red rocks
And the red sand
Of which there is no escape.
Back home sits his little heart
Making rugs, and blankets, and throws
That she sometimes sells to tourist,
Who sometimes drive bye.
They make enough to get by,
But he worries for his children
Who have become lost
In the white man’s world, a world
He cannot understand,

The Spirits Cannot See Him

So he turns to the whiskey
In his bottle
Because it blinds him.
And when he is blind
His ancestral spirits
Cannot see him,
As they could not see
His father’s before him.
As they could not see me.

Words and photos by uTAH jAY

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author avatar Utah Jay
I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
15th Dec 2014 (#)

Utah Jay, I love it! I can picture this in my mind just as you write your poetry. I must say you are a genius. If your words are known and understood by the reader you my dear friend have succeeded where many have failed. I give you every bit of credit there is. Smiles to you today and always. I've been to Utah and a lot of other states out by you. It is beautiful. I wish I had the talents of the ladies who create masterpieces. It is a wonderful skill.

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author avatar Utah Jay
15th Dec 2014 (#)

I am so happy that you liked it Nancy, as it is one of my favorites as well, and yes, your words make me smile...Thank you so much.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Dec 2014 (#)

Wonderful poem and teh pics that macth every word of your out of this world poetry, Utah can you publish a book please!!!! Arizona is where my father was born in a town called Morenci near Tucson!

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author avatar Utah Jay
15th Dec 2014 (#)

You know Fern I have a book ready to go, but there are things in it from my life I really do not want my grandchildren to read and so I am in a spot, some say publish, well almost everyone says publish, and my heart says, hold off, and besides almost no one takes poetry.

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author avatar spirited
16th Dec 2014 (#)

and my story too, Utah Jay

We are all so sightless at times even though our sight remains intact, we refuse to see past the site of our sights in our sight blindfolded by somebody else's binding might, without any fight left in us.

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author avatar Shamarie
16th Dec 2014 (#)

Awesome! You did a wonderful job on these poems! "The Spirits Cannot See Him" is my favorite!

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author avatar Utah Jay
16th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks spirited, it seems I have always had the fight in me, its just the wind I miss now...A one punch wonder, not even breath enough to run away with...But I know what you mean.

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author avatar Utah Jay
16th Dec 2014 (#)

Thank you so much Shamarie, but this is just one poem broken into pieces. I thought I needed the pictures to tell the story. I do it a lot here on wikinut.

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author avatar puncakceria
18th Dec 2014 (#)

interesting, keep writing and stay connected...

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author avatar Utah Jay
18th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks puncakceria

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author avatar Retired
19th Dec 2014 (#)

lovely post utah jay....

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author avatar Utah Jay
19th Dec 2014 (#)

Thank you so much tootsie.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
27th Dec 2014 (#)

.I really like this article ~ Utah Jay. Thank you for sharing from your insight and imagination.
Blessings to you.

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author avatar Utah Jay
28th Dec 2014 (#)

Thank you so much Helen.

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