Signs, Wonders, and Mighty Works...

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An observation of the signs and wonders in my life...

Signs, Wonders, and Mighty Works...

A picture is worth a thousand words…so much of my life has been a search for signs, wonders, and mighty works. There have been times when I only would lift my gaze to watch the clouds and hills and things in the distant horizon…searching and waiting. There have been other times when my search was limited to the low-lands, convinced that if I looked hard enough in nooks and crannies and explored every dark alley, therein would lie the miracle I needed.

I remember praying once, “Lord, I am so sorry that Your image alone is not enough to keep me…I get so distracted by the murmurings and whisperings around me that I tend to stray. Please, show me something!

I did not even realize at the time, that as I was running from here to there and back and around again…I was stepping over, shoving aside, trampling on, pillaging and plundering, and probably sitting right next to Signs…Wonders…and Mighty Works. They were there all the time.


There is no need to climb to the mountain tops or retreat deep into the woods or circle Mecca or turn the Tarot or walk labyrinths or even to sweat in lodges with strangers…for me it was a simple car ride on a sunny day. All I did was become willing to take “certain steps…”

So, while riding in the car on this sunny day, the only thing that happened was one cousin reached his hand out of the window to feel the breezes and then the cousin reached her smaller hand out to play too…they hadn’t been close in so so long. I looked up to see their pretty brown hands clasped together, sharing a moment that never would have happened because of so many whys and reasons and “remember when you…? and don’t forget that one time when I…! and oh, I hated you so much…and I was so afraid…!”

Signs and Wonders and Mighty works…they were there all the time. The Glory to the story is that now that He has reconciled me to Himself…I can see them.

Lisa P.


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My name is Lisa and when I wake up in the morning, I think about writing...everything I look at throughout the day tells me a story...and before I go to sleep at night, I thank
God for this "gift".

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
9th May 2013 (#)

Reconciliation . A wondrous miracle indeed my friend .
God bless you
Stella ><

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