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Sometimes we long for loneliness, but on the long run, our seclusion can prove to be dangerous...


Her mouth was dry, like when she was thirsty, only it wasn’t water she needed now. She tried to speak, but the sounds wouldn’t come out of her open mouth. In her mind, she could hear the words she wanted to utter, but they were somehow trapped in there. She felt her throat, as if to check it was still there.
How long had it been since she had last spoken? A week? A month? A year? She couldn’t even remember. All she knew was that one day she realized her voice was mute. People were talking around her, telling stories, asking each other questions, but she felt no desire to join them. Sometimes she listened, but most of the times their chatter disturbed her. All she longed for was silence. She didn’t even want to hear her own thoughts. She felt tired and needed to get away from the noise of the world or of the little wheels squeaking in her head. Locked of her own will in a glass cage.
The lyrics of The Doors came out from the back of her mind, like a warning:
Unhappy girl left all alone
Playing solitaire
Playing warden to your soul
You are locked in a prison of your own devise…
She tried again, but the strange, broken sounds she heard scared her. That was not her voice, as she remembered it. Still, the words were the same. It was as if some stranger had broken into her mind and spoke for her. She rushed to the mirror. Her reflection looked back at her with large, painful eyes, wide-open mouth and pulsing veins on her throat.
And again…
Now… slowly…say it…


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author avatar Vernazoa
19th Sep 2011 (#)

I can relate to this. I just shut the air conditioner off and turned my radio off. God is not an author of confusion.. I wanted peace.

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