Silent Angel.......A Spiritual Poem

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We all have a Guardian Angel whether they are in human or celestial form. You may have your own views on this subject and of course I respect them.

Silent Angel..........A Spiritual Poem

Silent Angel, you decide you saintly spy
Whether I live this hour or if I am to die
Why do you stand in the corner and hide?
Are you waiting to take me to the other side?
I can see you but no one else can
Is this the vision of a dying man?
Yet your face is kind, calm and bright
Reassuring me, you live in Gods loving light.

My broken body the result of a smashed car
I clearly see your wings now as black as fresh tar
All around you there is a soothing glow
Have you come to take me? I really need to know.

Are you writing down my life time from the very start?
I'm vaguely aware now of the doctor with his emergency chart
The pain so unbearable a few moments ago
Now seems to have disappeared as the morphine slowly flows
Tell me Silent Angel am I coming home with you today
And if I asked to stay would you take me anyway?
You are solid, no spectre vision of a man
Have you always been with me throughout my whole life span?

Are you my Guardian Angel sending me healing thought?
Hiding in the corner aware you may be caught
Caught on some new fangled medical machine
Or your soothing breath felt by a member of the nursing team.

Angel you have moved closer across the floor
I think I see behind you, past relatives opening up a door
You are beckoning to me now with your outstretched palm
And suddenly I know to me, you mean no harm.

A predetermined life, a fulfilled fate
Now I feel no resistance and no longer hesitate
I'm looking down upon my body, now a fractured mass
With silent understanding I know my life has passed
Through the open door , hand in hand we leisurely go
A beautiful world awaits me but I don't remember how I know.


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author avatar blackangelwings
Hi, I have lived all my life in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire in England. I love to write especially poems. I write for fun and to relax but some of my subjects may seem dark. I seem to have the ability to write down and share ideas about ...(more)

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author avatar Songbird B
19th Apr 2011 (#)

I believe strongly in a guardian angel or guide that stays with us...I know that I have received many warnings of close calls, yet because I always listen, I have come through them safely...A lovely deep spiritual poem on a subject that is very close to my heart...

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author avatar blackangelwings
20th Apr 2011 (#)

Thank-you for your kind words Songbird B. When I wrote this poem I wanted to convey acceptance of spirit guides/Angels which is a major part of my spiritualist religion. Thankyou for reading. love and light.

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author avatar Retired
20th Apr 2011 (#)

"The true master of the death is the one who accepts it." ~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
I love the way the poem has transitioned from doubt to understanding, from fear to acceptance. :)
And off course, your rhyming sense is awesome. See I've
come up with a new sense :D

Anusha, UV Associates

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author avatar blackangelwings
20th Apr 2011 (#)

Thankyou for your uplifting words, you got the meaning I was trying to convey spot on.Transitioned is the perfect word. Thanks for reading. love and light to you.

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