Similarites Between Cars And Humans

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This is about the similarities between the car and the human body. It is a bit strange. It is also true.

The Similarities Between Humans And The Automobile

There are striking similarities between the human body and the automobile. Humans and animals wear the first on earth. Humans created the automobile. The question can be asked this way. Did Henry Ford loosely base the automobile on a horse, the human being, or both?

The human body has a heart. The heart pumps the blood through the body. The body would die without the heart pumping. The engine in a car has a heart of sorts. The oil pump is one of the engines hearts. A car has three hearts so to speak.

Along with the oil pump, there is a fuel pump and water pump. The oil in a car engine is the main blood. The water pump is like the secondary blood of the automobile engine. The fuel pump is the pump for the gas. If and fuel pump fails, the car dies. A fuel pump transplant will cure that issue. If the oil pump fails, you can blow the engine.

That is costly. The engine in a whole is the cars heart. The human body has a blood pressure. The automobile has fuel pressure, oil pressure and coolant pressure. The human body has a thermostat located in the brain called the hypothalamus. A car has a thermostat.

The human body has four limbs. The human body has four tires. Humans and horses have two eyes. Most cars built in the early days had two headlights. The human body relies on oxygen and water. The car relies on oxygen, gas as its water to run.

There are several similarities between the creation of the automobile and the function of the human body. Humans have a certain amount of time to be alive. A car has a certain amount of time to run until it comes to an end. The body and internal parts of a car age and deteriorate. The metal rusts.

Mechanics car rust on a car cancer. Just like cutting a tumor out of the body. Body shop techs have to cut out the cancer rust away from a car. Humans age along with the automobile. When humans eat, there has to be an escape for the waste called feces and urine. A car has exhaust where the carbon comes out.

You will sometimes have water coming out of the exhaust along with the gases. Tires for cars are like shoes on humans. Shoes wear out and tires wear out. Cars today have a brain called the ECM. That stands for “Electronic Control Module.”

The computer monitors and makes adjustments to the engine as needed. Humans have senses or sensors that tells if something is hot, or if something hurts. A car has sensors that relay information to the computer. A lot of people never see the similarities between humans and the automobile.


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author avatar Carolan
1st May 2017 (#)

i totally agree with what you write...i have a 1985 300 ZX Datsun and i talk to her all the time...i place my hand over her heart and thank her for being so wonderful...i can sense her smile..i am so attuned to her ..she let me know there was someting wrong recently ecause when i got in her she felt very out of sorts..needed a new distributor cap and ignition rotor...

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