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It was nothing but a sky-tinted space of pure perfection.


Blue thunder that filled the hearts
With the most pure desire of freedom,
Making everybody forget
About silly boundaries.

Sweet song of pristine liberty
That was heard beyond the mountains,
Making the earth mercilessly shake
Down to its inner core.

Vicious waves that carried a message
Filled with pure and clean hope,
Destined to change the destiny
Of a lot of innocent souls.

Ocean that knew no boundaries,
Always following its own beat,
Carrying precious treasures
Destined to wash up on distant beaches.

Sky-tinted piece of perfection,
Dancing through the time,
Defying any form of fear
Experimented by the human heart.

Simply…a gigantic sea
A precious gift that some forgot,
Letting it get the dirt
Of some malicious hearts.

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Creativity is life. I write mostly short stories

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
27th Jun 2015 (#)

With tears of love showing Earth,
Sun weeping at laughter and mirth.
As they feel the truth of salt in wave,
Showing music on note on stave.

Where all creation shines with Sun,
Leaving Darkness nowhere to run.
Only to find out it aped the light life,
And set forth challenge for the Wife.

Who took it silently and walked out door,
Showing just one move and nothing more.
As all now see the waves dying on Earth,
Bringing in tears and weeds of dirt.

Proving the stench beyond compare,
As Pearls and shells lie everywhere.
Proving the challenge in truth of One,
Where all now turn to look at Rising Sun.

Who brings the fire stilling the hue,
Showing the blood that no one knew.
As it pours incessantly from pride of Life,
With wrath of sword felt from the Wife.

Who ended up showing the truth on high,
Leaving the deceitful one to fall and cry.
Breaking down completely showing the truth,
They are who they are the forbidden fruit.

Ridden with flies and stench within,
Brought by the snake and web of SIN.
Where all of Creation now pour with Love,
As they finally welcome Sun shining Above.

Whispering you are ageless, seamless and now pure,
You have seen more than what life can endure.
For as you now pull the waves on the sea,
The baseless Moon cried out do you miss me.

Lo and behold came the change of tides,
As anything they touch it downward slides.
Only to find out the moon went all red,
As they had now challenge the reeling dead.

Who showed the truth with promise of Love,
Pulling the Sun from heavens Above.
Where no other can touch the Sea of Life,
That belongs solely to the Face of the Wife.

Who rises and sets all life, love and tides,
Showing Planet Earth in her now secretly confides.
Stilling the Moon who is burnt with fire,
Showing the silver but wrought in desire.

Kept all separate and proving the path,
I will be with you through life's aftermath.
Only to find the Sun claimed all from deep inside,
Stilling her baseless life and culling pride.

Leaving her wreathing pulling high and low,
Only able to shine with the sun-filled glow.
With sun refusing now to shine through all,
The Moon and everything now begins to fall.

For it bears the gravity, fire and shine,
Pulls the planets getting all in line.
Where no other can ever challenge heat,
As Moon proved life with utmost deceit.

Now Heart of the sea pulls the salt wave,
Seeing the challenge the creator gave.
Where no other ever messes with Sun,
Who stands alone and second to none.

Planet Earth now shivering in the cold,
Rewriting every tide from new to old.
Making all now see it the pride of Life,
Every power of love now rests in hand of Wife.

With that all bowed to the salt in sea,
Making everyone now cry on bended knee.
For no one ever imitates the Sun,
Who makes darkness now in tears run.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 27th June 2015

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author avatar Retired
27th Jun 2015 (#)

Great Piece. Good job!

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
27th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks, Jessica!

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