Single's Dilemma

Brianne Berr By Brianne Berr, 14th Feb 2018 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Single.... Alone.....,not lonely but not happy either.Just what am I doing here on earth?Just passing time? When everything in life is already at place and achieve by myself and then whats next? Back to basic?and do I still have time to do it all over again?Start from the bottom again to reach up again?

Target Goal:Good Future and Resulting to Overshoot

I always say to myself no way I am not following my parents path.I will be different .I will raise my children not in the same way I was raise.Studying well and being very obedient with fear and discipline was my motto.It all paid off.I landed in a good and well paying job.Being a Filipino we have this thing of being the eldest you oblige yourself to help your siblings.I have to be a model for them so they can have good future.I must be a leader and i cannot commit great mistakes for them to respect me.I have no time to be in a serious relationship because I am not done securing the future,a very contrast reasoning to the answer of the question of my first ever job interview which is where do you see yourself 5 years from now.My winning answer with a very nice smile,I will be married with kids and of course i didn't get the job.
I didn't know how time passed me by,all of my siblings got married and have kids and i was left alone with my so called career.For sure i am not lonely but neither i am happy,its like i am just living in this world,waking up in the morning and getting ready for work and then sleep on evening.I find going out on dates boring and when i am into relationships it always stressed me out since i am very paranoid and it just gives me headache so i opted to be single and selfish.People look at it as a pathetic life,but for me I am just living everyday life.Then suddenly one day it just happen,the feeling of you no longer know where u belong,you keep thinking something is wrong but your brain just couldn't fathom it.Its like i am in the crossroad and is on point blank which way to go,with fear of the unknown what is wrong mentally and physically.I have to fight this feeling strong willed and head on ,and then i suddenly asked is this what Mid Life Crisis is and BOOM, I hit the symptoms.Okay fine there is no denying that its it that i am facing now and so bring it on.I might overshoot my target but there is more in life than that of my target and good things always find its ways to people who doesn't give up.

Moving Up!

Those days when i was feeling like i was on a dark pit.The feeling when you fall down hard and u are alone makes u contemplate how we have live our lives and what can we do to make it better.With in those times I am very thankful because it allows me to reflect and think how i can make my life and others better.Even when I say i overshoot my target its fine,there really is no need for a target.Lets face life and embrace it everyday as it comes with hope that one day God will send a divine intervention to help us out when we are feeling down.With constant prayers and hope God will not forsake us.I do believe that he will send his angels to help us get back on our feet and remove out from the pit fully armed and equipped ready to move on!

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