Sister Clara P. Simpson: How We Assist Others At Their Time Of Transition From This World To The Next

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The woman in this article, Sister Clara P, Simpson has given us her permission to share her story with you which concluded her transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of FreePlanets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

I have worked in the past with many souls who needed some kind of assistance in finding their way onward to the next realm which is a world similar to this one and just as solid. Now I work in conjunction with my husband Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez in assisting souls over the cross line to the next world. Here is one recent story. But first, an explanation.

We all at this level of our existence at one time or another face what many of you call “death.” There is no death to speak of, but the transition of the soul body from the physical to another physical body is evident.The soul body upon the transition of so-called “death” is only different in molecular structure and that is why people can pass through walls and other structures. They can also walk through you, the ones still inhabitating this dimension or earth plane.

Unfortunately, too many souls came to me and through my efforts to assist them they drained me of my energy. For years I refused to help any more. Now I take them one at a time and do not allow more than one into my sphere at any given time.

I take scribings from the starship commanders and others of high acclaim and that is my first priority.

One young gentleman I assisted to cross over had of himself a vocabulary which would have made a sailor blush, but we are not here to judge nor condemn, only to help.

We each have our own path to walk and lessons to learn and some people have a harder time than others.

The woman in this article, Sister Clara, has given us her permission to share her story with you which concluded her transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Meeting Sister Clara

(NOTE: Please note that we experienced difficulty in finding images in relation to the time period. So we have done our best. - Rania)

December 14, 2013

2:14 pm

Clara: I am known as Sister Marigold, Rania and Jamie, and I am from the Nuns Division or Order of St. Christopher. My normal duty is overseeing the Order’s Seamstresses at the ‘Body Shop” Dickens Ville, New Hampshire, Poland. And I have acquired quite a legacy in all charitable works except one. I no longer ‘know’ where I come from, and names and acquaintances I used to know are now somewhat fuzzy in my mind and of that do I have no idea why, because my mind was known as one of the most clarity minded Sisters in the Flock. (Sister Marigold smiles briefly at me. – Rania)

Rania: We are pleased to assist you, Clara. Or would you rather we call you Sister Marigold?

Clara: Sister Clara actually would be proper, loves. If I may call you that?

Rania: Your address to us by our proper names would also be appreciated, Sister Clara. Now you know we have a policy which differs from most, do you not, Sister Clara?

Sister Clara: Not at all, Sister.. Rania.

Our Policy

Rania: Our policy takes us worldwide because we ask the people such as yourself whom we assist in crossing over to the other side, so to speak, to know and agree that they are willing for us to publish their story in order that their story may help others who are afraid of ‘dying,’ so to speak, though there is only physical death which is a transition from one bodily state to that of another. Will you herewith give to us your permission, Sister Clara? And I am not a Sister of any Order, parse, but a sister among all sisters of the universal creation of which you, yourself, are one, too.

Sister Clara: Yes, I give my permission, I suppose. A little like a Pastoral testimony I have since witnessed in churches not of our degree.

Rania: Thank you, Sister Clara. Now we may proceed. It strikes us that you have a genuine affirmation with seamstresses who work long and hard hours on the difficult project of making clothes to attire the poor and homeless people in Poland. Are we correct?

Nuns Preparing To Teach Trades To The People!

Sister Clara: Not entirely, dear. We have long since learned that the most efficient way in which to truly serve people to the fullest and best of our abilities is to teach them trades so that they, too, can go out into the workplace and earn money. Most of our people who work at the ‘Body Shop’ are students and we grace them with our Sisters and a few of the Clergy who oil the machines, and made sure they are all continually in running order, to serve them well. Are there any more questions?

Rania: Our questions have just only begun, yes, Sister Clara. So the Sisters who work in the ‘Body Shop’ teach the students sewing, we gather. Is that correct? Or was that your job precisely?

Sister Clara: (Sister Clara tilts back her head and gives off a short moderately loud, chuckle. – Rania) Never in my life would I think to take on so many students at once, Rania, due to the size of the class. Over twenty new students per year and each of them having to learn the A to Z’s of stitching, basting, correlating the stitches into hoops and loops, and needle-pointing for those who we find are just not sewers.

Sister Clara's Trumpet

Rania: Now, Sister Clara, if we may, we would like to ask you a few questions concerning your past. What brought you into the Nunnery?

Sister Clara: It was an interesting story, actually, Rania, and Jamie. You see, my father Preston Manning Jr. of Chicago..Illinois, as he worked the broadband of iron smithies from coast to coast, actually wanted me to be a drum major in a Chicago band. But of course, girls were not to be seen involved in such things so I went off to boarding school and learned trumpet in the seclusion of my room in the summer months when most girls had gone elsewhere. The Head Mistress did not really mind a bit for it became a tedious thing to stay there at the school with no broadband Phil Harmonica Orchestra, if you know what I mean. I have long caught up with history of this time period.

Radios were not really allowed in the dorm, so I had to content myself with my own version of what I really would have liked to become.

Distortion Of The Time Line

Rania: So what changed your mind that you became a Nun instead of attending music classes of some accord or another?

Sister Clara: Well, as you must know by now, it was the piano which was brought forward for all young ladies to play, and neither the trumpet nor glockenspiel were on my list of acceptable instruments due to the high price of either and the unwilling audience toward my playing such instruments as the trumpet. Can you imagine my billowing out noises and sounds all over Philadelphia, New York, and the Mercantile – a housing store just down from the old Grasshopper Place? It was unheard of!

Rania: Please go on.

Sister Clara: Well, I was a historian of all climatic history which expostulated the notion that all distortions actually happen at one time. In the genuine time scope of the universe, God’s Kingdom, actually, all events have already been seen to Tran-cross one another at the same and very exact time. Oh, I do not know whether I am correct or not, but I do now that life in our universe is really not all as cut and dried as our Bible says.

For instance, the Adam and Eve story was a story which transited time and space and because it did the very notion that a large segment of our earth’s body was fractionalized by one race into shape shifting into many other glorious human races just did not make any sense at all to me.

I am sorry for my rather gregarious aptitudes in speech, but we must teach the people correctly and God does give us designs from which we must reach other outer cavities of our brains; use our minds to decipher exactly what we were being told way back when. So you see, it was actually my philosophy class which led the way to my wanting desperately to get into the Vatican, so to speak, in a round-a-bout way to become the best taught, experienced, and less-lethargic Nun I could ever be.

Rania: Congratulations. And we can see how dedicated you have been in searching for the reality of life and that life which exists in different spheres throughout the universes.

Sister Clara: There is only one universe, dears.

Very Humourous And Happy Nuns!

(Note: Please note what appear to be Orbs. - Rania)

Rania: Let us move on. Now, Sister Clara. Would you please tell us the year?

Sister Clara: It is eighteen hundred and seven. Chicago and Illinois just built a brand new New Yorks stadium. Do you remember it?

(Note: Sister Clara has stated that she was not aware of the passing of time and she was confused on dates. We believe her date to be out by approximately one hundred years. - Rania)

Rania: I am sorry. I have no inking of that time period’s stadiums.

Sister Clara: If I may: The New York Yankees played in Minnesota in 1482 upon the world next door to us.

Rania: Are you quite all right, Sister Clara? How have you been since you passed on?

Sister Clara: Oh, we can modify any century up here while we wait. I have already made many friends from that time period who are able, that is, all of us, to watch baseball on any frequency we like and so as a gregarious historian that I am, I played the chips all the way to the top of the program.

You mustn’t think that when one becomes a Nun of the cloth, that one just stops living to sve us a generous amount of humourerve on her knees everyone around her, and has no life of her own. After all, did ‘God’ not give us humour and strict dietary control which could once in a while be broken with a lovely piece of iced cake and iced “literally’ cream?

Transition Of The Soul Body

Rania: Sister Clara. Why are you still here?

Sister Clara: I am precisely here so I can understand if my concept, as I believe, or believed it to be true…

Rania: May I interrupt you for a moment please?

Sister Clara: Of course, dear.

Rania: What you believed at the moment before your transition out of your physical body is the same you believe after ‘unless’ you change your mind following your new experience in your soul body which is, as you can see, just as solid as the one you left. It only operates at a different frequency thus allowing you to move through structures as though they were jelly.

Sister Clara: Oh, I see. I understand that now. That is really true. Another most fascinating study! Could you please explain to me the composition of time and how time all runs together in events; so the older we get, the most pristine we can become. Even though we are one with each other we are still separated in our countless lives. Is that not so?

Rania: Eventually we catch up to the point where we are one with ourselves in every area and then the more evolved people living in what you would call paradisaical worlds, will we join as the fulfillment of ourselves. Jamie is more qualified in this area in his explanations so as soon as he is finished entering his report to Captain James Galiac Sananda, he will be happy, I know, to assist you. Let us adjourn for now, then, Sister Clara, and tomorrow we will cross you over. (I smile at Sister Clara. – Rania) 3:09 pm

Jamie Explains One Question At A Time

December 15, 2013-12-14

8:13 am

Rania: As Jamie is waiting for the Engineer to diagram his work into the finished product, we will continue at this time with you, Sister Clara.

Jamie: Sister Clara, I am very pleased to meet you! As regards your questions, I will answer them one by one, as far as my intuition and subconscious take me to the well of knowledge. First off, the story of Adam and Eve had no basis in fact but merely a myth from among the books allegedly culled from Moses' in the old testament.

Time, as you call it, there's no "time" on Earth. It was a convenient measurement of our vehicle Earth as it rotates on its axis "24 hours" daily, and revolves round the sun "365 days" we plot as a "year," and so on. There is no TIME, just space-time continuum. We only have the eternal moment of "NOW," (I know you have no sense of time where you are over there.)

On the etheric plane, the experiences of past, present and future happen all at once, but not felt on the earthly plane. From where you are, you are better placed to see that happening "right now!" unless you will yourself to go through the LIGHT which, once you pass through it, what I am saying will be made manifest in all its splendor.

I do not know the time of your "death" but you are not dead. You are just in transition from the earth plane (you are still earth-bound) into the spiritual, etheric, or astral plane. Alright, everything else you have had on Earth, you won't be able to see lest you should cross over. Hey, there's no God. There's no God but us, you and I. I hope I have answered your questions so far.

Rania: So true, love. Sister Clara, there is 'no single God' and as your Bible states: “do ye not know ye are all gods?” (and goddesses) but the Bible was written by man for the most part so the female was rather left out. Highly evolved men when they offer dictation to their scribes never leave the female out.

We do have Creators, just as we procreate and create others; and our creators are the Mancharians, a society so evolved in the Oneness that they could well be considered as "God" by lower evolved individuals who mistakenly do not understand the concept of One, and therein decide that "gods and goddess' are one God. Remember, Sister Clara, everything has its duality. One simply does not exist without the other.

Jamie Explains The Deva Chan

(We had a ten minute pause or so while waiting for Sister Clara to sign in with us, so to speak. – Rania)

(Note: Sister Clara in her next comment is referring back to Jamie's last explanation. - Rania)

8:28 am

Sister Clara: Thank you so much, brilliant man! I will study this on my travels over on the light. One more question, please. What is that light? Is that the light such as the sunshine which lights up the world? Another world, to be sure?

Jamie: You're very welcome, Sister Clara. The light is not as the sun looks to you and me. It's another world where you deserve to be. You and I cannot approach the sun as we know it because our soul body would burn up with the heat. The light on the other hand, is where we all cross to what we call the Deva Chan or place where people wait to be seen by a Council. You will associate with many highly-evolved people, including perhaps many of your relatives who had passed on to welcome you over there.

Sister Clara Cannot Wait To Go Into The Light

Rania: This is so true, Sister Clara. And entry into paradise, itself, only occurs at a time when no reincarnation back to the lower developed societies any longer need manifested. In other words, when all lower lessons are completed then each one of us have earned “by our works” to live upon a world which can only be considered paradise where the money system no longer exists, and the society is not encumbered by religion and their many false teachings.

As Jamie has so eloquently stated, the Deva Chan or place of the waiting will definitely give you a taste of what paradise is like insofar as there is no money system and no religious teaching. You will be attended by helpful and kind people such as you, yourself, are.

Sister Clara: If you will take my hand, loves, Rania and Jamie, and walk with me to that brilliant white light I see..Wow! I will extinguish my flame here and go onto the next. I have the faith of a million Monks, so, here I go again and again, just as I thought it would be.

(Sister Clara did not wait for further explanation but strode purposefully into the light leaving Jamie and myself in open wonder at the determination of this highly evolved woman who never gave up searching for universal principle and truth. – Rania) 8:45 am

(Note: 8:45 am Pacific Mountain Time, Ryley, Alberta Canada. Sister Clara P. Simpson crossed over into the light. Another file closed Jamie. Good Work! Smiles. - Rania out.) 8:45 am

Permission given for publication by Sister Clara P. Simpson, and Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez on December 14, 2013 and December 15, 2013 Ryley, Alberta, Canada, Pacific Mountain Standard Time

Written down by Rania Seila and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Reni Sentana-Ries

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