Six Minute Workout

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Chronicle of a Six Minute Workout routine that went from forty minutes to none.

Six Minute Workout

I made a purchase recently. It was not something that I went looking for, but just happened to find on a shelf in the book store. What attracted it to me was its title. “Six Minute Workout Exercises– Keep your body supple and fit”. What! I could pick any one of the exercises listed in it, do it for six minutes, and be done with it! “This looks wonderful”, I said excitedly, as I picked up the book. “Hmm” said my wonderful husband, in his ever so cautious voice. I have heard that tone of voice before. It was the same tone he had used when I had excitedly announced the start of my earlier projects, but for some reason or the other, could not finish. Like the cooking classes last summer,( It got too hot ) or the painting classes last winter,( It got too cold) or the music lessons in between.( Travel plans intervened) You get the picture. I have a habit of enthusiastically starting various projects, but finishing them? That is another story. The tone was not lost on me. However, I was determined that this project would be different.


I went through the entire book and ear marked a few appealing exercises. I even set aside a time of the day to work on it. I am proud to say that I put this theory into practice the very next day. My daughter, an Yoga instructor, has drummed into my brain, the importance of preparation for any purpose. So, I prepped for the “Six Minute Exercise.” I changed into comfortable Yoga pants and shirt, light weight socks. It took me about ten minutes to get dressed. The exercise mat that my children had presented me the previous year for Mother’s Day was finally put to use. A CD of motivational instrumental music set the tone for the activity. I sat down in Yoga posture, did some deep breathing, and picked up the book. Oh, no! I had forgotten my reading glasses in the bed room. I heaved myself up, and got the glasses. I chose one of the exercises and did it completely. Surprisingly, it did not take too much effort, and indeed felt good. I completed the entire routine, put the book and the mat away, turned off the CD player and changed back into my house clothes. I looked at the clock. The six minute exercise had taken me over forty minutes!

Getting the hang of it.

I continued my daily exercise routine, trying out different sets of exercises mentioned in the book. Each day, it took considerably less time, not because I became adept at it, but because I realized a few facts along the way. It really was not necessary for me to pull out the exercise mat, the carpet was fine. I really did not need the socks, in fact, barefoot was better. And I really did not need to dress up in Yoga clothes; my sweat pants and T shirt were just fine. As for the motivational music, hey, I could hum that in my mind. I was down to just ten minutes for my six minute workout.

Old habits,new book.

After doing this for a couple of weeks, a few days got skipped. I had some errands to run. Unexpected company stopped by. It was my turn to host the neighborhood friendship club. The routine got disrupted. Soon, weeks went by, and so did my six minute workout. My wonderful husband seems not to even recollect our shopping event of that day. The book now occupies a nice show place on the shelf in my TV room, right next to the DVD of 10 minute Yogasanas! I am now working on a new project. I am writing a book! So far, I have the title. It is called “Creatures of habit”.

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author avatar Sunita
20th Nov 2015 (#)

This is very funny! It's true how we are all creatures of habit, but when we really want to we can make a change. Sometimes you don't need a big production to make a change (outfits, yoga mats, etc.) - it can be a small change and it can make a big difference - even in 6 minutes. And there is so much to be said about the word try - you are trying and that in itself is a great step, even if the outcome is not one of a yogini.

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author avatar Shree
6th Oct 2016 (#)

It is realistic and a "Fact-Check" besides humorous.

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