Slavery and it's Contributions to The United States

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This article is about how American culture was influenced by slavery.

Slavery Left it's Mark on the U.S.

Since the beginnings of America, slaves ( now African Americans)  have contributed to the culture of the United States. Many of the foods that Americans eat, the style our houses, and many dances were brought from Africa and have shaped American culture. Some of the things introduced through slavery are still used in today.

We all know that food in American comes from many cultures, and slaves brought many foods with them to the colonies, a few crops that cross the Atlantic with the slaves were yams, watermelon, okra, bambara and rice. Many of the crops that came from Africa became a constant source in the diets of Southerners and profitable for southern planters. The slaves aboard the ships took the knowledge they learned to their new homes and begin growing the foods that were mentioned above. The slaves also build irrigation canals that supported many plantations crop. Last but not least, foods such as the deep fat frying, gumbos, and nut stews made their way to America as a result of slavery.

Just like food African Americans put their stamp on the American dance scene as well, a few that African Americans introduced to America are the Chica, Ombliguide, La Calinda, the Charleston, and the Cakewalk. Many of these dances were adopted and Americanized by European Americans. One dance in particular, the Ombliguide introduced by Central African tribes was a dance strictly for grown people. The dance was performed by four men and women, and had mature dance movements with a navel-to-navel movement. The "ring-shout" is another dance that African-American introduced to America, the dance is performed in counterclock wise circle. The people inside the circle shuffle their feet and shake their hands, the people outside the circle sang, dance and make dramatic gestures, the "ring-shout" mean many things in different African cultures.

Many popular folkore stories also across the Atlantic Ocean as well, stories like Brer Rabbit, Brer Wolf, Brer Bear, and Sis' Nan Goat were part of the Wolof, they were introduced to America by the Hausa, Falina, and Mandinka tribes. The African folk-lore laid the groundwork for nursery rhymes. Other popular West African stories that are taught in classrooms are Hare, Anansi (The story about a Spider), and Uncle Remus.

In closing, African Americans have made major contributions in America, some are still practiced to this day. For example, rice in South Carolina is grown the same way it was in Africa. In addition to the foods mentioned above, the following foods were found and brought aboard slave ships to feed Africans during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: okra, tania, blackeye peas, kidney, and lima beans.


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