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Joe Johnson, was reclining in his favorite chair looking around his basement Man Cave. He enjoyed the serenity of surroundings. On the wall his fifty-two inch T.V., on the table to the left sit his combination stereo and mp3 player, along the walls , are mounted surround sound speakers and Pictures of favorite sports teams; The Detroit Piston basketball team and the Chicago Bears football team.

How the anger Begun

Much of Joe,s anger began by mimicking his father, when he would invite his friends to watch sporting at their home. There would be lots of noise, smoke, and the smell of alcohol in the air. When a team scored, soon the arguing would start and tempers would flare. Over all the noise, Joe,s father stood out the most.Jack Johnson, was his father. He was a big man, athlete build, and a deep voice. Others would back away from Jack, when he raised his voice, because, others knew a fight was about begin. Joe, was thirteen years old and saw this type of behavior from his dad weekly, And Joe, believed what he saw was the way to act.

How Joe's Mother Influence him.

Joe,s mother's name was Janice Johnson, average build and very lady like, but her temper was also very short. He saw arguments between his mother and father. This went on in Joe,s life until he was an adult. These incidents shape Joe,s life in ways that would send him to jail, lose friends, almost lose the love of his life.

Joe,s life as an adult

Just as Joe,s father did. he would invite people over to watch sporting events at his home. The loud noise, smell of alcohol filled the air, just as it was when he was younger. This time it was Joe,s time to be the with voice that carried over the loud noise. And became angry all the time. Joe, turn from a smiling kid into a very angry man. His face would frown up, blood vessels pop out his neck. Soon Joe, found himself friendless and no girl friend because the news had spread about him and his temper. Joe, days in jail and known by policeman from site. Joe, started realize things were getting out control. Joe, started to understand he was just like his mother and father.

Joe, meets the love of his life

At some of his sporting events would come this very beautiful woman named Mary, who was an graduate of Michigan State University. Joe, would ask her out on dates, only to be turn down. It was love at first sight for him, but Mary, refused, not because she didn't feel the same way. But she seen his temper and didn't want take a chances. But on the other hand she thought maybe she would talk with him and convince him to get help. She saw him as very likable and interesting man. As Joe,s anger problem continue to spin out control, she decided to give it a chance after one of Joe,s last incident, where he was arrested for fighting with another man. Joe, knew if didn't get help this time, he would not get a chance to prove to Mary, He's trying. Mary, also felt the same way and decided have a talk with him.

Joe, and Mary, work together

Mary, decided to be at court, when Joe, had to attend. She had this overwhelming feeling of how much she cared for him. She wanted him to know he has an supporter, unknowing to Joe, at the time Mary, was in the courtroom. As Joe, stood facing the judge, awaiting his punishment, he look around the courtroom and saw Mary,. He was surprised and embarrassed. His thoughts were, "just one more chance and i will change my life". The courtroom was quiet and Joe, looked at the judge, he had a stern look on his face. As Joe, prepared himself for what to be. The judge started to talk and lash out to Joe about his behavior and said, "if you don't get help, the next time will be prison. 'You are to get anger management help and six-months probation, dismiss!". As Joe, was leaving the courtroom, Mary, walked to meet him. They were face to face, motionless staring each other in the eyes, until Mary, hugged him tightly and said, "Baby, it will be OK". Joe, was speechless and tears rolled down his face. He held her in his arms, and knew things will be all right.

Gettting Help

Joe, and Mary, decided on an Anger Management program. They pick a good counselor, who explained, " Anger can be caused by both external and internal events. You could be angry at a specific person (Such as a coworker or supervisor) or event (a traffic jam, a canceled flight), or your anger could be caused by worrying or brooding about your personal problems. Memories of traumatic or enraging events can also trigger angry feeling". Images of events, when Joe, was thirteen years old pop in his head; his father fights, his mother temper, fighting other men, and going to jail. Joe, learned how express his anger in a good way. For example, use of breathing techniques, finding ways of calming himself down to suppress his anger, and keeping himself calm. Joe, and Mary, established themselves a good way to communicate, and use humor as a way of not being so serious. Joe,s biggest change was his environment, his man cave now is used to relax with his wife Mary, and their two year old son.


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