Small Wonder

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Something so small can change your world. Turns your life upside down, and you really don't mind. What if things are not perfect?

Things went well...or so you thought. Then the Doctor comes in...

She held her son close. Jenna touched his little hand and watched as her son stretched, yawned and squeaked like a cute puppy, as it rested after eating till it's belly was plump. She gazed at this new life and caressed his head ever so tenderly.
"I'll try to nurse you again, sweetie. In a couple hours. It may take us a little while to get the hang of this." She beamed with joy and her smile seemed to go from ear to ear. Her face start to hurt from smiling so much. Evan would be back and hopefully he could help her relax. She wanted everything to work out, not perfectly, she knew that wouldn't be reasonable. But as close as she could without making her son nervous.

Travis James was born on October 10th at 7:20pm. 9 pounds and 12 ounces and 23 inches long. "Almost ready to play basketball." Evan was a proud daddy. "Just like his Pop and Grandpa." Evan decided to get some coffee or soda. Anything to give him a burst of energy.A very exhausting 26 hours of timing contractions, breathing and focusing on helping Jenna. Jenna had 6 hours of hard labor.

Everything was fine in the end. He had a son and the start of his basketball team. Jenna and Evan teased each other when discussing how many kids they would have. They couldn't afford many, but each figured a couple would be fine. "As long as they're healthy," Evan would repeat each time they talked about it.

After a couple hours, Jenna tried to nurse Travis again. He still couldn't do it. Maybe he wasn't interested in working for his meal. He just wanted it to fall in his mouth. Things just didn't seem right. She couldn't quite put her finger on the problem so she called the nurse. While waiting, Jenna checked Travis over and would do this from time to time. Partially out of wonderment and partially out of curiosity. His skin seemed lighter than her with a yellowish tint. She buzzed the nurse again, "Travis seems to be a yellowish color. Is this normal?"
"On our way," answered the nurse. "We will be right there. The Pediatrician will check him out just to be sure." Jenna sighed. "At least they listened and didn't think I'm a paranoid first time mother."

Dr. Wyn, her obstetrician, cam in. "How are things? Are you able to nurse him? Any problems?" She was pleasant and seemed to take interest in her patients. Jenna was referred to Dr. Wyn through a friend and so far was very pleased. Shortly after Dr. Wyn came in, the Pediatrician showed up.

What Now?

"Hello, I'm Dr. Mason. What seems to be the concern you have?"
He was quite young but seemed very sincere and interested in Travis' well being.
"He looks sort of yellowish to me. Is that normal?" Jenna asked.
"I'd like to take Travis and check him out just to put your mind at ease. It's just a few tests but nothing major or invasive, I will keep you informed." He smiled and waited for her answer. His expression showed he was concerned and his words were kind.
"Thank you, Doctor." Jenna wrapped Travis up in his blanket and watched as her son was taken for the tests. She could feel a little anxiety start up but talker herself into remaining least she tried.

Evan came back with decafe coffee and a bottled water for Jenna. Searching around the room, "Where's my boy!" He was puzzled but tried not to be worried.
"Dr. Mason took Travis for some tests. He looked sort of yellowish. It may have be the lighting in here but the tests won't be long."
Evan was slightly concerned, however he made sure Jenna didn't notice any panic in his voice, "Oh, then why don't we watch a movie till he gets back. There has to be something on cable. I'm in the mood for a comedy."
Comedies were his 'thing' so Jenna started surfing the channels.

Two hours later, Dr. Mason gracefully came into the room. His face was expressionless. Jenna wasn't sure if that was a good thing. Evan tried to break the awkwardness, "Well, my son must be a celebrity. I knew he was the cutest in the nursery."
Dr. Mason smiled gingerly, "He most certainly is a cutie. We've run some test and I want you to know what we found so far." Evan gulped hard. Jenna looked at the Doctor puzzled. Dr. Mason became more serious. "He is limited in his ability to nurse as Jenna mentioned earlier but also has Jaundice. We will put him under special lighting and monitor his progress. He can use a bottle, we tried it and he is doing fine with it. I know this is unexpected but Jaundice is more common these days. Do you have any questions?" The air seemed stale now.

Brighter Days Ahead?

Four hours later, a nurse brought Travis in to her before he was to go under the special lights. Evan looked deep in his son's eyes. It seemed as if Travis starred back. Seemed they said 'I love you' when their eyes locked. "Hey buddy, Papa loves you bunches. You're a fighter and so strong. You'll be just fine."

Jenna held back tears as she watched her son and the love of her life bond. "Yes Travis, you're a fighter just like your papa. We love you so much."

The nurse came and took Travis to the lighting room. Evan and Jenna held each other and both sighed very heavily as if to try and anticipate their next move.

"I need to take a nap," Evan looked tired.
"So do I. We can talk when we're both rested," Jenna agreed.

It's Time

Being rested felt good. Jenna knew the discussion with Evan was going to be emotional. So many questions were swimming in her head.
Jenna waited for Evan to wake up. She gazed at him as he slept in the chair which she knew was not very comfortable. Evan opened his eyes slightly.
"You're watching me sleep again. Do you do that often?" Evan slowly sat up in the chair.
"Only when I see someone that's worth watching. You still talk in your sleep," Jenna grinned.
"Did I say anything you could understand?"
"Not really, just mumbling mostly. Kind of amusing."
"Good thing you don't have to pay for the entertainment. I'd have to give your money back." Evan craved another cup of coffee.
"Could you go to the cafeteria and get me juice?" Jenna asked. "The raspberry apple is quite good."
"Sure," he said stretching. "Give me a chance to wake up and page me if the doctor comes while I'm gone." Jenna nodded.

As Evan came back he saw Dr. Mason enter Jenna's room. His walk turned into a swift trot.
Dr. Mason put papers and forms on Jenna's bed tray. "Please have a seat. Sorry for the waiting but it's been busy." He took a deep breath. "Travis is very blessed. The yellowing is fading since we put him under the lights. His Jaundice was a light case and he has no signs of any other problems. Blood tests have all come back normal. We ran them twice to make sure and all look good." Dr. Mason smiled, "He is really blessed with parents like you."

Evan and Jenna just looked at each other and smiled. As soon as Dr. Mason left the room, they hugged each other.


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20th Apr 2011 (#)

This is such a sweet story Diana! Loved it!

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