Smart Cat in Boots and Friends

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It is rewritten version of Puss in Boots, a classic fairy tale, written by Charles Perrault with some additional characters in it. Besides, additional plots occur in the story with fable, Gothic, and fantasy touch. In this story, a small cat tells his experience to help his master and fight for freedom against evil organization, called Tyranium.

Chapter I: Saving a White Cat

Hi, my name is Hans Brainy Puss. I am Assistant Marquise. My master, Marquise of Carabas, calls me Puss but puss is not my name. Puss is the call name for all cats. Some people say that I am cheater but I am not really bad. I just use my brain and small trick to solve the problems.

In some culture, cat is symbol of luck. Some people say I bring luck to my master. However, luck is like yummy soup. You need to prepare a bowl as the place for the luck and the bowl is action.
Friends, I am going to tell you the secret story of my master’s success.

Once upon a time, in cold night in the jungle, none could warm me. It was difficult for me to sleep. The scream was really annoying.

“Meow! Arrg!”
It was not only the scream. It was a cat’s cry.

I went to the source of sound and then climbed a big tree. A white cat was crying in a small cage.

“Arrggh! Meow!”
“Don’t worry white cat. I’ll sell you to the new rich master,” said a man with brown coat.
“Rich master? It’s the time to change my life. I want that man sell me to a rich master. I will have rich family,” I murmured.
I imagined luxurious place, yummy meat, and abundance in rich master’s castle.
“If nobody wants you, I will kill you, eat you, and make a muff of your white skin.”

Spying them from hidden place, I got an idea. I wanted the kidnaper sell me to the rich master.

While the kidnaper and his horse were sleeping, I was moving stealthily to the cage. I stood behind the white cat’s cage.

“Meow! Hi, bro!” I called him in a whisper.
“Hi! Hello!” I called him again with louder volume.

I did not see his ear’s movement. It seemed that he could not hear my voice.

“Hey, you!” Someone snapped at me.

He was the kidnapper. He woke up because of my voice but the white cat did not hear me. Was the white cat deaf?

A brown horse stood near the kidnapper.

“Thunder, I can handle it.” The kidnapper calmed his horse.
“Your voice disturbs me, dirty cat!” Kidnaper snapped at me.
“Well, I am just… I want to submit my application. I want to apply for rich master’s pet position. I know you open the opportunity and I am the right candidate.” I forced my self to smile at him.
I hoped he was impressed with my very short presentation.
“Go away! Dirty cat!”
The kidnapper threw a stone at me but instinctively I dodged.
“Whoa! Whoa! Sir, you like this white cat because he is good-looking but he has no quality. I am funny and smart cat. I am high dedicated cat. This white cat has no motivation to serve rich master. Don’t force him! Just choose me!” I smiled at him.

“Dirty cat! You are not qualified.”

Suddenly, he kicked me. I ran away but he did not hunt me.
I lost the opportunity to be rich master’s pet and I decided to sleep. I tried to close my eyes but something made me worry. I was supposed to help the white cat. My brain was spinning fast to find the way to save the white cat.

When kidnaper and his horse were sleeping, I moved stealthily to kidnapper’s horse. Then, I untied the horse from a tree.

“Hi, slowly creature, wake up.” I whispered at the horse’s ear.
The brown horse opened his eyes and he saw me in curiosity.
“Slow horse! You are slower than the slow animal.” I mocked him.
I kicked his nose and he stood angrily.
“I will kick you little weak cat!”

In a rage, the brown horse was running after me. I was running through sinuous pathway to make the horse’s speed slower. In a sharp bend of pathway, I jumped to the underbrush to hide. The horse did not see me. Madly, the horse kept running on the pathway to hunt me.

“Hi! Thunder! Come back!” The kidnaper shouted, running after his horse.

He left the white cat alone. I went to the cage through the underbrush. I saw the white cat sleeping. I took a stone and struck the cage’s padlock with it three times to open the cage but the white cat was still enjoying his sleep. I shook his body and he opened his eyes.

“Are you speaking English?” I asked.

His blue eyes were looking at me. He did not say anything, responding my question with gesture. He was a deaf cat. I knew from blue ribbon around his neck that his name was All-White.

Due to the limited time, we ran away from the jungle. I accompanied All-White to go home. The distance was far enough to make me tired and reduce my fat. Then, we stopped in front of wooden hut.

“Is it your home?” My index finger pointed a small hut.
All-White nodded his head.
“Hi, All-White! You are back. You make us worry.” A Siamese cat welcomed All-White and hugged him.

“All-White? Where did you go?” A young man said.
“Someone kidnapped him.” I said.
“Oh, thank you. You have saved his life. What’s your name?” The young man asked me.
“I did not save him. We just ran together. My name is Hans.”
“I am Joe P. Miller. Call me Joe.” A young man made introduction.
“So, what is ‘P’ in your name?”
“Potatoes, because the late my father loved to eat sweet potatoes.”
“Hi, I am Thong Paw. I am All-White’s close friend” A Siamese cat shook my hand.

I was happy to have new friends but I was too tired and sleepy. I showed a yawn to make them understand that I needed to take a rest.

“Puss, we need to rest. We can talk tomorrow. Come in.” Joe invited us to come in his hut.

I was so tired. I slept deeply and dreamed hundreds of sausages. It was beautiful dream.

Chapter II: Puss’s New Family

In the morning, I met Thong Paw and All-White in front of the hut.

“Puss! Puss!” Joe called us.
Thong Paw and All-White ran to approach Joe.
“Hey! Hans! It’s breakfast time. Come on!” Thong Paw invited me.

Joe gave us some milk and food. We really enjoyed our breakfast.

After breakfast, we had chit-chat to share our experiences. I was happy to be with them but it was not my home. I was only a guest.

“Um, bro, thank you for the meal but I must go now.”
All-White touched my shoulder. He nodded his head to forbid me to go.

“Hans, where will you go? Do you have business to do?” Thong Paw asked.

“Er, Um…” I was confused to answer because I did not know where I would go.

“Hans, if you like, you can live with us. You can be member of our family.” Joe smiled at me.
“Family? Love? Care? Warm hugs? Is it true?” I asked for confirmation.
“Is it good to be true?” Joe touched my shoulder.

One of my dreams was to have family. To be a member of family was good idea. Even if Joe was not rich man, I felt he was a good man. He sincerely welcomed me. It was the first time a family accepted me warmly.

“Hans, my master really loves cats. He is our best friend.” Thong Paw whispered to me.
“I am happy here and now I am your brother. I will be with you.” I smiled at them.

They welcomed me with warm hugs and I became the member of their family.

Joe loved Thong Paw, All-White, and me. Even if Joe could not give us a lot of foods, we were happy. Joe loved and accepted us as who we were. Joe deserved to be my master.

Joe had two brothers. Joe was the youngest. Before dying, Joe’s father had divided all his property between his three sons. His father did not need to call lawyer because he had nothing to leave but his mill, his donkey, and his cats. Henry, Joe’s oldest brother had the mill. Ted, his elder brother had a donkey, called Eddy Donkey. Joe was quite unhappy at having so poor a share. Joe only had two cats, called All-White and Thong Paw. They were supposed to unite as a great team. Unfortunately, Henry married a pretty but stingy woman, called Shopalot. Greediness conquered Henry’s mind after he got married. Henry decided not to share the mill with Joe and Ted. Fortunately, Ted had a donkey and he could get money from the people who hire his donkey to carry their goods. Ted married a woman from other village and became a chief of the village. Then, Joe had to be independent and he worked hard through various temporary jobs to get money. Sometimes, he helped the smith. Sometimes, he helped the farmers. Sometimes, he hunted to get food. Joe had no permanent job but that condition made Joe become person with many talents. I had to help Joe. I wanted him happy.

Chapter III: Joe Miller Saves Princess and I Save Pretty Cat

Once in the morning, Joe and I were in the market of neighboring village. I saw many people and street cats there. I saw interesting scene. I saw sausages at the food stall. The sausages smelt like yummy.

My master was looking at a beautiful woman who carried a female Egyptian cat. I could feel that his mind was attached to her.

“Hey, Master Joe!” I called him but he did not realize my existence.
“Hello!” I spoke louder.
“Joe, you are not stalker, aren’t you?” I asked.
“Hmm..No..No..” Joe tried to deny.

Joe’s face was turning either pink or white. My sensitive ears heard his heart beating faster. It might be his physical reaction toward love.

“If you are not stalker, come to her and introduce your self.” I spoke to him as if I had been his guru.
I knew he was nervous from his face.
“Just say pick-up line?”
“I don’t know how to say.”
“Psst! It is the secret. According to research of some linguists, the best pick-up line is ‘hi’.” I whispered.

“That’s not the secret. Everyone knows it. What if she rejects me?”

“Kick out your ‘what-if.’ Everybody has experience of being rejected. If you do not do something, you will regret.” I motivated him.

“So, what should I do now?”

“Joe, you are my master. Be an alpha male creature. I means.. Be an alpha man. Show that you are cocky. No, don’t be cocky. You must be confidence and funny. That’s how I attract female cats. ” I hoped that this short dating advice would be helpful.

“Okay! I’ll try now.” Joe took a deep breath to overcome his nervousness.

Joe approached her. I saw they had conversation. I could not hear what they were talking about but their eyes showed that they liked each other. The Egyptian cat, which the woman carried, was beautiful and exotic. That female cat saw me. When she knew that I saw her, she threw a glance to another place to avoid eye contact with me. Suddenly, someone snatched the woman’s Egyptian cat and ran.

“Hey! You!” She was chasing the snatcher.
“Hans!” Joe called my name and we ran after the snatcher. The snatcher ran fast through the crowd and to the narrow alley. The snatcher stopped on the dead-end alley and group of ten men came. The snatcher showed his winning smile. The ten men were his friend. They were gangsters.

“Give back to me!” The woman asked the gangsters to give the cat to her.

“I’m sorry. We need this type of cat for our master’s experiment,” said one of them.

“Who’s your cruel master?” She asked.
“Ogregoth.” The snatcher answered.
“Ah, you must be rich.” The snatcher guessed, looking at her necklace.

“Give us all your money or we kill you!”
The snatcher pulled the woman’s hair and she screamed.
“Hey, don’t hurt her!” Joe shouted at the snatcher and punched his face.

The snatcher was staggering at his feet.
“Hit him!” An athletic man in long flowing robe with black crow on his right shoulder commanded the gangsters.

The gangster was attacking Joe. They were not Joe’s equal opponents. I was standing, shaking my butt to make me ready to attack. Honestly, I was nervous but I tried to calm down by breathing in and out deeply. My mind ran faster, downloading the idea if any. Joe became their punching bag and he was punch-drunk. A man in black robe knocked Joe down. Then, he chocked Joe.

“It’s time to act.” I clawed at my opponent's face and bit his ear.
“Ouch! Little creep!”

Joe punched the snatcher’s head and pushed to the wall. The snatcher flew in a rage. He held my neck firmly and threw me down forcefully. Luckily, I landed with my feet. Suddenly, the man in black robe kicked me. Instinctively, I blocked his kick with both of my hand but his power was too strong for me.

I was dizzy. My vision faded away. Scene of fighting between Joe and the gangster was just a blur. The beautiful woman’s face was faintly visible. I felt that I was flying. I felt no pain. Everything faded away and became dark.

“It’s not time to faint. Faint heart cannot win. I must get up and fight.” I tried to get up.

I was breathing in and out deeply to recover my condition. Then, I tried to open my eyes. Everything was still faintly visible.

“Cats..! Action..!” Someone gave command.
I was familiar with that voice.
“Miaaww! Grrrrhh!” I heard the voice of angry cats attacking the gangsters.

My vision became better. The cats’ leader was my old friend, Rudy Uppercat. I knew his reputation. He was strong fighter.

“I will fight for you.” Uppercat said.

Uppercat and other cats were attacking the gangsters. The cats was scratching and biting the gangster. There might be thirty, forty, or sixty cats. It was difficult for me to count.

“You make trouble in my area. Do you know why people call me Uppercat? I will show you.”

His uppercuts were hitting the gangsters.
A black crow was swooping down and scratching the cats.

“Hey Crow! Come to Papa! Come to Papa!” Uppercat challenged the crow to attack him.

When the crow swooped down to him, Uppercat jumped and knocked the crow down with his uppercut.

“Friends! I am back!” I joined the fight.

I punched a gangster who grabbed the Egyptian cat and bit his ear. I hit him repeatedly and knocked him down. The Egyptian cat used the opportunity to escape. I grunted and jumped on one of the gangster and clawed at his face.

“Stop or I kill her!” The man in black robe touched the woman’s neck with his sword.

Everyone stopped fighting. Everyone paid attention to gangster’s leader.

I could read the text on his pedant. His name might be Pothox. He might be their leader.

“You cannot defeat my undefeated Master Ogregoth. He will be the conqueror of this world.” Pothox said.
“Ogre what? We don’t know him. Is he an idol or actor? You should show us his portrait to make us afraid.” I said.

“Just give that Egyptian cat to me!” Pothox shouted.
“I can’t. She is my girl friend. Why do you want Egyptian? Why don’t you choose me?” I smiled at him.

“Master Ogregoth needs the blood of an Egyptian Mao breed for his experiment to make poisonous weapon.”
“I think you choose the wrong cat. You don’t need her blood. She is cold blooded girl.” I said.

“You shut up!” Pothox stared at me with a menacing look.

We were in difficult position. We did not want sacrifice the Egyptian cat to save the beautiful woman. We would save both of them.

“Although you are scary, I think basically you are good person. Hmm not really good .. but .. normal. You are just forced to do bad thing. Sometimes, someone, who gets oppressed, tends to oppress others. Well, we can find the peaceful way to solve your problem.” I tried to negotiate.

“Don’t waste my time! That cat or her life!” Pothox pulled the woman’s hair.

Suddenly, an arrow flied and hit right hand of Pothox.
“Aw!” Pothox screamed.

He dropped his sword. The beautiful woman kicked him and ran to keep a distance from him.

“Freeze!” Two man, holding crossbows, said.
“Peter? Patrick? Thank you.” The beautiful woman looked happy to see those two men.

Those two men looked alike. They might be twins.
“The situation is under control, Princess Lily.” Peter said.
“Princess? They call her princess?” I murmured, looking at the beautiful woman.

“Thanks, God! You save us.” Princess Lily expressed her gratitude.

“Don’t move!” Patrick said, peering at a gangster who was walking closer to Princess Lily.

“You are looking for trouble. Master Ogregoth will send his Tyranium to kill you all.” Pothox said in anger.

“We are special soldiers. We are ready to fight for our kingdom and save the people.” Peter said.

“Just go away and you will be OK” Patrick threatened the gangsters.

Pothox, his crow, and his gangsters ran away.
“Princess Lily, it’s time to go back to the castle. The King worries about you.” Peter said.
“Just a minute!” Princess Lily said.
“Nice to meet you! Are you OK?” Princess Lily smiled at Joe.
“Yeah.. Um.. Princess Lily. I forget my pain when I see you.” Joe was nervous.

“I am Joe.” Joe shook her hand.

Princess Lily’s face turned pink. I saw their pink aura – the aura of love. I could feel the wave of love. Their eyes met. Princess Lily gave her handkerchief to Joe.

“Princess, in some story, you should kiss your hero.” I said to Princess Lily.
“Hans!” Joe warned me.
“Ops! OK! I will not disturb you.”
I thought it was the right time for me to see the Egyptian cat.

“Hey! Don’t forget something.” I opened the pick-up line to the female Egyptian cat.
“Forget what?” The Egyptian cat asked.
“This! A hero deserves something.” I pointed my cheek, smiling at her.

“Kiss? A hero? You are just a naughty boy.” She said.
“Naughty..hah..Naughty boy but you like him. I did not ask for a kiss. I asked you to see if any dust mite on my cheek.” I smiled at her.

“Neferkitty! Let’s go home!” Princess Lily called her Egyptian cat.
“Neferkitty? Why don’t they call you ‘never here’, ‘never nice’ or ‘never reject me’?” I smiled at her.

“Never reject you? Just call me ‘never happen’” She answered briefly.
Princess Lily, Neferkitty, and two soldiers waved their hand to say good bye.

“Neferkitty! My name is Hans, Hans Brainy! I am sure you’ll always remember me!”
“Ha ha! In your dream Hans.” Neferkitty answered.
“Yeah, in your dream.” I responded her.

After Princess’s departure, Joe and I went home. It was tiring day but it made me happy to have friends.

Chapter IV: The Gifts from Fallen Fairy

In the middle of the night, I saw Joe looking at the stars.
“There is Princess Lily at the sky, isn’t it?” I smiled at him.

“What” His face was blushing.
“Come on! Be honest, Master Joe. You are thinking of her, aren’t you?”

“How do you know?” Joe asked me.
“You are falling in love.”
“Ah, that’s not important anymore.”
“Why?” I asked him.
“She has blue blood. I am just ordinary person who can only dream.” Joe answered.

“Master Joe, there is no blue blood. Our blood is red. If you don’t believe it, ask the hospital.” I gave advice to Joe.

“It’s not about the color. It’s about social status. It’s about low or high status.” Joe said.

“Listen to your heart. What does it say honestly? If you want change, you must change. Be you best self. You have to do something. Look! There are so many stars. If you cannot go there, you can go there.” My index finger pointed one star and another

“But how? Is it possible?”
“Of course, it is.”
“I am not rich person. I am not charming. I have no field. I have no horse. I have no goody shoes. I have no..”

“You don’t need to buy love.” I interrupted.
“But we need money to live.”
“You can have them all.”

“How? Should I sell my body to hospital or sell my soul to devil?” Joe asked me.

“Don’t sell your thin body. It will be cheap. You don’t enough meat to get the best price. Even, cats are not interested to eat you. Don’t sell your soul to devil. You are too nice and the devil doesn’t like you.”

I was touching his shoulder and said, “Joe, if you think it’s possible, you are right. If you think it’s impossible, you are also right. It’s about state of your mind. It’s about choice and action.”

The night became more silent. From his face, I knew that Joe thought of my last sentences. My sentences burnt his desire.

“Look! Shooting star! Pray and make a wish!” I pointed the shooting star with my index finger.

Joe saw it and we closed our eyes to make a wish. Suddenly, my sensitive mustache gave sign to me that a flying object was going to hit us. I opened my eyes and I saw potential trouble.

“Joe, the meteor will strike us! Watch out!” I pushed Joe to save him. We were safe but it grazed Thong Paw’s body when he was walking closer to us.

“Ouch!” Thong Paw screamed and fell down. Then, the meteor landed on the underbrush.

“Paw!” Joe worried about Thong Paw’s condition.
“Ouch! Where is my head? Is it still here?” Thong Paw laid and touched his head.

“Where is my heart? Where is my heart?” Thong Paw touched his chest.
“Your heart is in the right position and so is your head. I think you need CPR.” I said.
“Yuck! No! No! Keep your stink mouth from mine! I can handle it.”

“Meow! Meow!” I heard All-White’s voice behind me. The incident made All-White wake up. Even if All-White was deaf, he could sense the quake caused by the meteor crash.

“Meow! Meow!” All-White was curiously looking at the light on underbrush where the meteor had landed. He observed the bright green light.

“What is it?” I asked.
“Not ‘it’ but ‘she’” Thong Paw looked at a small fairy with green aura.

The fairy had bird wings.
“Perhaps, someone hijacked her flight.” I said.
“Hey, she is still alive!” Tong Paw saw that she was breathing.

“Miaw! Miaw!” All-White said.
“Puss, we must save her.” Joe said.
They brought the fairy into the hut and gave her first aid.

That night was very cold and Joe covered her with blanket.

“Where am I?” The fairy came to after her fainting spell.
“Relax. You are safe here.” Joe said.
The fairy opened her beautiful eyes. I saw sadness in her eyes.

“Thank you.” The fairy said.
“You need to take a rest.” Thong Paw said to her.
“I want to tell you something now.”
“Tea?” Joe offered a cup of tea.

The aroma of tea made her more relax and she drank the tea.

“Hi, I am Hans, Hans Brainy Puss.”
“I am Kinnary, the jungle fairy.” The fairy said.
“I am Joe, Joe P. Miller.”
“I am Thong Paw and he is All-White.” Thong Paw introduced All-White to Kinnary.

She drank her tea again and felt more relaxed.

“Do you know Ogregoth from Tyranium?” She asked.
“We’ve ever heard that evil name from gossip.” I said.

“He is cruel tyrant. His evil organization grows stronger and he wants to conquer this world. He wants all creatures to be his slaves. ”

“He is psychologically sick. Is he a monster?” Joe said.
“Um..Not really monster. He is a handsome man but he has supernatural power. Unfortunately, he chooses the wrong path.” Kinnary said.

“What path?” Thong Paw asked.
“Psycho path.” She replied.

“To gain the power, he has made deal with darkness and he can transform himself into an ogre. He has magic pedant which can transform him into whatever he wants. To conquer the world, he needs strong weapons and soldiers and his organization conducts military experiment. His power is based on people’s fear. He catches children, animals, and other creatures and uses them for his experiments. He also treats the villagers as his slave.”

“And.. what happens to your jungle?”

“The Tyranium soldiers cut almost all of our trees because they need to sell them to get money for their war fund. They also build posts and laboratory in the jungle and villages. The bigger their organization is, more barren the forest will be. They try to make poisonous weapon. The waste from their laboratory pollutes the rivers. They also do not care if their deeds also cause landslide.”

“Do people protest their deed?” Joe asked.

“They catch the demonstrators. They attack everyone who does not agree with them. We have made cooperation with good ogres to protect the jungle but Tyranium is too strong. Ogregoth can invite the devilish soldiers from underworld because he has Dark Mirror. Dark Mirror is the portal to underworld. While I was running away, his devilish soldiers were shooting us with their arrows and I fell down here.” Kinnary said sadly.

“So, Ogregoth wants to conquer Far Dice first?” Joe worried about it.

“He has conquered some part of Far Dice.” Kinnary said.
“Naturally, Far Dice is like paradise. However, when someone with ambition tries to conquer the Far Dice and exploit it, this paradise becomes hell.” Thong Paw said.

“I think we should find a knight who can defeat Ogregoth.” Joe said.

“It’s not easy. There is old prophesy. A man with black axe will break Dark Mirror and he will rule Far Dice.” Kinnary said.

“I do not really believe prophesy but we must find the knight.” Joe commented.

“But.. I think there is something wrong with prophesy because now Ogregoth has the Black Axe and Dark Mirror. He may be the knight who will cut the mirror.” Kinnary said.

“And.. He can be..” Joe interrupted.
“King of Far Dice.” Kinnary said.

“Okay, don’t blame prophesy. I don’t know whether I believe it or not but it’s the time for us to do something. Joe, we can ask for King’s help. I know Princess Lily, the king’s daughter likes you.” I said to Joe.

“That’s not good idea. It’s not personal. Do you think I can persuade King to attack Ogregoth?” Joe said.

“It’s combination of business and pleasure. First, you have chance to approach Princess Lily. You will have romantic relationship. Second, you can ask for the king’s help to save this country. We can do it. Feel your burning desire and do something.” I convinced him.

“That’s good idea. I have tried to contact the king but he cannot hear me. Only a few people can see and hear fairy’s voice. All animals and some creature with magical power can communicate with us. The king will only listen to you, Joe.” Kinnary said.

“I am just poor people. It’s difficult for a man like me to approach the king.” Joe said.

“We will build your personal brand, Joe. I am an expert of personal branding. Kinnary, I think you can help us with your magic. Do you remember when a fairy like you helps Cinderella? Can you give us something like what Jinn gave to Aladdin?” I said to Kinnary.

“Mm, I’ll give you something.” Kinnary closed her eyes to concentrate.

“She must create glass shoes, wonderful carriage, a castle, or a winged horse.” Thong Paw whispered.

We saw beautiful light on the floor but it was not a wonderful carriage. It was only a small box.

“There must be small but precious things in it.” I opened the box.

“Only these?” I was disappointed when I saw a hat, boots, sandals, two swords and some small stones and books in the box.

“It’s not magic. I only bring my deposit box here. What I can do is only small magic.” She smiled.

“Is that magical swords?” Joe asked.
“No.” She answered.
“Are they magical boots?” I asked.
“No.” She replied.
“How about this one?”

“It’s OK. We can treat them special even if they are not special.” I said.

“But the stones have magical power.” Kinnary said.
“The stones can protect us, can’t they?” Thong Paw said.
“Just for communication.” Kinnary said.

“Bring one.” Kinnary asked me to hold one stone.
“And you bring one.” Kinnary asked Joe to hold one stone.

“Now, imagine that you want to speak with Hans and say hello to the stone.” Kinnary said.

“Hello! Hello!” Joe said.

“Hello! Hello!” I heard Joe in my stone which I held.
“So, we can make distance communication with these stone.” I said.

“Exactly.” She said.

“You can also learn about etiquette, chivalry, swordsmanship and other knowledge from these books.” Kinnary said.

“Joe, I have big plan and tomorrow, we will start to learn together. You will have special training program.” I said.

“It’s for Far Dice!” She raised her right hand.

“For Far Dice!” We replied.

Day by day, Joe was learning and practicing to be a noble man. Kinnary was a trainer in his training program and I became trainer assistant. Joe learned archery, boxing, fencing, etiquette, dancing, and anything in chivalry.

Chapter V: A New Team Member Called Thunder

Once in the morning, after jogging, Thong Paw, All-White and I were walking in the meadow. I smelled fresh cut-grass and heard the birds chirping.

“Arrgh!” All-White screamed.

All-White whiskers were pulled back toward his face. He flattened his face against the side of his head. His dilated pupils and bristling arched tail showed that he was frightened and in defensive position.

“Khhhh!” All-White spitted furiously.
“Do you remember me? It’s the time to smack you down.” A brown horse said in anger.

“Mm.. We had business but it’s over now.” I said.
“Not yet!” The horse said.

I remembered when All-White had been kidnapped. That horse was the kidnapper’s horse, called Thunder.

“Oh, I do apologize if I have hurt your feeling. Your master kidnapped All-White and I had no choice.” I said.

“I will forgive you if I crack you bone.” The brown horse said.

“Hey! They are my friend. I will protect them.” Thong Paw was wagging his tail. He was ready to fight.

“If you are with my enemy, then you are my enemy. Who are you small animal?” Thunder said.

“I am Thong Paw, a Siamese kick boxer.”
“I am Thunder. Are you ready now?” Thunder challenged Thong Paw.

Quickly, Thunder moved his head to bite Thong Paw but Thong Paw jumped attacked Thunder’s head with his punches and kicks repeatedly. Madly, Thunder raised his front feet. It was ready position to step on Thong Paw’s head. Quickly, Thong Paw ducked down and swept Thunder’s feet with his foot. Thunder lost his balance and fell down. Thunder got up and he was ready to attack again.

“Whoa! Whoa! Stop fighting!” A donkey interrupted the fight.
“Thunder, they are my friend.” The donkey said to Thunder.
“Eddy Donkey?” Thong Paw looked at the donkey.
“Long time no see.” The donkey said.
“Who is he?” I asked Thong Paw.
“He is Ted’s donkey. Joe is Ted's brother.” Thong Paw said.
“So, you are our family.” I said.

“He is Hans, the new member in our big family.” Thong Paw introduced Hans to Eddy Donkey.

“Thunder, where is your master? Do you spy us?” I interrogated him suspiciously.

“His master leaves him.” Eddy Donkey said.

“My master betrayed me. He sold me to Ogregoth.” Thunder said sadly.

“Ogregoth has great power. Why don’t you follow him?” I said.

“Ogregoth wants to use me in his experiment. He has killed many animals.”

I saw Thunder’s tears drop.

“Ogregoth also sent his Tyranium soldiers to attack my village. He arrested my master and other villagers. They became slaves in Tyranium castle.” Eddy Donkey said.

“But.. Eddy could run and save me.” Thunder said.
“I don’t know how..” Eddy Donkey cried.
“It will be OK. Trust me. It will be OK.” Thong Paw hugged Eddy donkey, calming him.
“We will release your master Ted. We must unite to fight against tyranny.” Thong Paw said.

“Thunder, I need your help. Would you help us to train our master?” I said.
“Thunder, you can join our team.” Thong Paw said.
“Together, we can do even better.” Eddy Donkey said.
“OK, I am with you” Thunder said.

Since that moment, we were one team. Thunder, the horse, helped Joe in horsemanship training.

Joe’s achievement in training program was not perfect but we could not wait perfection in everything to take action. In the cold night, we gathered in front of the hut.

“Joe, we will start our action tomorrow.” I said.

All-White and Thong Paw brought the box and put it on the ground. I opened the box and gave a pair of boots and a hat to Joe.

“What?” Joe asked.
“Joe, try these!” I said.

“They are too small for me.” Joe said, looking at boots and the hat.

“They are XXS. Let me try.” I tried to wear that pair of boots and hat.

“I think I haven’t ready yet. The luck doesn’t stand by me.” Joe said.

“We cannot wait for good luck. You will help your brother and other people, won’t you?” Thong Paw said to Joe.

“Yes, I will but I think the plan about the king is..”

“Joe! It’s not the time to give up. We cannot wait for luck. You can change your destiny if you develop your character. You will find you are not as ill off as you suppose.” I interrupted.

“Master Joe! My ancestor was just lowly donkey in the village near Jerusalem. Every people thought he was stupid. One day, a King of Peace trusted and chose him for his triumphal entry to Jerusalem. My ancestor became special guest star and the event has been written in the best seller book in this world.”

“Mm.. I know that book. Priests always read that book.” Thong Paw said.

“Everyone deserves better life. Joe, you must be strong to protect weak people.” Kinnary said.

Their encouragement to Joe worked well. I saw burning desire in his eyes back.

“Joe, I’ll find good costume for you.” I said.
“Can I wear these small sandals?” Thong Paw said.
“Of course, you can.” Joe said.

“Tomorrow, we will start to approach the king. This is my plan.” I said, drawing chart on the ground to explain my plan. Although Joe did not much depend upon my words, still he thought it rather surprising that a cat had brilliant idea. I was not sure whether my friends understood my presentation but I was sure they had intentions to realize my plan.

“Guys, that’s all my presentation. Good night! Have a nice dream!”

I closed my presentation because it was time to sleep.

I wore a pair of boots and hat, looking at my reflection at the mirror.

“I have got my boots. What an attractive cat!” I said to my self.

“I am Hand Brainy Puss, The Cat in Boots!” I said, drawing a sword.

Chapter VI: Presents for the King from Marquis of Carabas

The following day, Kinnary appeared to me.

“Puss, I have news about the King.” Kinnary said.

“Tell me!”

“When The King and his guards went hunting, a group of assassins tried to kill the King.”

“Who sends the assassins?” Thong Paw said.

“Ogregoth,” Kinnary replied, ”Orgregoth wants to conquer the kingdom.”

“Is the King okay?” I worried.

“His twin guards, Peter and Patrick, could defeat the assassins but the assassins killed their horses. They are in the jungle now. They must go back to the palace but they don’t have any vehicle.”

“The King and his guards must be hungry. We must send food for them. Eddy! Thong Paw! Could you help me to find food for the king?”

“Hans, I will be back to monitor King’s condition. I will give you updated information about the King.” Kinnary said, flying to the sky.

“Take care!” I said.

Eddy Donkey, Thunder, Thong Paw, and I prepared our stuffs and went for hunting.

In the jungle, I saw something white moving faster in front of us.

“What’s that?” I said.
“That’s Racing Hare, the fastest runner in this jungle. He is always boasting about his speed.” Thong Paw said.

“Hey! How slow can you go? Catch me if you can! Slow animals!” Racing Hare mocked us.

“I will catch you and eat you!” Thong Paw said angrily.
Racing Hare was running and Thong Paw was running after him.

“I will catch you. You will see my horse power speed.” Thunder said, chasing Racing Hare.

Racing Hare had won many races. His speed was faster than my friends’ speed.

“He is too fast. He is to fast.” Thunder said in gasp and pant.

“No animal can break his record.” Thong Paw said.
“Friends, don’t forget our goal here! We should get food for the King.” Eddy Donkey reminded us.

“I have an idea. We will catch Racing Hare. He is special. We will give special hare for the king.” I said.

“How so?” asked Thong Paw.
“He can run faster than we can.” Thunder said.

“In life competition, speed is not enough.” I said.

I drew my plan on the ground and explained it briefly to them. We put some bran and lettuces into my bag and I stretched my self out beside it as if I were dead. I was waiting for Racing Hare peeping into the sack to eat the food that was inside. This happened very shortly. Racing Hare came to my trap. Racing Hare put his head inside my bag to eat the food.

“It’s the time for you to cry, boastful animal!” I drew the cords immediately, and took him in my bag.

“Hans, you catch him.” Thong Paw congratulated me.
“It is bad day for him.” Eddy Donkey said.
“Don’t kill me! Don’t eat me!” Racing Hare cried.

“We will not eat you. I am a horse. I eat grass but you will be the King’s meal.” Thunder said, laughing at Racing Hare.

“I have family. I have to feed to my kids. I want to live.” Racing Hare whined.

I could not bring my self to imagine his family’s condition without him. I did not have merciless heart to kill him. If I killed him, his family missed him and I made his family sad. I opened my bag and pulled him out.

“You are free now. You can bring these foods. Shut your boastful mouth!” I said.

“Thank you! Thank you! What’s your name? I should know your name because you are the first animal who can catch me.”

“Hans! Hans Brainy Puss, the Cat in Boots! You must go now or I will change my mind.”

“OK! OK! I will go now. Bye!” Racing Hare was running quickly.
“Why?” Thong Paw said.
“You have just missed the food for king.” Thunder said.

“Bro! We do not need to hurt or sacrifice others to achieve our goal. King needs food but the King’s real problem is that he needs vehicle. He needs a horse.” I said.

Thong Paw, Eddy Donkey, and All-White were looking at Thunder.
“What?” Thunder said.
“Thunder, would you like to be a King’s horse?” I asked.
“Royal horse?” Thunder said.

His pupils became bigger. They showed that he was happy with my plan.

“Now, let’s go to meet the king.” I said.

Thong Paw went home while Thunder, Eddy Donkey and I went to meet the king. In the forest, I saw three people roasting the fishes. Two of them were Peter and Patrick. I remembered their face. The old man with them must be the King.

"Mm.. smell good." I said.
"Smell of fresh cut grass is better." Eddy Donkey said.
"Yeah, fish is not delicious." Thunder said.
"Taste is not subject for debate." I said.

Peter was aware of our presence and he stopped us.

"Who are you?" Peter snapped at me.

He was just overprotective to his master.

"I am Hans Brainy, son of Puss. My lord the Marquis of Carabas send me to give something to your king."

The King was walking closer to us.

"Sire, here is a horse, which belongs to my lord the Marquis of Carabas, and which he told me to offer humbly to your majesty." I said, making a low bow.

"Thank you! Your master knows what we need. Tell your master," replied the King, politely, "that I accept his present, and am very much obliged to him."

“Thunder, serve your master well.” I said.
“Of course, I will.”

“Marquis of Carabas must be a good kind person. One day, I will visit him.”

“He will be happy to welcome you, Sire.” I said.

The King gave us something to eat and drink. After enjoying small meal, King, his guards, and Thunder prepared to go back to his palace.

On the way to our hut, I saw a beautiful female cat walking elegantly. I heard whistling of male cats. Some of them were stalking her. Some of them were calling her sweetie. They were trying to get her attention but they hesitated to approach her.

“That doesn’t work.” I said.
“What?” Eddy Donkey asked me.
“See?” I said.

Eddy Donkey saw the Romeo cats seeking Juliet cat’s attention but that beautiful cat did not care.

“She is an idol. She is the Miss Cat of this year.” Eddy Donkey said.

“Miss Cat?” I was curious.
“The winner of beauty contest.” Eddy Donkey said.
“I want to see how beautiful she is.” I said.
I was walking faster to approach her.

“Hey! Aunty! Would you show me the way to the mill?” I said, smiling at her.

“Aunty? Do I look old?” The beautiful cat said.
“Oops! Sorry! I thought you were friend of my mom. You look older when you are not smiling.” I said.

“Sorry! I do not talk to stranger and I am just visitor here.” She said.

“Visitor? So, you are a stranger here. It’s OK. I am not stranger here. I am Hans Brainy Puss. Who are you?”
“Sorry! I will not give my name to stranger.”

“You’ve just talked with stranger. I will tell your mom or your master.” I said.

“Umpph!” I cover my nose with my hand.
“What?” She stared at me.
“Have you brushed your teeth?” I said.
“It’s not your business.”
“It is my business when you are talking with me.”
“You are..”

“Don’t be angry. Give your name. Boy always disturbs you when you are mysterious.” I interrupted.

“I am Felina. All cats know me. I am Miss Cat. You know about me, don’t you?”

“Nope! I am not interested in infotainment. If you are Miss Cat, I am….”

“Mischief cat.” She said, laughing at me.
“But you love naughty cat, don’t you? Naughty cat is challenging.” I said.

“By the way, I like your necklace.” I said.
“Thank you.”
“I like your eyes.”
“Thank you.”
“I like everything.” I said.
Felina was smiling friendly.
“So, who is your master?” I asked Felina.
“Owen.” Felina answered.

“He is a knight. Ogregoth killed him when Tryanium soldiers attacked our village. Now, our village is under evil power. That’s why I leave my village. I am lonely now.” her eyes were glistened with tears.

“I’m sorry. It will be fine. You have many friends here.” I touched her shoulder to calm her.

“I am not wild cat. It’s difficult for me to hunt for food.” Felina said.

“It’s not the end of the world. You still have hope.” I said.
“Hope? You just try to calm me, don’t you?” Felina said.

“I am agency manager. I can launch the star. You will be star. You will be royal cat.” I said.
“You don’t want to sell me, do you?”
“No, I will introduce you to the King.” I said.
I saw new hope in her eyes.

“But you need to join the casting. I will give you brief training program. You must show your talent.” I said.
“Okay!” She said.
“Oh, I forgot something. He is my friend, Eddy Donkey.” I introduced Eddy Donkey to Felina.

“Eddy, nice to meet you.”

Eddy Donkey, Felina, and I went to our hut. In the evening, I explained to her about our plan to meet the King. She was multi-talented cat. She was a good singer. She was good on cat walk. She was also good actress. I also told her our plan to ask the King to fight against Ogregoth.

“You should say to the King that your master, Marquis of Carabas sends you.”

“You can count on me.” Feline said.
“Tomorrow, we will go to the King’s palace. Good night!”
“Have a nice dream.”

The following day, I booted myself very gallantly and went with Felina and Eddy Donkey to the King’s palace. The palace’s guards showed me upstairs to the King’s apartment. When we met King and Princess Lily, his daughter, we made a low bow to them.

"Sire, I have brought you a beautiful cat which my noble Lord, the Master of Carabas has commanded me to present to your Majesty from him." I said.

“Oh, what a beautiful cat.” Princess Lily carried Felina.
"Tell your master," said the King, "that I thank him, and that I am pleased with his gift."
”Have I seen you before?” Princess Lily asked me.
“Yup! You have met my master and me when my master was disguised as villager.”

The King, in like manner, received the cat with great pleasure, and ordered his servants to reward me.

“Hi! Who is she? Your girl friend?” Somebody behind me said.
I turned around and I saw Neferkitty.
“Yes, she is my friend and she is a girl.” I said.
“She is my fan.” I smiled at her.

“Fan? Really? Miss Cat is an idol.” Neferkitty said.
“So, I am idol of the idols. Do you want my signature?” I said.

“No, Thanks.”
“Mmm… My signature is not enough, isn’t it? You want something unforgettable for me.” I said.

“Like what?” She challenged me.
“Coffee or dinner?” I said.
“Cat doesn’t drink coffee.” Neferkitty said.
“I am special cat. I will invite you for..”
“Not dating. We are going to eat and have chit-chat.” I said.

“I’m sorry. I have found my dream male cat.” Neferkitty said.
“Do you have boy friend? He must be Mr.Wonderful. Congratulation!” I said.

“No, he hasn’t become my boyfriend yet. But..”

“Oh, you are in complicated relationship. I am single and I am proud to be single. Being single is better then being complicated.”

“Next time, I will invite you to go for dinner.” I smiled at her.
“Oh, you are so nice.”
“I am not nice. We will go Dutch for dinner.” I said.
“You are stingy.” Neferkitty complained.

“I am not stingy. If you enjoy your time with me, it doesn’t matter whether we will go Dutch or I pay your bill.” I said.

I was enjoying chit-chat with Neferkitty. I felt comfortable when talking with her. In the evening, Eddy Donkey and I went home.

Chapter VII: Joe is the Marquis of Carabas

In the location near the hut, we continued our training program. We had to learn and learn for preparation.

Once day, Kinary came to us.

"Hans, the King wants to take a drive along the riverside with his daughter," said Kinnary.

"Perhaps, the King wants to visit us. We must be ready." I said.

"But I don't have good clothes to welcome him. He will not believe that I.."

"Joe, never say that you don't have. You only haven't had good clothes but you will." I said.

"I think each of you should bring the stones from the box. They are useful mobile communication gadgets." Kinnary said.

Thong Paw distributed one stone to each of us, except All-White because he was deaf.

"Good luck!" Kinnary disappeared.
"Joe, you are a noble man now. You are Marquis of Carabas. You have to approach the King and his daughter. You like Princess Lily, don't you?" I said.

" am little bit nervous." Joe said.
"Imagine that you are handsome noble man. Be confident and funny. You need not only to know how but also to know wow." I encouraged Joe.

"Know wow?"

"Yeah! Wow! Give appreciation to your self! See and say to your self! Wow, I have something! Wow, I am in the process to be princess's boy friend! Wow, I am going to be better man! Wow, God bless me! Wow, the King is going to trust me! Wow, good opportunity comes to me! Wow!" I said.

"Wow! I'm going to do my best!" Joe said.

"Joe, if you would follow my advice, your fortune is made." I said.

"What's your plan?" Joe asked.

"You have only to go and bathe in the river at a place which I shall show you, and leave all the rest to me. Only remember that you are no longer yourself, but my lord the Marquis of Carabas."

We went to the river. Joe did what I said. I hid Joe Miller's clothes under the great stone. While he was bathing, the King and all the court passed.

"Help! Help! My Lord the Marquis of Carabas is drowning!" I cried out with all I might.

The King put his head out of the coach window and saw me.

"Thieves! Thieves!" I cried out several times as loud as thunder did.

"What happen, cat? You are Marquis’s cat, aren’t you?" King asked.

"Yes, I am. Thieves have stolen my master's clothes." I said with a sad face.

"Oh, we will soon remedy that," said the King.

He commanded his guards to run immediately to help Joe. They drew Joe out of the river.

"Patrick! Give him the best suits!" King commanded.
"Yes, your majesty!" Patrick, the king’s guard, responded.

They gave Joe, the Marquis of Carabas, the best suits. The fine clothes, the King had given Joe, set off his good looks. He looked as if he had been a marquis all his days. His confidence radiated his noble aura.

The King received him courteously, and the Princess Lily admired him very much. I could see in her tender glances that she was falling in love with Joe.

"Father, invite him into the carriage with us." Princess Lily whispered.

"Young man, please come in." King said.

Joe did not refuse. Joe came into the coach and take part in the airing.

"Joe! Joe!" I whispered at the magic stone, connecting with Joe Miller's stone.

"It’s Marquis speaking." Joe answered.

"Tell them that the land belongs to you. Don't forget the negotiation to help people. Good luck!" I said.

Joe played his role. I hoped he could bring hope to Far Dice.

Chapter VIII: This Village Belongs to Marquis of Carabas

Suddenly, my magic stone vibrated.

"Beep! Beep!" My magic stone called.

Kinnary contacted me via the magic stone.

"Bad news! Tyranium soldiers have dominated some villages near yours. You must move faster." Kinnary reported.

It was bad news and I had to do something. I rushed to the hut to meet my friends.

Kinnary, Thong Paw, All-White, Eddy, and I had a meeting.

“What’s your next plan, Hans?” Kinnary said.
“How does Ogregoth communicate with his soldiers in remote area?”

“They use black pumpkins for communication.”

“Great! We will sabotage his message. Ogregoth is cruel tyrant and his soldiers will obey his command without asking.”

“We will use black-painted pumpkins for the replacement for their black pumpkins. We will insert our magic stones in our pumpkins and we can give them fake Tyranium command. Kinnary, can you imitate the voice of Ogregoth?” I said.

“Yup! That’s only easy magic and I can do that. I will also ask other fairies to paint some pumpkins and give them to us.” Kinnary said.

We prepared tools and equipment for our mission. Kinnary and other fairies prepared the black pumpkins and put the magical stones in the pumpkins. Our first target was a small village, called Meadowville. Kinnary was an operator. Her job was to imitate the voice of Ogregoth after we set our pumpkins.

All-White, Eddy Donkey, Thong Paw and I went to Meadowville. In Meadowville, we saw Tyranium soldiers’ cruelty. They enslaved and hurt the villagers. We stealthily entered their barrack and change their black pumpkin with our pumpkin.

“Kinnary, we have set the pumpkin. Now, it’s your turn.” I used my magic stone to speak with Kinnary.

Tyranium commander in Meadowville was a semi-devil with bat-like wings. His black pumpkin was calling and he rushed to his room to answer the call.

“Commander!” Kinnary spoke via her magic stone to contact the commander’s black pumpkin, imitating the voice of Ogregoth.
“Yes, Sire!”

The commander believed that voice from the black pumpkin was his leader’s voice.

“Release the slaves. You must leave this village. Go to the forest and stop cutting the trees. Tell others to stop using animals and people for experiment. This village belongs to Marquis of Carabas. Say it to the people. The Marquis will send his representative, a cat in boots, here.” Kinnary said.

“Are you sure? Why? Who’s Marquis of Carabas?” The commander asked.

“Don’t ask why? Do my instructions or you shall all be chopped as small as mincemeat.” Kinnary imitated angry voice of Ogregoth.

Ogregoth was cruel tyrant and the commander had no choice except obeying his master’s command. The commander released the animals and villagers and told them that the village belonged to Marquis of Carabas.

After making sure that no Tyranium soldiers in Meadowville, I contacted Joe by using my magic stone.

“Marquis of Carabas, Meadowville is yours now. You can invite the king to visit this village.” I spoke with Joe.

When the King visited Meadowville, and asked whose meadow it was where there was such a splendid crop of hay, the mowers all answered that it belonged to my lord the Marquis of Carabas.
Then, All-White, Thong Paw, Eddy Donkey, and I came to Cornville. Tyranium soldiers use their whips to force people to reap in the corn field. There was no smile in that place. We stealthily entered Tyranium office in Cornville and did the same thing we had done with the black pumpkin in Meadowville. After we changed the pumpkin, we tried to go out from the village because the village was closely guarded. In the middle of corn field, green-eyed black rats stopped us.

Fiercely, many black rats attacked us. Fight was the only way to stop them. Eddy Donkey and Thong Paw were kicking the rats. All-White and I was clawing the rats but sometimes we bit the rats. They attacked us from all direction. They were not cat’s food anymore. They were monsters.

“Cats! Action!” I heard someone yelling.

I was familiar with that voice. He was Ruddy Uppercat. Uppercat and his cat gang hit the rats.

“Hey, Ruddy! Why are you here?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you later. Let’s finish them all!” Ruddy Uppercat said.

His presence raised my motivation to fight. I attacked the rats with my sword.

I heard scream and shout. The rats started to open their formation. I saw the way to run and we ran away.

In the safe place, I got something wrong in my stomach. All-White touched his stomach. He must have the same problem. The green-eyed rat’s meat was poisonous because those rats were mutants.

Then, All-White and I ate some grass.

“Hey, cats! It’s my food. Cat doesn’t eat grass. Are you vegetarians?” Eddy Donkey said.

“Donkey, a cat cannot digest grass but we eat the grass to make ourselves vomit the poison.” Uppercat explained.

“Pouch! Pouch! Yuck! Hoek! Hoek!” All-White and I were vomiting.

After vomiting, I felt better.

Then, I contacted Kinnary by using my magic stone to do her task.

Imitating voice of Ogregoth, Kinnary gave the instruction to Tyranium commander in Cornville. Without any question, the commander and his soldiers went away from the village. After checking whether the village was cleaned from Tyranium, I reported to Joe, the Marquis of Carabas, that Cornville belonged to him and he could invite the king to visit the village.

My plan ran well. In the evening, I got information from Joe that the King was impressed with Marquis’s properties in Meadowville and Cornville. The King invited Joe alias Marquis of Carabas to King’s palace for meeting with other noblemen. In the night, I had a meeting with All-White, Eddy Donkey, Thong Paw, Uppercat and his gang in a hut in Cornville to discuss the next plan.

“I heard Tyranium soldiers attacking some village. The business in our market becomes dull and we decide to fight against Tyranium.” Uppercat said.

“More friends, more powerful. We can do even better.” I said.

I showed them map of Far Dice and explained my next plan.

Chapter IX Fairies United against Tyranium

We had more fighters because many cats joined us. We were changing the black pumpkins and spreading the fake information to other villages. We set free more and more villages from Tyranium control. The name of Marquis of Carabas became more popular.

However, my plan did not work well in Potatoesville, where a Tyranium commander called Worstword was in charge. Eddy Donkey carried black pumpkin in his bag when Eddy, Thong Paw, All-White and I were crawling on our hands and knees, approaching Tyranium barrack. Suddenly, three ogres stopped us.

“Guys, we just try to catch grasshoppers.” I told a lie to the ogres.

“You are trespassing forbidden area, smelly animals!” A one-eyed ogre shouted.

The one-eyed ogre must be their commander called Worstword.

“Oh, I see. So, nice to meet you.” I turned around and tried to leave them.

After Worstword gave command, ogre soldiers attacked us.
“Watchaa!” Thong Paw jumped high, kicked and punched an ogre soldier’s head.

All-White, Eddy, and I attacked the other soldier. We knocked them down and Commander Worstword was the last ogre standing.

“Lowly donkey and ugly cats, I can make your heart weaker and weaker.” Worstword said, holding a flute closer to his mouth.

Sound of his flute made me dizzy. I heard something whispering in my head.

“Hans, it’s useless. You are just a weak cat. That’s you, a weak cat. If you lose, you will die. If you win, nobody cares.” My negative thought said loudly in my head.

The fear tried to conquer me. Thong Paw, who was the fastest fighter among us, was just standing. I saw fear in his eyes. Eddy donkey was trembling with fear.

“Miiiaaaw!” All-White was running angrily to Worstword.
“All-White, No!”
“Don’t do stupid thing!”
“Don’t kill yourself!”

All-White kept moving. He did not listen to us because he was deaf. All-White jumped, and clawed at Worstword Ogre’s face. His flute was flung away from his hand.

There was no bad word in my mind anymore. We were free from magical spell of the flute. Worstword was going to get up. I drew my sword and sharp edge of my sword was at his neck.

“Freeze!” I said.
“Just kill me! I know that Marquis of Carabas sends you. Why do you want to fight for your master? Is he cruel? Is he fearful?” Worstword said.

“No! He has treated us well and we become the members of his family. He is good master. He is good friend. He is animal lover." I said.

“My master cannot tolerate any failure. He punishes all losers.” Worstword said.

“I’m sure that Ogregoth is free from brain cancer because he has no brain.” Eddy Donkey laughed.

“So, his power is built on people’s fear. His soldiers’ loyalty comes from fear. If life is full of fear, what kind of life is it?” I said.

Worstword was silent. His eyes showed that he thought of something.

“I have failed to do my job. Ogregoth has instructed me to enslave the villager but I don’t have heart to do it. It’s better to die than receive punishment.” Worstword said in despair.

I was looking to Worstword Ogre’s eyes. I knew he still had goodness.

“Worstword, deep down inside you, there is good.” I said.
“What?” Worstword wondered.
“Deep down inside, you there is good.” I said again.

“Of course, there is good in you.” Eddy Donkey said, licking Worstword Ogre’s face.

“But look! I am just monster. I am scary. People will reject me.” Worstword said.

“You are not monster. You are just unique. You are not scary. You are just strong. You are supposed to protect weak people if you are strong.” I said.

“You don’t want Ogregoth make other ogres suffer, do you?” I asked.

His face showed that he was thinking. I put my sword back to its sheath.

“Now, your decision is in your hand. If you are interested to join us, we will release ogres, human beings, and animals together.” I said.

“I will release my friends. I choose Marquis of Carabas as my new leader. We will fight for freedom.” Worstword said, standing and cleaning his dirty attire.

“Wait! Name is like prayer. You have bad name. Worst word is not good for you.” Thong Paw said.

“What’s your real name?” I asked.

“I cannot remember because too many bad words in my head.” Worstword said.

“We will call you Fortunato.” Thong Paw smiled.
“Fortunato?” Worstword said.

“It’s good name. Fortunato means fortune. Do you feel better?” Eddy Donkey said.

“Yeah! Thank you! I am Fortunato.”

Worstword alias Fortunato called all his soldiers. He announced his new name and his plan to join us to fight for freedom. All his soldiers supported him to fight against Tyranium.

Fortunato had negotiation with another ogre’s leaders, who did not agree with Ogregoth, to join our revolution for freedom. The name of Marquise of Carabas became more popular and our fight for freedom became tip of the tongue. Villagers, animals, elves, dwarfs, fairies, and other creatures also joined our army.

The King trusted Joe, the Marquis of Carabas, to do the mission to solve the problem caused by Tyranium. The King assigned Peter, Patrick and other kingdom’s soldiers to help Marquis of Carabas. He also lent Peter his new horse, called Thunder. Together, we did reforestation and cleaned the river as well as did preparation for the next battle. In diversity, we united for freedom. We became stronger.

Chapter X: Attacking a Gothic Castle

With the villagers, we made traps and dug trench to anticipate the attack. Our unity successfully countered Tyranium soldiers’ attack. Not only did we defend our territory but also drove them out from other villages. Then, my friends and I decided to attack Tyranium castle.

The roosters were crowing and the sun was setting. The thick mist was still with us. In the morning, we were in front of Tyranium castle.

Tyranium soldiers moved like the wind. On his horse, Joe alias the Marquis of Carabas raised his sword gallantly.

“Charge!” Marquis of Carabas commanded.

The battle began. I heard shout and scream. The arrows were flying and people were fighting. Both parties wanted to win.

Thong Paw, Uppercat, and I stealthily crossed the bushes and trees, climbed the wall and entered the castle.

It was a big Gothic-style castle. The map, which Eddy Donkey had given us, was really helpful for searching the jail in the castle. We attacked and defeated Tyranium soldiers and released Ted and other prisoners.

Suddenly, the strong wind blew. A handsome man with black coat was present. He was Ogregoth.

“Thong Paw, Uppercat, bring the prisoners to the safe place!” I said.

I moved forward to face Ogregoth. It was duel time between Ogregoth and me. I was standing and holding my sword gallantly.

“You are just like a chicken which comes to the oven.” Ogregoth mocked me.

“You are like big stone sinking underwater.” I said.

“You will be cat nugget! Arrgh!” Ogregoth shouted, attacking me with his Black Axe.

I countered his attack with my sword. While we were in duel, Thong Paw, Uppercat and the prisoners ran away.

“Braat!” My sword tore my opponent's trousers.

I quickly jumped backward to make distance between Ogregoth and me.

“Wow, who’s farting?” I closed my nose with my left hand.

“Your trousers are too small for your super ultra XL body.” I mocked him.

“Arrrggh!” Furiously, Ogregoth was attacking me with his Black Axe faster than he had done.

Ogregoth transformed himself into big black elephant. He tried to step on me. I was moving from one place to another and Ogregoth broke the wall, tables, cupboard, and pillar – many things around us. His trunk held Black Axe and swung it again and again in a rage. Suddenly, the Black Axe flied to my head but instinctively I blocked it with my sword. My head was fine but it broke my sword.

I threw the handle of my sword to his face and ran upstairs. He was too big to walk on the spiral staircase.

‘Come on! Your extra large size will destroy your castle.” I mocked Ogregoth, the black elephant.

Again, Ogregoth used his pedant to transform him into a green lion.

I ran into a small hole. It was too small for a lion to enter.

“You can change yourself into big animal but it’s impossible for you to change yourself into smallest animal. You cannot catch me. Size does matter, Ogre! Size does matter.” I tried to raise his anger.

Ogregoth changed himself into a small green mouse. When Ogregoth, the green mouse, began to enter the hole, I fell upon him and bit him. I took away his pedant and threw it away.

“Squeak! Cit! Squeak!” Ogregoth, the green mouse, was squeaking powerlessly.

Without magic pedant, Ogregoth had no power of transformation. I got a bottle and put small Ogregoth into it.

Bringing the bottle and Black Axe, I announced to his soldiers that I had defeated Ogregoth and there was no black magic anymore. When they saw Ogregoth in the form of mouse in my bottle, they put their weapons down. All Tyranium soldiers in the castle surrendered.

Tyranium soldiers opened the castle’s gate and I walked gallantly through the gate. The soldiers outside the castle put their weapon down and the battle stopped.

Tyranium soldiers gave the Dark Mirror to us and I asked Peter and Patrick, the King’s guards, to hold the mirror stand.

“It is the gate to the underworld. Tyranium, if you love harmony and peace, you can live with us! If you love the evil action, you can follow Ogregoth to underworld. There, you can fight everyday.” I announced.

The Dark Mirror was shining. It became magic portal. I threw the bottle into it to send Ogregoth to underworld. Almost all Tyranium soldiers chose to go to underworld. Some ogres went to underworld but the others decide to live in Far Dice. The mirror absorbed the dark mist from the sky.

Then, the portal was closed. The sun was shining. The day was not too hot and not to cold. It was just right.

Patrick and Peter put the Dark Mirror on a big stone. I gave the Black Axe to Marquis of Carabas to hit the Dark Mirror. He slashed the mirror and broke it into pieces.

“It’s fulfillment of prophesy. A man with black axe slashes black mirror.” Someone behind me said. She was Kinnary.

Chapter XI: Confession of Marquis of Carabas

Joe, the Marquis of Carabas, stood on a big stone. It seemed that he wanted to say something.

“My friends, honestly, I am not your marquis. I am Joe. I am just poor young man.”

“But you have saved Far Dice. You have saved us. You have saved our country. We choose you to be our leader.”

“Yeah!” People said.

I saw band of horsemen with Kingdom’s symbol approaching us. The King was with them.

“Have I missed something?” The King said.
Joe and other people were kneeling.
“All rise!” King said.

Everybody stood except Joe, the Marquis of Carabas.

“Marquis, rise up!” King said.

“Your Majesty, I am not a marquis. I lied to you.” Joe confessed.

“I don’t care. You have done great job. What’s your name young man?” King touched Joe Miller’s shoulder.

“Joe, Joe P. Miller.” Joe said, kneeling.

“What?” I was shocked when the King pulled his sword from its sheath.

What would the King do? Would he punish Joe?

“Ladies and gentlemen, he is Joe of Carabas. From now on, he is Marquis of Carabas.” The King granted Joe title of nobility, moving his sword near Joe.

“Hurray! Hurray!” People cheered and applauded loudly.

After the battle, Joe, the Marquis of Carabas, managed Tyranium castle and some areas in Far Dice. He was good leader and we lived in peace and harmony.

The Marquis of Carabas was in relationship with Princess Lily. They loved each other and in next February, they were married.

Now, Thong Paw, Eddy Donkey, All-White, and I are living with Marquis and his wife in the castle. Thong Paw becomes martial art trainer for the soldiers. Eddy Donkey and All-White became motivators. Both of them love to develop the others’ self confidence. They are doing road show to motivate the others.

Some of my friends choose to live outside Marquis’s castle. Fairy Queen has appointed Kinnary to be jungle manager. Uppercat loves the street and market. He has built his business there. Now, he is the owner of some cat’s bars. Worstword alias Fortunato becomes anger management therapist. He loves helping people to deal with their anger. Henry has managed his miller and other side business. Now, he has three millers. Ted becomes Chief of Cornville. He is happy with his family. Thunder becomes King’s beloved horse. Felina lives in King’s palace. Peter and Patrick have been promoted for higher rank.

Neferkitty lives in Marquis’s castle. I don’t want to tell you about our relationship status. Come on! I need privacy.

Now, I am a great lord. I don’t need to run after mice, except just for fun.

We live happily ever after.




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