Snakes Of Summer

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Marzeus notices the bowl with the rotting soup. Right next to it is the one with milk, also decomposing.

"No Majesty, don't eat that now!", he says to Majesty who has gone over to the bowls which had long been filled for Roger, the cat that is no longer living there.

Snakes Of Summer

"We probably should make some kind of plan with that now", Marzeus thinks out loud to Majesty, meaning they should throw that out. He wonders where Roger might be today. They've never seen or heard of Roger again.

Marzeus is still thinking about what to do with the bowls, when he notices a multitude of spiders that have made their nests all over the studio. It's getting a lot warmer nowadays with Summer approaching, and the warmer climate has brought the insect world to once again flourish.

There's a can with pesticide standing on a shelf, with a little bit left inside. Marzeus uses it to chase away some of the spiders. In one part of the studio, he immediately recognizes something black and small against one of the doors: A black widow spider, red abdomen and all. This he just knows must be sprayed, for a bite from this very little spider can kill a human within three minutes.

The spider dying, Marzeus hears something. Majesty is making soft growling noises. Marzeus walks over to that part of the studio. What could Majesty possibly be growling at? Rats?

It's a little more serious than that. There is a snake by the door, curled up in front of Majesty. A brown snake.

Could it be? They must have walked right over it when they came into the studio just a while ago. Maybe they were bitten but didn't realize. Perhaps the snake bit Marzeus' shoe.

Marzeus approaches it with a stick to kill it, but it manages to slither among the blows right out under the door. When Marzeus opens the door, he cannot see it in the dark of night. He wishes he could have killed it, because it will return.

Majesty runs out and finds the snake again. Marzeus sees it. It's not too big, he'll just kick it to death with his shoe. He succeeds, in spite of knowing how dangerous that is.

Yup, Summer is coming. They can expect a lot more creatures invading their space now.

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