Snook Back

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Snook are a highly sought after prized game fish wherever they exist. They are smart, love structure and are great eating. Because they love structure and are experts at using it to cut your line, in many cases you have to just plain muscle them out.
In the process, you can put quite a strain on your back...Hence the title!

Snook Back

I got my meat sticks and headed on out.
Heavy gear and tight drags, we weren't going for trout.
I picked up my partner and we were now on our way.
The long night just beginning, we ended our day.
We stopped at small creek that was dimpled with bait.
My net landed in a sweet circle, things really looked great!
We filled up the live well in the bed of my truck.
And headed off to fish them, with a plan, not just luck.
The first bridge that we hit had a current too slow.
It takes years and long hours to look and just know.
At our next stop there was bunch of drunk guys on the rail.
We just looked at each other and decided to bail.
Just ten minutes later we stopped once again.
We saw smashes and bait jumping, I just smiled at my friend.
With no one else in sight, we each hooked on a bait.
And lowered them into the pilings and got ready to wait.
But when my bait hit the water it zigzagged on top.
And that’s when we heard that unmistakable pop!
My friend started reeling as I took up the slack.
But before he could get his line in I set up with one hard whack!
As I jerked the rod up it bent hard in an arch.
And you could hear all hell break loose down below in the dark.
I had winched my drag down to what I had thought was locked.
But as the line ran off steady, I was now being mocked.
I leaned over the railing as far as I dare
and clamped down on the spool and said a short prayer.
My friend came a running, our long net in hand.
But neither of us knew if this fish we could land.
All this took place in about a minute and a half.
Now my friend held my belt loops and started to laugh.
Its amazing how much pressure eighty pound test can pull.
I felt like a cowboy who just roped a bull.
But then I felt her head turn and that was my cue.
So I pumped and winched madly and that’s when I knew.
I’d win this battle and I wouldn’t give in.
My friend knew it too, I could tell by his grin.
I got its head out of the water and it tail walked around.
It was too big to be a keeper. It looked to be fourty pounds.
The line down its side was thick and dark black.
And I was now bent over suffering from what I call “Snook Back”
It started to calm down so my friend lowered the net.
We heaved it over the railing thrashing and it got us both wet.
We snapped a couple quick pictures and gently lowered her over the side.
And she swam away slowly, off into the outgoing tide.
As I stood there smiling in pain, my friend just couldn’t wait.
And as I looked at him grinning, he lowered his bait!

By Dan Dawson Sr.
All Rights Reserved


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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
Dan Dawson Sr is a Native South Floridian and a very diverse writer. He has a love for poetry, outdoor, spiritual, health, design and fiction.

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
14th Dec 2013 (#)

Hey Guys,
Thank you for reading, sharing and following!
I am really just getting started at this, so you all are very important to me and my family.
Our life has really been changed since our accident. Thank you again!
I have a compilation of fishing related pieces in an eBook on amazon called “Fast Casts” for $2.99
It is also set uo as a “Share” file.
It was our first. I will be rereleasing a newer version as soon as I can with more pieces, on more sites and better format & editing.
I’d also love to work with artists and maybe even photographers to enhance things.
If you get it, please give a review and share.
It is a huge help to us!
And…It will help me write more!
I eventually want to provide audio files.
Thanks again!!!
Only the best,

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