Snoop Dogg in the house. Mine!

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Music... is there anything music can't do? Yes. But now let's get on to my encounter with Snoop Dogg.

Servants bring me somebody to surprize me

I'm in Studio A, composing a song on a piano keyboard, whilst at the same time following a music lesson interactive CD my mother once bought me.

But right now, I need to urinate badly. I decide I'll go to the lieu in the next second or ten.

The servants come knock on the door. Oh no, I think; I know that kind of hesitating knock: It means they want to come ask for a favor. Usually this favor is money, or a loan of money and another favor.

The door isn't locked so I call for them to open and come in. They do so.

Specter, Duggles, Gus and Roberto enter with very expectant faces. There is also someone else with them, but next to the keyboard there is a wardrobe to my right side, and this other friend of theirs is standing sort of behind it where I can't see clearly who it is.

They don't say anything, expecting me to respond first. I still have such a bad piss, I really want to finish the conversation with them so I can run to the bathroom.

"Well", I say, "What is it then?"

They don't know which one of them should speak up, because they thought I would react to something. They just stand there in such anticipation.

I look at them one by one, noticing their excitement of expectation. But really, I need to piss now urgently so I decide to address Specter:

"Speak up, man! You were looking to tell me something?"

Fancy meeting a celebrity, Master?

Specter doesn't seem to believe that I don't just see what they wanted to show me. Finally Specter gives a hint:

"Do you know this man?"

He points at the person who came with them. I stand up and lean over to have a proper look at their friend who is standing a bit behind the wardrobe.

There is a black guy in a white hat and a white jacket, with a silk shirt and some shiny bling hanging around his neck. He kind of reminds me of that rapper guy, Snoop Dogg. His face almost looks the same too; he's just about got the whole Snoop Dogg image down.

"How do you do Sir?", I tell him.

"Hey whuz up", he greets back.

I look back at Specter.

"Allright, out with it then. Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"

Specter still acts like he doesn't believe I don't recognize this person.

It turns out this isn't just a black guy with the same fashion sense as Snoop Dogg. This actually is Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg in da house yo

Ohhhh right, well pleased to meet him, and we exchange a short conversation. I have such a big piss still so I ask Specter that he please take Mr. Dogg to the Snooker Room, and I'll be right with him.

I get it now, and I wish I had played along: My servants had expected me to see Snoop Dog and then go insane with disbelief that Snoop Dogg would be standing right here in my workspace, and probably that I would scream like a crazed fan and faint. I actually wish I had played along so as not to disappoint them. It was nice of them to come show me Snoop Dogg. I wonder what Snoop Dogg is doing round these parts. Is he giving a show?

I go out to the Snooker building, where Mother and Father and a few others are also joining Snoop Dogg in the Snooker room. I go in after them, but this huge piss on me is driving me back, so I tell Mother who is standing close to me that I'll be right back; I just need to go take a piss urgently.

Snoop Doggy Dog no mo

Well, as I leave, I wake up. I'm in my bed in Tower Mansion. Great, the whole thing was a dream, and I never got to hang out with Snoop Dogg in the Snooker Room.

And as you might have figured, the only part about this that is real is the huge piss that's been driving me insane all throughout the ordeal. I reluctantly get up to go to the toilet. I hate it when a big piss ruins my sweet rest, and my opportunities in my dreams. I could have hung out with some rapper who I could have asked for money or something. Instead, the only thing that now hangs out is my organ that I use to answer the call of nature.

Why I had a dream about Snoop Dogg, I have no idea. He's not one of the artists I've ever listened to or anything.

Anyway, at least I got to say hello to him.

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