Snowfall in New York City

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Snowstorm Jonas has come and left the City. Thoughts and ruminations on the recent blizzard.

What I Saw Out My Window

Looking out my window on the morning of Saturday, January 23rd, it was clear that a record snowfall had hit the City of New York (as well a large area east and west of it). I heeded the broadcasts and messages on the smartphones (as well as Facebook posts), and stayed indoors for the overnight snowfall, which was named "Snowstorm Jonas." Like so many of my neighbors, I had stocked up on food and supplies the day before and took it easy inside.

Indeed the storm kept falling throughout the day. As the sky was turning to dusk (before 5 PM), I decided to go out anyway. I didn't care that snow was still pouring down; I had to walk about and enjoy the scene. So I got my coat and boots on and walked to 2nd Avenue north of 86th Street on the East Side.

The View on Second Avenue

On Second Avenue, I saw that the snow was all over. Plows run by the Department of Sanitation had flattened the overall level of snow on the streets, but the sidewalks were piled with the newly-formed white banks. It could be rough going for pedestrians, but those who were out took it all in stride.

The most impressive thing about walking on the avenue was the lack of vehicular traffic. Except for the occasional plow going by, there were hardly any moving vehicles where I was looking (Indeed, the few people who disregarded the Mayor's directive not to drive cars during the storm found themselves stranded in the pileups). People were literally walking in the middle of the avenue without any concern of anything coming at them.

Cafe D'Alsace, a very high-end restaurant on the corner of 88th Street and 2nd, was closed, as were a couple of others in the neighborhood. The smaller bistros and places, such as the local Mexican chain, Molé, was open in anticipation of the dinner rush. They simply had to be open because they couldn't afford to be closed on a Saturday night, snow or no snow.

Walking up 91Street

I walked my way up to 91st Street. The block between 90th and 91st is the Ruppert Park, a small space named after a brewer who once owned the New York Yankees. Next to it on 91st Street between Second and Third Avenues is an open sidewalk closed off to vehicles (except emergency ones) year round. It also slopes upward toward Third Avenue.

Not surprisingly people were using the incline for more than just making snowpeople and walking their dogs. Some sledged down the street and some engaged in some makeshift downhill skiing. There was no question as to whether the continuing blizzard or the impending arrival of nightfall was to stop the ongoing activities.

I enjoyed it all, but the winds were still bracing. After another block, I walked back home.

Last Thoughts

It turned out my walk was no big deal compared to what others were doing. Meanwhile in Times Square, the Naked Cowboy strummed his guitar in the midst of winter snow and winds. He was only wearing his white hat, boots and briefs, as he does in normal weather. I give him credit--if the cold doesn't kill him, he's earned a ton of publicity.

Later I heard about two daredevils who went snow skiing (like water skiers) along the avenues of Manhattan (Of course they were filmed doing it.). They were pulled by some vehicle, which braved the ridiculous weather. There is no question these guys had a determined spirit. While I knew theirs was not the safest behavior, it just seemed inspirational on such a bleak-looking day. As if to add a patriotic twist to it, one of them was carrying an American flag in his free hand.

You can't keep people down.

Composed and Revised in New York
January 25-26, 2016.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
26th Jan 2016 (#)

Thanks for sharing such a great article. I know Shamarie lives in New York too. I wonder if you are close to one another. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I felt like I was in New York during the snowfall.

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author avatar Shamarie
26th Jan 2016 (#)

Awesome pictures, fellow New Yorker!!! That was a wild day!!!

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author avatar Mariah
27th Jan 2016 (#)

I echo Nancy and Shamarie's comments. .great share and fantastic images

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th Jan 2016 (#)

how nice the snow...

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
28th Jan 2016 (#)

I have to admit L.R. I am very thankful I am not living in New York ...
I liked looking at the scenes you captured, but that is enough for me .
I do hope it doesn't get worse for you all
Many blessings
Stella ><

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
31st Jan 2016 (#)

Thank you all for your kind comments!

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author avatar Blackangelwings
1st Feb 2016 (#)

Loved the photos and your easy writing style! I am travelling to America NY in Feb. 2014 so I hope the snow has cleared by then. (however I am packing my wellington boots)

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
17th Feb 2016 (#)


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author avatar SaigonDeManila
26th Feb 2016 (#)

Spring is yet to come til March 20....

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
26th Feb 2016 (#)

So true sir!

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