So Many Things I Want To Do

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A poem about two female cousins and how close their relationship is. It's a story of masking memories that last a lifetime.

So Many Things I Want To Do

So Many Things I Want To Do

There’s so many things that I want to do
But I cant do them if I ain’t with you
you’re my cousin and that’s the truth
Me and you girl just cutting loose
Swimming or skating, bike riding too
A walk in the park or visiting the zoo
Well, it’s a hot summer day and the bees are buzzing
I’m going out tonight with my favorite cousin
She likes to have fun when we go for a spin
Especially when we go out drinking whiskey or gin
We like Flirting with the guys no need to lie
dancing and shaking stirring up a ruckus
Tight fitting jeans and a whole lot of Strutting
The band is rocking and everybody’s loose
Sweating up a storm singing bout the blues
When the club gets ready to close the doors
We’ll go to my house and party up some more
our friends all want to come and its ok of course
Then Everybody crashes on the living room floor
I always tell my cousin
There’s so many things that I want to do
But I can’t do them if I ain’t with you
You’re the life of the party and the fun kicks in
When me and you get loud after drinking all that gin
We flirt some more since its so much fun
No ones in a hurry and we don’t have to run
Throw a little kiss and a wink or two
Stomping and shaking that’s what we’re gonna do
Twisting and shaking tossing a little bacon
Most of the we meet someone new
There’s so many things that a girl can do
Especially when she’s with a favorite cousin like you

So many things oh … many things

There’s so many things that I want to do
But I can’t do them if I ain’t with you
I don’t know why but that’s the truth
Livin and lovin is fun around you

Hey guy’s ! winking and drinking about to throw in a twist
I bet you never seen girls dance like this
Me and my cousin that’s the way it is.

By : Ramona J. Saunders


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I am a mother of several adopted and foster children and a grandmother to many grandchildren. In my writing you will find my inner thoughts, feelings, and opinions on life.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Sep 2013 (#)

Nice life - no holds barred! siva

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