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Can certainly tell my daughter takes after her mother when it comes to English SO PROUD

So Proud

By close reference to the texts, compare and contrast how realism is presented in Much Ado About Nothing, A Room With A View and A Streetcar Named Desire.
Realism became the conventional way of novel writing during the 19th century when it was a new approach to writing of both characters and subjects. In essence, realism is the attention to details and emulating reality which was something that hadn't been tried before, it is the way to report something without critique. The less important elements of the text gain attention because the audience can relate to something specific and can help them empathize with the characters at any point in the novel.
Although A Streetcar Named Desire (1947) and A Room With A View (1908) were written in the 20th century A Streetcar Named Desire has more similarities of realism with Much Ado About Nothing (1593) written within the 16th century due to them both being about the patriarchal society. "Much Ado mixes its artificiality and conventionality with a good deal of realism'' Keith Sagar. Shakespeare shows the realism with the patriarchal society when Leonato tells Hero '... you know your answer.' Hero is expected to do as her father tells her without question, he is telling her that she needs to listen because he is her father and therefore more important. Hero never speaks unless spoken to around men which was conventional of a 16th century woman; the men discuss her, but she doesn't defend herself 'she is fallen into a pit of ink.' Shakespeare is showing that women weren't entitled to their own opinion because the world was dominated by the men and the women had to be more compliant. Also, in A Streetcar Named Desire when Stanley clears his place at the table by throwing his plate before saying 'My place is cleared!' This shows he is the alpha male because he feels threatened so reverts into animalistic behaviour to show he possesses the power, this shows Stella and Blanche he is in control. This is also evident at the beginning of the play when Stanley is carrying a 'red-stained package.' He is the breadwinner, a realistic aspect of American life and living the American dream after WW2. He wants them to fear him to assure himself he is in control of his life because he feels vulnerable when Blanche disrupts the life he built with Stella '... off those columns' he's implying that he has Stella right where he wants her. He has moulded her into being the perfect woman for him just as Cecil had tried with Lucy '... one of us already.' However Stanley had been more successful than Cecil and he imagined himself and Stella being the perfect couple until Blanche reminds her of her background and status and she refers to him as a 'Polak.' Stanley thinks that Blanche's 'visit' had put strain on his relationship. The reality is that Stanley doesn't have full control over Stella '' He feels he is no longer king of his own home so he plots ways to make Blanche leave so they can return to the previous relationship they shared which he preferred. However, A Room With A View is about breaking away from that male dominated society to where women had more freedom so Lucy chooses George over Cecil because she realised that she loved him. The realism behind it is that Lucy realises what her life would be married to Cecil and knows she won't be happy. Lucy began to realise that she needed 'to live as she plays' so she could experience life herself instead of being in the shadows of others. This seems to also imply she has led a sheltered, restricted life so she needs to find herself and not be like the women from Shakespearean times because then she won't get to understand as much as she believes she does. She believes she understands what the adults discuss but she has no cognition of what's being said, it makes her seem older than her age and shows she is being controlled by others and their opinions instead of listening to her own heart. A Room With A View breaks away from the patriarchal society because it's about a young woman finding herself and exploring the world for herself, it's a story of woman's rights, freedom, independence and the path to love.
Realism is also shown in the texts by the emotion of shame and ruining the family name because reputation was important in the patriarchal society which Shakespeare shows when Leonato seems to worry more about the shame that Hero has brought upon his name '... stronger than thy shames' than the fact that his own daughter was 'belied' on her wedding day. Shakespeare demonstrates the emotions of Leonato by the use of prose which focuses mainly on himself and how it will affect him and what people will think of him. Leonato only worries about himself ignoring that his daughter had fainted. At the end of A Streetcar Named Desire when Stella wants to believe Blanche that Stanley raped her, but she chooses to ignore it, she feels ashamed of herself for not trusting family; she wants to but Eunice talks her out of it, we see Stella picking up her baby and entering the house and being with her husband although she is rather reluctant to. Stella goes back to Stanley because of the realism being no other man would want her because she is no longer a maiden and that she would also be a single mother which would put shame on her and her child because society would turn their back on her. She goes back to Stanley because he provides for her and she also returns out of love she feels for him because it was something she never wanted out of in the first place.


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